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September 26, 2012

Harry Potter Readalikes

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HarrypotterthumbHarry Potter Readalikes

You know when you find an amazing book, and you never want it to end? How do you find another book to read after that? Our answer: Readalikes to the rescue! We hope our Readalikes will rescue you from the what-to-read-next question, and help you find lots of new amazing books.

Today’s Readalikes are for the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. Just before Harry’s 11th birthday, an owl tries to deliver him a mysterious letter with a very special message. The letter tells Harry that he has been invited to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It turns out that Harry is not just an unwanted orphan, but a hero in a wizarding world he never even knew existed. This starts him on an amazing path to magic, adventure, friendship, and family. In other words. . . . BEST. BOOKS. EVER!

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September 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, Hermione!

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Hermione130Hermione Granger Trivia Quiz

Hello, Harry Potter lovers! Did you drink a glass of butterbeer in honor of Hermione’s birthday on September 19? Or maybe it would have been more appropriate to, like, do some extra homework, or read a 4,000-page book in your spare time. Anyway, we love Hermione and we celebrated her with a Hermione Trivia Quiz last week. Here are the answers. Let’s see how much you know about the brightest witch of her age.

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September 18, 2012

Hermione Granger Trivia Quiz

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Hermione130Hermione Granger Trivia Quiz

Hello, Harry Potter lovers!
In July, we gave you a Harry Potter Trivia Quiz in honor of good old Harry for his birthday on July 31, and now that Hermione’s birthday is coming up on September 19, we thought, “Why not have one for Hermione’s birthday?” So here it is! If you need a hint, we have included the books where you can find the answers. Put on your thinking caps (or Sorting Hat if you are lucky enough to have one) and enjoy!

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July 31, 2012

Harry Potter Birthday Quiz Answers

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Hp7_130Welcome to Harry Potter's birthday party! *throws confetti as balloons fall from the ceiling* Now let's all sing.

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear HAAARRRYYY!
Happy birthday to you!

How well do you know the birthday boy? Did you answer every question correctly in our Trivia Quiz last week? Here are the answers.

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July 12, 2012

Dumbledore’s Army

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Make_a_differenceDumbledore's Army

In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry, Ron, and Hermione form a secret organization called Dumbledore’s Army (D.A. for short). Its purpose is to stand up against High Inquisitor Dolores Umbridge, and practice Defense Against the Dark Arts (which she has forbidden). Harry, Ron, and Hermione recruit members from all the Hogwarts houses, bringing everyone together for this common purpose. Together they prepare to battle against and defeat Voldemort.

This got us thinking . . . what if YOU could form your own Dumbledore's Army? If you could start a real live group to deal with the problems of the world, what would you fight against? Would you want your army to bring food to hungry countries? Work on cures for certain diseases? Find homes for all abandoned animals? Clean up the earth, and punish corporations who do damage? The sky is the limit.

What kind of change would you want to see in the world? We want to know what's most important to you. Let us know what your Dumbledore's Army would do in the Comments below.

— Ratha, Stacks Writer

February 28, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ron Weasley!

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Happy Birthday, Ronald Weasley! On March 1, the best friend of Harry Potter and boyfriend of Hermione Granger turns another year older. So we are celebrating with a very special Trivia Quiz. To commemorate my favorite redhead from the Harry Potter series (and there are a lot to choose from), this week’s trivia quiz is all about Ron Weasley. Below are some of my favorite Ron Weasley quotes. It’s your job to figure out which book each is from! Feel free to take out your copy of A History of Hogwarts or your wand for help. Start solving!

  1. “Because I want to fix that in my memory for ever. Draco Malfoy, the amazing bouncing ferret. . .”
    A) The Sorcerer’s Stone
    B) The Prisoner of Azkaban
    C) The Goblet of Fire
  2. “Accio Brain!”
    A) The Order of the Phoenix
    B) The Deathly Hallows
    C) The Half-Blood Prince
  3. “Yeah, I’ve seen those things they think are gnomes, like fat little Santa Clauses with fishing rods . . .”
    A) The Goblet of Fire
    B) The Chamber of Secrets
    C) The Order of the Phoenix
  4. “I can make that old bloke down there pick his nose again . . .and again . . . and again . . .”
    A) The Goblet of Fire
    B) The Sorcerer’s Stone
    C) The Deathly Hallows
  5. “Sure, we’ll call you if we ever need someone mental!”
    A) The Prisoner of Azkaban
    B) The Half-Blood Prince
    C) The Chamber of Secrets
  6. “I forgot we’ll be hunting down Voldemort in a mobile library.”
    A) The Order of the Phoenix
    B)The Deathly Hallows
    C) The Half-Blood Prince
  7. “From now on, I don’t care if my tea leaves spell ‘Die, Ron, Die,’ I’m chucking them in the bin where they belong.”
    A) The Sorcerer’s Stone
    B) The Chamber of Secrets
    C) The Order of the Phoenix

Bonus Question: J.K. Rowling said she created Ron’s character during what part of her writing process
A) The very first day of writing
B) The first month of writing
C) He was a last minute addition to the story

Post your answers in the Comments below, and click here for the answers!

image from kids.scholastic.comBrian, STACKS Writer (a.k.a. BlackBird268)

July 14, 2011

Harry Potter Then and Now

HarryPotterMovie As you know, the final Harry Potter movie comes out on Friday, July 15. Of course, I am going to see it, but Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 (rated PG-13) will be a bittersweet experience. As the day gets closer, I am thinking more and more over the last ten years of watching these movies, watching my favorite characters grow up and change.

Remember Daniel Radcliffe when he was so tiny?! Isn’t it so strange to see Hogwarts all demolished like that in the final movie?

How do you feel about the Harry Potter movies ending? Leave a Comment.

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July 4, 2011

Writing Prompt: Favorite Book Characters

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Writingprompt_charactergifts EPIC Character Questions!

Skyelark Moon on the Harry Potter Message Board has some great questions for today's Writing Prompt. The questions are meant for Harry Potter characters, but I think they work with any book characters. So think about YOUR favorite characters and come up with your answers to these epic questions. . .

  • Who is your favorite character?
  • Which character would you want to go on a date with?
  • If you were away, what character would take care of your pet for you?
  • What character would you like to live with?
  • What character would be your best friend?
  • If you could take a character camping, what one would it be?
  • If you had the choice to go anywhere with a character, what place would you go, and who would you go with?
  • If you could be a character, which one would you be?
  • What character would you want in your dorm at Hogwarts?

For example, if I were away, I would want Theodosia Throckmorton from Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos to take care of my cats, because they sometimes act really crazy and Theo will be able to tell if it's because they are cursed.

And if I could take a character camping, I would take Kate Weatherall from The Mysterious Benedict Society. I would want to see her build a tent out of all the crazy stuff she carries in her bucket!

Answer one question or answer them all! Leave your answers in the Comments.

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer