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October 30, 2009

Would You Survive Goosebumps HorrorLand?

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Goosebumps_horrorlandsurvivalguide Welcome to HorrorLand amusement park, the scariest place on earth!

Have you read the HorrorLand series by R.L. Stine? The series is about someone — or something — that is summoning ordinary kids to an amusement park of horrors where they have to find a way to escape. Fright-master R.L. Stine takes you on a thrilling adventure in the Goosebumps HorrorLand series.

In HorrorLand your nightmares come to life and you’ll need the new book Welcome to HorrorLand: A Survival Guide in order to make your escape. This book will give you behind-the-scenes info on:

  • The Stagger Inn doom service menu
  • Ratings for the scariest rides in HorrorLand
  • Tips on how to avoid top Egyptian curses

Read this excerpt from the book to find out the top 3 things NOT to do in HorrorLand. . .

How to Get in Trouble in HorrorLand

While we were preparing this chapter, the Guest Relations team took a survey. We asked hundreds of Monster Police to answer the following question: “What are your favorite reasons for bullying visitors?” Below are the three most popular answers. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Reason #3: Monster Blood
Due to a recent at the /hungry Crocs Piggyback Ride, anyone caught with Monster Blood will have to eat it. And then you’ll be in BIG trouble!

Reason #2: Meddling
“Some things are nobody’s business but ours,” said Sergeant Clem.

Reason #1: Mirrors
“No mirrors of any kind are allowed,” said an officer named Benson.
“It’s for your own safety, really. You don’t want to see what you look like after one day at HorrorLand.”

October 29, 2009

STACKS Kids Chat: Goosebumps

Goosebumps_chat_home_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Hi, early birds! We’re going to wait another 10 minutes or so before opening up the chat room for your message submissions.

_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome, bluecookiedough! We’ll get started in a few minutes.
_Stacks_Admin_: Hey there, Slappymadlibs! We’ll be starting in just a few minutes.
_Slappymadlibs_: hi whats up?
_fabchick_: Hi!
_bluecookiedough_: nothing i don’t know what to do
_Slappymadlibs_: whats your name?
_FastKidXC_: Hey
_Slappymadlibs_: im mackenzie
_bluecookiedough_: hi
_Slappymadlibs_: well you all be my friends? Continue reading
October 29, 2009

Goosebumps Webcast and Writing Contest

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Goosebumps_webcastIf you were at the live webcast yesterday with R. L. Stine, wasn’t it COOL??!! (If you missed it, you can watch the video here.) He talked about his favorite books, advice for future writers, and a starstruck moment with HIS favorite author. Plus, he revealed that he’s always hated Halloween. Surprised? You’ll have to watch the video replay to find out why!

R. L. Stine was really funny, and Slappy was there too, being his nasty, creepy self. Kids in the audience got to ask questions, listen to R. L. Stine tell a new HorrorLand story about a zombie canoe ride, and he made a super-exciting announcement. . .

. . . A writing contest where YOU get to be the Fright Master! R. L. Stine wrote three scary story starters for you. Choose one and finish the story. Then send it to Scholastic, and R. L. Stine and his editors will choose the winning story!

Enter the Contest

October 28, 2009

R.L. Stine Goosebumps Webcast Today!

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Goosebumps_webcastLast week, author and fright-master R.L. Stine wrote about how excited he was for the live Goosebumps Webcast where he will be here in the flesh for a webcast to talk about his creepy books and answer questions.

Well, the fateful day has arrived! Prepare yourself!

(Yes, we know, it’s during the school day, and you might have a math test or something. If you can’t make it at that time, don’t despair, you can watch the video recap afterwards.)

October 27, 2009

Get Goosebumps Mall Tour 2009

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LogoThe GET GOOSEBUMPS Mall Tour kicked off earlier in October and now that it has been to a couple of cities, we thought we would tell you about some of the cool stuff the tour offers and where it has been so far. The most popular part of the tour has been the viral video activity. This is where someone can get their picture taken and then go online to find out what exactly they got their picture taken for . . . just a little hint, it provides a bit of a SCARE where it is least expected. Visitors to the tour also had the opportunity to try out the Goosebumps video game for the Wii and get their photo taken as a Goosebumps Horror!

