June 9, 2011

Calling Kid Activists!

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Bebig Time is running out! The 3rd annual BE BIG in Your Community Contest is still going on but there's just ONE WEEK left! If you've been thinking about a BIG Idea, it's time to act. Submit your BIG Idea to win a $25,000 community grant! Thousands of kids entered over the past two years, and kids (just like you!) have seen their BIG Ideas come to life.

Shelter LibrariesSeventeen-year-old Mackenzie is doing BIG things in her community with her Shelter Libraries project. Mackenzie started by collecting books that weren't sold at garage sales in her neighborhood and donating them to shelters so other kids would have books to read. After winning the BE BIG in Your Community Contest, her BIG Idea has taken off and she’s helping shelters all across the country!


Or look at Will and his baseball team with their BIG idea "Hits for Hunger." Just eight-years-old, Will and his teammates will work with the Volunteer Center of North Texas to raise awareness for hunger in their community.

It's so great to see that kids are giving back – and in really fun ways! Remember no idea is too BIG or too small. ENTER NOW! before the June 17 contest close—your BIG Idea could be next!

— Melissa, Scholastic Media Staffer

  1. partygreen1

    i think that we should start a foundation that helps responders such as firefighters that helped at 9-11 some assitants with medical bills because the fumes from that is gettin many of them sick . the goverment passed a law thAT HELPS BUT not with cancer and some of the fumes were aspestice and that causes cancer well that is my BIG idea

  2. partygreen1

    well i think we are posting our big ideas well mune is that we should start a foundation that helps responders such as firefighters that helped in 9/11 because the goverment passed a bill to help them but cancer is not included and many of them got cancer so i think they might need a little bit of help

  3. PsychCrazy

    I tried to submit, but you people are just going to have to realize that not everyone has an email. An address should be enough.

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