February 28, 2009

Candy Apple Books: Trivia Answers Revealed!

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Four Candy Apple Trivia Questions by Morgan about The Sister Switch, Callie for President, Making Waves, and Miss PopularityMy afternoon apple just reminded me that it’s time to reveal the answers from the recent Candy Apple Books trivia post!

The answers are:

Question 1: In Miss Popularity, what event does Cassie throw to raise money at her new school? A fashion show!

Question 2: In Callie for President, who defaces all of Brianna’s campaign posters after school one day? That would be Callie herself!

Question 3: In The Sister Switch, twin sisters Andie and Caitlin are identical in looks, but opposite in personalities. Which twin always wears a watch? Caitlin.

Question 4: In Making Waves, new girl Aubrey is hiding a secret. Is she actually a government spy, an undercover actress, or a high-fashion model? Aubrey is an undercover actress.

Congratulations to purplecookie500 for getting three out of four correct!

Morgan, Scholastic Staffer

  1. Arissa

    OMG!!!!! Like candy apple is the worst thing that happened to me!! :) . But I’ve read the accidentally famous series and I personally think that Amy is the most luckiest girl eva! I mean she gets two boyfriends, is popular, and pretty!!!!! It’s a dream come true!

  2. candyappleluver

    I love all the books i’ve read so far!!! I’d have to say all the accidentally books are the best!!

  3. Eric

    I recently read some books written by Jessica Jingwei. They are so good. I suggest the kids at the age of 9-12 read them.

  4. 888f888

    i read only 2 of them, callie 4 president and the sister switch. i really want 2 read the babysitting wars. they r so interesting!!!

  5. eliza101

    ok lol i am so lovin candy apple it is sooooooooooo soooooooooooooooo sooooooo middle school

  6. blandymat009

    In the book Totally Crushed, at the end it’s funny when Alex says I like you backwards because it was backwards day.

  7. blandymat009

    I have three candy apple books and I think they are so great and really funny!!!! I’ve started on The Babysitting Wars. It’s great so far.

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