Here are a couple of photos and quotes from the cities visited so far —

The tour started off on October 3rd in Seattle, Washington at the Tacoma Mall. There were many intrigued Goosebumps fans that couldn’t wait to see what the event was all about.

“I love Goosebumps. It is my favorite book of all time!”
–A Goosebumps fan, Tacoma, WA

“Goosebumps is so scary! Well . . . I mean, not that scary but it kind of freaks me out but I love it.”
–A Goosebumps Fan, Tacoma, WA

Get Goosebumps mall tour photo

Get Goosebumps mall tour photo
The next stop on the tour was the Westminster Mall in Westminster, California. Some Goosebumps fans stopped by in their Halloween Costumes! This location was a hot-spot for Goosebumps fans of all ages:

Continue reading

October 27, 2009

October Live Chat: Get Goosebumps!

STACKS Live Chat October announcement: Get Goosebumps Halloween chat on October 27thDARE to chat with us?
Join our LIVE CHAT on the Goosebumps series, other spooky books & more!

WHEN: Tuesday, October 27, 2009, 6-7 p.m. ET
TOPIC: Scary books!

Halloween is right around the corner! And to celebrate, our October Live Chat will be about the Goosebumps series and other spooky scary books. Join in the chat to talk with other kids about the books that give YOU goosebumps!

For more about the Goosebumps series by R. L. Stine, visit the Goosebumps site and learn more about lots of other Halloween Goosebumps events!

And if you’re in New York City on October 24, 2009, stop by the Scholastic Store in SoHo at 3pm for a demo of the Goosebumps HorrorLand Wii game, and more Halloween fun!

— STACKS Staffers

UPDATE: 10/30 — Thanks for joining the chat! Read the transcript here. 

October 26, 2009

Watch out for Goosebumps!

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Goosebumps_tv Not quite getting into that Halloween spirit? Need a little Goosebumps to get you going? Maybe some classic Goosebumps episodes might help? R.L. Stine’s classic tales were made into the quirky Goosebumps TV series back in 1995 and are still alive and well today. Fox Kids aired 3 seasons of half-hour episodes and an occasional 1-hour special back in 1995.The 4th season of Goosebumps was made up of 1-hour specials– totaling 74 episodes for all 4 seasons combined!

Did you know that there are some famous faces in Goosebumps TV episodes?

  • Hayden Christensen of the Star Wars Trilogy was in Night of the Living Dummy Part 1 & 2 back in 1997
  • Ryan Gosling of The Notebook was in Ultimate Goosebumps back in 1996
  • Maria Vacratsis of Degrassi: The Next Generation was in Deep Trouble and Werewolf Skin Parts 1 & 2 back in 1998
  • Katherine Issabelle of Smallville plus other TV shows, was in Ultimate Goosebumps back in 1996

Now, due to popular demand, the episodes are exclusively airing on Cartoon Network during the Halloween season, and are also available on DVD AND for download on iTunes. Goosebumps TV show fans are young and old — the series definitely has a wide age range when it comes to fans!

To get your fill of classic Goosebumps TV, check out some Goosebumps episode clips.

October 23, 2009

Get Goosebumps Webcast

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Goosebumps_webcast Well, everyone, I’ve got a lot to do to get ready for my Goosebumps HorrorLand webcast. I’ve got to press my black cape. . . sharpen my fangs. . . practice my terrifying wolf howl. . . and drink lots of warm blood to keep my strength up. . .

Is it possible for the full moon to show itself at one o’clock in the afternoon (10 a.m. Pacific time)? Don’t worry. It will be as scary as midnight once we start sharing ghost stories and telling our scariest Halloween tales.

We’ll talk about my scary books and I’ll tell a scary story. I hear that maybe a few of my scary friends might drop by. Slappy the evil dummy wouldn’t dare come alive and interrupt our fun—would he?

We’ll see. I’ll be waiting for you.

What: Get Goosebumps Webcast Event
When: October 28, 1-1:30pm (ET) / 10-10:30am (PT)

Readers, beware—see you there, or at the video recap afterwards!

— R. L. Stine, Goosebumps Author

September 15, 2009

Goosebumps PhotoShock App

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Goosebumps_130 I’m Sam, a producer with Scholastic Interactive. It’s a really exciting time of year for us because we’re launching our first ever apps for the iPhoneTM and iPod touch®! I got the coveted assignment of producing the app for GoosebumpsTM. I’ll be giving you an inside look at what it takes to make an app.

