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July 31, 2013

Harry Potter Birthday Activities

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HarryPotterLogoHarry Potter Birthday Activities

July 31 is Harry Potter’s birthday, and we are all about celebrating the boy who lived! If you think it is strange to celebrate a fictional character’s birthday, then you obviously have not read the Harry Potter books. Go read them, now! Just kidding. I know you guys totally don’t think this is strange at all! I know you are throwing confetti at this very moment and eating a cupcake in Harry’s honor. Here are some other ways to celebrate the wonderful day of Harry’s (fictional) birth!

  • Click on the links to see the new Harry Potter book covers by illustrator, Kazu Kibuishi: Book 1, Book 2, Books 3-5, Book 6, Book 7
  • Take the Harry Potter Personality Quiz from PurpleWizard50. (The results are at the bottom of this post.)
  • You know you’re a Harry Potter fan when ________. (Fill in the blank.)
  • Take the Harry Potter Birthday Quiz.
  • Test your Harry Potter Movie Trivia.
  • Meet new friends on the Harry Potter Message Boards.
  • Solve these Harry Potter Word Scrambles, courtesy of BubblyBookworm12!
    Easy: 1) RARYH 2) ONR 3) CIAMG
    For the answers, visit the STACK Back Message Board.
  • Solve more Harry Potter Word Scrambles from EpicBookworm16! (For the answers, visit STACK Back Message Board.)
    1. awdizr 2. eriomhen 3. ghwtaosr 4. awdn 5. nseap 6. qiichdtud 7. cgami 8. umdelboedr 9. iussir 10. ardihg
  • And finally, your Harry Potter Personality Quiz Results!
    MOSTLY A’s: You are HARRY POTTER. You are not afraid to stand up for your loved ones’ rights and easily trust people you think are trustworthy. You might not be the smartest wizard, but you sure are the bravest.
    MOSTLY B’s: You are RONALD WEASLEY. Most people may not realize it, but you are very loyal. You have a good sense of humor, but are also very stubborn sometimes. You don’t have a very short temper, but when you do lose it, no one really knows what you’ll do!
    MOSTLY C’s: You are HERMIONE GRANGER. You are smart, practical, and quick to think of ideas even in dangerous situations. Sometimes, though, you can get a little full of yourself and bossy.
    MOSTLY D’s: You are FRED/GEORGE WEASLEY. You are funny, and a troublemaker. You love playing pranks on your enemies… and friends. You are very clever, but if only you would use it in studies and not always make trouble!

Happy birthday, Harry!! We love you!!!

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

July 30, 2013

Harry Potter Personality Quiz

HarryPotterLogoHarry Potter Personality Quiz

Today’s Personality Quiz comes from PurpleWizard50, and it’s just in time to celebrate Harry Potter’s birthday tomorrow! Answer these questions to find out which character from the series you are most like. Then come back tomorrow to find your results and to join in Harry’s birthday bash!

  1. You had a huge fight with your best friend last night. Today, you are walking down the hall when you see him/her getting bullied. You… a) Stand up for him/her. b) Walk on and pretend that you didn’t notice. c) Start reading about defense strategies so that you are never in that situation. d) Play a wicked prank on the bully but never acknowledge it.
  2. Voldemort gives you a choice: Either you are hurt and he lets your loved ones be safe, or all your loved ones are hurt and you are safe. What do you do? a) You fight him. b) You get hurt. c) You cry and cry and let your loved ones get hurt. d) Use that darkness powder, escape and change your identity.
  3. If your best friend got hypnotized and is trying to hurt you, what would you do? a) Find out who did it and punish them. b) Try to make him/her snap out of it. c) Use a spell to make your best friend stop. d) Review your favorite pranks so that s/he remembers that she was your best friend.
  4. Favorite spell? a) Expelliarmus! b) I don’t really know that many. c) All of them!!! d) All that are associated with pranks and tricks!

HOPE YOU GUYS LIKED THE QUIZ! Click here to celebrate Harry’s birthday and find out your results!


July 22, 2013

New Harry Potter Cover Book 6

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SneakPeekAnother New Harry Potter Cover

The new Harry Potter covers illustrated by Kazu Kibuishi keep rolling out all summer, getting us ready for the 15th anniversary of Harry Potter. Last week, I showed you the new covers for books 3-5. Today, I have the new book #6 cover to show you.

Book #6: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


The final book cover will be revealed on Harry’s birthday, July 31, so come back here on the 31st for a big birthday bash book cover release party!
image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

July 11, 2013

More New Harry Potter Covers

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SneakPeekMore New Harry Potter Covers

The new Harry Potter covers illustrated by Kazu Kibuishi keep rolling out all summer, getting us ready for the 15th anniversary of Harry Potter. Today, I have 4 new covers to show you, and an announcement for a Harry Potter birthday surprise coming soon to The STACKS. Read on. . .

Book #3: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

hp3kkBook #4: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


Book #5: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


Leave a Comment telling us which one is your favorite so far. The final book cover will be revealed on Harry’s birthday, July 31, so come back here on the 31st for a big birthday bash book cover release party!
image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

June 14, 2013

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets New Cover

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SneakPeekDo you guys remember when I showed you the new cover for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone? All 7 books are coming out with new covers for the 15th anniversary of Harry Potter in September 2013, but I now have a sneak peek at book #2!


Do you love it??? I think it’s pretty amazing. I also got to interview the illustrator, Kazu Kibuishi, last week when he was in New York and asked him all my burning questions. Read on for the interview. . .

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February 28, 2013

NEW Harry Potter Illustrator Kazu Kibuishi

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SneakPeekNEW Harry Potter Illustrator Kazu Kibuishi

Meet Kazu Kibuishi, the illustrator of the new Harry Potter book covers coming out in September 2013. If you have read his Amulet series, then you know he is an awesome artist. If you have never heard of him before, you might be worried about his credentials. Is he worthy of the epic task of illustrating the book covers to the ultimate series of all time??

Click here to see the first new Harry Potter cover.

I had the chance to interview him a few years ago and he is so, so nice! For those Harry Potter fans who are worried about the new Harry Potter covers, I can assure you we are in good hands with this illustrator!

Watch my interview with him where he talks about being an artist.

And this interview where he shows us his real live, actual sketchbook!

He seems super-cool, right?  Leave a Comment to tell us what you think of the new Harry Potter covers!

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

February 13, 2013

New Harry Potter Covers?!!

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SneakPeekNew Harry Potter Covers

UPDATE: The 15th Anniversary is here! See the new covers for Book #2, Books #3-5, Book #6, and Book #7!

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling, Scholastic has unveiled the first of 7 all-new book covers illustrated by Amulet artist Kazu Kibuishi.

Kibuishi is a longtime Harry Potter fan who called this opportunity, “more than a little surreal. The Harry Potter covers by Mary GrandPré are so fantastic and iconic,” he says. “When I was asked to submit samples, I initially hesitated because I didn’t want to see them reinterpreted! . . . As an author myself, I tried to answer the question, ‘If I were the author of the books – and they were like my own children – how would I want them to be seen years from now?’”

Well, here is the answer to that question for Book #1: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.


All 7 new covers will appear on U.S. paperback editions coming in September 2013 and will depict a “distinctive and memorable moment” from each book. This one obviously depicts Harry Potter’s first visit to Diagon Alley with Hagrid.

We are curious to hear what you think should appear on the covers of Books #2-7. Leave your most distinctive and memorable moments from each book in the Comments. And tell us what you think of the new cover for Book #1! Personally, after my first reaction (which was a loud gasp!) I can now say that I LOVE it!!

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

Cover art by Mary GrandPré c 1998, and Kazu Kibuishi c 2013

January 14, 2013

You Know You’re a Harry Potter Fan When

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HarrypotterthumbWriting Prompt: You know you’re a Harry Potter fan when. . .

We know who we are. Some people might call us obsessed. Some people might call us crazy. But when it comes to Harry Potter, there’s nothing wrong with that!! How do you recognize other Potterheads? What are the signs of a TRUE Harry Potter fan?

Here are just a few symptoms of Harry Potter obsession. . .

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October 12, 2012

J.K. Rowling Harry Potter Webcast

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Jkr_130J.K. Rowling Webcast: Beyond the Page

Thursday, October 11, 2012. It’s noon at the STACKS office. STACKS Staffer Karen is proudly wearing her Hufflepuff pin, and we have cupcakes because this is a party! Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling will be speaking live from Scotland, and I am hoping, hoping, hoping that she will talk about what book she is writing next.

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September 26, 2012

Harry Potter Readalikes

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HarrypotterthumbHarry Potter Readalikes

You know when you find an amazing book, and you never want it to end? How do you find another book to read after that? Our answer: Readalikes to the rescue! We hope our Readalikes will rescue you from the what-to-read-next question, and help you find lots of new amazing books.

Today’s Readalikes are for the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. Just before Harry’s 11th birthday, an owl tries to deliver him a mysterious letter with a very special message. The letter tells Harry that he has been invited to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It turns out that Harry is not just an unwanted orphan, but a hero in a wizarding world he never even knew existed. This starts him on an amazing path to magic, adventure, friendship, and family. In other words. . . . BEST. BOOKS. EVER!

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