December 28, 2012

Calum Worthy Interview

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WorthyCalum Worthy Interview

If you watch Austin and Ally, then you know who Calum Worthy is since he plays Dez on the show. You might not know that he is Canadian and will turn 22 on January 28. He first decided to become an actor at age 4 after seeing Macauley Culkin in Home Alone (rated PG). Basically, he has been acting, singing, and dancing his entire life. Read on to find out more about his role on Austin and Ally, plus his plans for the future.

Q: What is your character Dez like?
Calum: It is interesting as he’s super intelligent in odd areas, but not smart socially. He’s not smart around talking to girls or even having any social interaction ever. If Austin would say, “We need to build a rocket ship for this music video,” I would actually build a rocket ship. I can do that kind of stuff; I just can’t hang out with people easily.

Q: Tell us about the episode where Austin has to get an operation and you’re in the doctor’s office with Robert Picardo and he gets so annoyed with you.
Calum: I love Robert Picardo. He was so annoyed with me. . . . which is so funny; on set we got along so well. We had so much fun. We came up with how it should be played out by talking about it in the dressing room. We weren’t even rehearsing; we were just talking about all these little nuances that we could have with each other. And it wasn’t even supposed to be in the script that we got annoyed with each other. That was supposed to be the light part of the scene, but the more we talked about it and the more we liked each other, we thought that we should dislike each other on the show.

Q: Did you go to public school?
Calum: I was home-schooled grades 9 to 12, but I went to a regular high school for P.E. and drama so I could have that high school experience.

Q: Did you have any problems in school when you were younger?
Calum: The worst thing I had in school was that I used to walk on my toes. I didn’t use the heel of my foot all through elementary school. I don’t know it was some weird thing and it was totally embarrassing. I eventually got over it because of a film when I saw myself walking in the camera frame and I was bobbing up and down throughout the camera frame. The director said you have to stop walking on your toes; you’re a toe walker.

Q: Where do you want to see yourself in five years?
Calum: In five years I would like to see the show still be on, or if it is off the air to be a big success that people will remember and that kids grew up with. For myself, I just want to keep working. I would like to work more on the creative side. I’ve started to work more on writing and producing, and I’d like to pursue that more as an actual career as well as the acting.

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Interview by Sue Schneider
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  1. Rosalinda

    I think that Calum is the best actor in austin and ally I think that he is sooooooooooo cool and cute.

  2. jakyra

    you’re sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny

  3. Calum worthy should totally sing finally me

    He is so funny and he is actually a good singer! He should totally sing the rest of Finally me!

  4. daisy

    dez is hilarious thats the first reason i watch austin and ally. lol i love comedy, and the second reason is that i love the romancebetween austin and ally its <3 there are the main characters but my opinion is that if calum worthy(dez) wasnt in the show it wouldnt be fun and exiting to watch it would have been sorta boring

  5. Austin and Ally fan 10

    I love your show you are also so funny on Austin and Ally Dez is my favorite one i’m not trying to be mean i like everyone else to but he’s my favorite

  6. Leah

    Honestly I think he is very funny in Austin and ally he is in every show he is crazy in the show but not in real life he is my favorite carter in Austin and ally

  7. monkeysoccer53

    i <3 how ally can sing and can tell the turth and how she can tell austin that they both like each other

  8. kayla

    hey first of all I think austin and ally are awesome I think everyone should check it out before they decide what they think of it :) austin and ally has lots of fans who love it

  9. Michaela

    could you tell ross lynch the next time u make a episode tell ross to make a comment to me on here im 16 to thanks

  10. Michaela

    dez you are such a funny charecter i love how you and trish dont get a long lol the episode you just made you say ID HATE TO SEE HOW UD ACT IF YOU RELLY LIKED HER LOL that was the funniest episode ive ever seen lol sometime you should comment back my name i s michaela big fan of u and austin and ally and trish thank you michaela

  11. EnergeticFairy13

    Dez is the funniest person on the show. Even though he’s getting older, I hope he doesn’t stop doing the show!

  12. emeraldglad7

    Calum is always cracking me up.. as Calum Worthy and Dez, I dunno if hes submitted to worlds funniest yet!

  13. ambergigantic7

    Honestly, I think the show Austin and Ally is dumb. I mean, its so clear that its chrographed. Sorry, fans out there, but its my opinion)

  14. jamiah

    i love dez he is so funny and cool he is me favrite person inn austin and ally everyone thinks he is crazy but i donte

  15. lightningblak41

    I want to be in actor sice I was 5.I have made up alote of songs in my life.I WISH I WAS ON AUSTIN AND ALLY.i JUST WASH IT EVERY DAY

  16. Claudia

    OMG Dez is sooo weird on Austin and Ally. Did u guys see the episode when he ate worms!!! Ewwww!! He’s weird but funny!!

  17. Kylee

    OMG i watch Austin and Ally all tha time it’s hilarious and Dez is the funniest and his character acts kinda dumb!

  18. C

    OMG!!! I am a huge fan of Austin and Ally but on the show Dez is the funniest!! I love how his character doesn’t care about how people see him, he just be himself and have fun!

  19. jasmine

    Austin and ally is my favorite show! I think Dez is funniest when he is with Trish!!
    My sister and I are the HUGEST Austin and Ally fans!

  20. bluebird4505


  21. ghostblue21

    OMG no way Dez is my favorite character on that show! He’s so funny and kinda dumb. But it’s cool to know that Calum Worthy isn’t really that weird. I agree with him on that last one; I hope the show stays on the air for five more years, or at least a lot longer. Funniest show on Disney Channel ever! :)

  22. Aliyah

    i LOVE austin & ally, and u, Calum r my fav. character! u r SO funny! i REALLY want 2 b an actress in disney channel show or in The Hunger Games movie! (all i want is 2 meet Josh Hutcherson some day!)stacks should interview Josh H.! that would b AMAZING!! U can also tell him i love him!
    sincerly-a true fan of Austin & Ally, Aliyah

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