Goosebumps is funny and frightening all wrapped into one. So what would be funny and scary on the iPhone? We had a bunch of early ideas for apps:

  • A “Scream Machine” that gives you a sound bank of Goosebumps noises.
  • A “Haunted iPhone” that looks like the standard iPhone desktop but replaces all of your functions with twisted versions of themselves.
  • “My Pet Goo,” like a virtual pet game except that you’re raising a disgusting glob of goo. Take good care of it and it might grow teeth, change colors, or even split into two globs of goo.

Maybe we’ll make one of those next, but our favorite idea was PhotoShock, which lets you take any picture from your iPhone or iPod touch and give it the full Goosebumps treatment. So you can turn your friends into ghastly ghouls or even give your dog The Haunted Mask!


The app gives you a collection of stickers that you can put on your photograph and then move, resize or rotate to create some truly horrifying compositions. We brainstormed every scary thing you might want to add to a picture: Googly eyes, splatters of slime, hanging spiders, crawling bats, a full moon, a tombstone… well, you get the idea.


We then had to draw and create the stickers in the Goosebumps style. We worked closely with the Goosebumps gurus (aka brand managers – what a cool job!) to ensure that the stickers had the right balance of scares and humor. We also were able to include Goosebumps monster masks so you can make yourself into Slappy or change a photo of a group of friends into the ultimate Goosebumps monster crew around!


With over 95 stickers and icons, the possibilities are endless. And what good are photos if you can’t share them and show them off? Once you’re done, you can email your photos to friends to show off your masterpiece!

— Sam, Scholastic Interactive Staffer

November 10, 2008

Feeling Any Goosebumps?

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Goosebumps Halloween

Times Square is about as touristy as it gets, but it’s the heart of New York. Smack dab in the middle of Manhattan and packed with people, stores, cars, music, food, theaters, and lights, it can be a little overwhelming. So imagine how cool it was to see Goosebumps take it over!

On Halloween, Times Square turned into Goosebumps HorrorLand. There were signs, screens, and events everywhere. I headed into the city that morning to check it all out.

The first thing I saw was a group of people gathered on what’s called the “fence island” in the middle of Times Square itself.

As I approached, I noticed a bunch of pumpkins lying on the ground nearby  — and then I saw the Goosebumps sign!

Stephen Clarke was attempting to break the world record for number of pumpkins carved in one hour. He holds the current record (42), which works out to an average of 85 seconds a pumpkin. Phew! Stephen was carving like mad, turning out high-quality pumpkins with ease. It looked exhausting! I’ve carved a few pumpkins myself, and it usually takes me hours for each one. Plus I’m usually completely wiped at the end. I have no idea how he does this.

Ridiculous! So I watched as he tried to break his own record. It was really exciting  — assistants tossing pumpkins to him, a carnival barker calling people over and shouting out the number of pumpkins he had finished, TV cameras jostling to get the best angle, and a big crowd cheering him on. Watch the video.

As the clock wound down, Stephen finished up his 50th pumpkin! A judge from the Guinness World Records was on hand to present him with an official award.

When that was finished, the Goosebumps street team stayed behind so people could get pictures taken as a Horror. I couldn’t resist.

Then it was off to Toys R Us, where Goosebumps had taken over the bottom floor. On the way, I kept running into Goosebumps signs.

Once inside Toys R Us, I had a chance to play the new Goosebumps video game for a while. The minigames are “easy to learn, hard to master,” as they say, and each one will definitely keep you entertained for a while. And there’s 30 of them! I found myself laughing a lot too. The Horrors are hilariously rude, and the terrible vampire jokes — delivered in a really thick Dracula accent  — crack me up every time (“What is a vampire’s favorite sport? Casket-ball! Muahahaha!”). The game definitely has its share of scares, though. I don’t want to give anything away, but this definitely isn’t just your average “spooky” amusement park. Freaky things happen, and they get way worse before they get better (if they get better at all). It’s definitely worth checking out.

Before long, it was time to leave and head back to the office. But what a blast!

— Jack, STACKS Staffer