October 10, 2013

Bullying Prevention Month

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YOU Can Help Prevent Bullying!

Bullying is no laughing matter. Everyone has been bullied or teased, but bullying is wrong and does not have to happen. It hurts everyone who is involved. It is important to think about the consequences of being a bully, witness, or a victim. Together, we can take a stand to stop bullying in schools everywhere. Take this quiz and see how you would handle these different bullying scenarios! Then click here for ways to deal with bullies.

  1. You hear a mean rumor about a girl at school. You. . .  A) tell the whole class what you heard. B) tell your best friend and speculate quietly over it. C) forget about it. It’s none of your business, and it’s probably not true anyway.
  2. Your friends are making fun of another girl’s shirt. You . . . A) laugh along with them. B) don’t say anything but just kind of look at the floor. C) say, “Don’t be so mean. I like that shirt.”
  3. You see some big boys pushing a smaller boy. You . . . A) try to act cool in front of the big boys so they don’t pick on you. B) keep walking and pretend you don’t see anything. C) go tell a teacher or adult.
  4. Your friends tell a classmate that she can’t sit at their lunch table because she “isn’t cool enough.” You . . . A) team up with them and tell her to go sit somewhere else. B) listen but quietly keep eating your sandwich. C) get up and go sit with her at a different table.
  5. You see the students next to you poking the boy in front of them and calling him names like “nerd” and “teacher’s pet.” You . . .  A) go along with them and do the same thing. B) scribble in your notebook and just watch. C) tell them to stop bothering him and alert your teacher.
  6. You watch a bigger girl push a smaller girl with her lunch tray to move ahead in the lunch line. You . . .  A) push in front of her on line too. Why not? B) continue to stand on line but pretend that you didn’t see anything. C) say, “Wait your turn and don’t push people!” Then go tell a lunch aid.
  7. You get a group text from a friend making fun of another girl in your class. You . . . A) forward the text to other kids in your class. B) read it but don’t do anything about it. C) tell your parent about it.

Ready for the results? Here is your moment of truth! Count up your answers and find out what you can do to prevent bullying.

If you answered mostly A’s: Always remember that going along with bullies and mimicking what they do makes you a bully, too. Instead, put a stop to these bullying events so that nobody gets hurt physically or emotionally. Whenever you think you see someone getting bullied, do something positive — whether it be confronting the bully directly or telling an adult about it. Don’t let the bullying continue!

If you answered mostly B’s: It is a good thing that you do not participate in the bullying itself, but instead of just sitting back and watching, it would be better to help put an end to it. Speak up! Tell the bully to stop harming the other person, and immediately go to a parent or teacher and tell him or her what you witnessed. At the very least, do or say something nice to the person being bullied so he or she knows you care. That is always a positive first step!

If you answered mostly C’s: You are already taking a stand against bullying, and your classmates probably look up to you for it! Yay, you! Continue to step in, or tell a teacher or parent if you ever see or hear someone bullying another person. You are being a great leader and a proactive classmate and friend!

–Amanda, STACKS Intern

  1. First Name Only or STACKS username

    I know right. I have been told that the bullies are just making in fun of you because hey are jealous so don’t be ashamed of your self you are handsome or beautiful the way you are, don’t fight it.

  2. Sonja, STACKS Staffer

    Dear Elle,
    Bullies want you to keep silent so they can keep bullying. If one adult doesn’t listen to you, tell a different adult and keep telling. Don’t give up until someone listens to you! Be brave! Keeping quiet only makes it easier for the bullies.
    Sonja, STACKS Staffer

  3. sapphireauthor11 & spiritedlavender10

    Yes. Next time I see someone bullying someone, I’ll get them to stop!

  4. sapphireauthor11 & spiritedlavender10

    I am mostly Bs, but I agree. I do need to speak up, and not only when people are getting bullied!

  5. Sonja, STACKS Staffer

    Dear G,
    Please talk to a trusted adult about the bullying. Tell a teacher, a parent, a counselor. Don’t stop telling until someone listens to you. You should not suffer alone and in silence!
    Sonja, STACKS Staffer

  6. Elle

    How come people in 5th grade always pick on 4th and 6th graders? I’m in 5th grade, and there’s this one really skinny guy in my class who bullies this really big 7th grader. It ends up really scary! I try to tell adults, but sometimes they don’t come. Sometimes I’m too scared to tell anyone. The kids sometimes bully me, too… Please give me some advice that doesn’t include having to tell an adult!

  7. bieberfan

    i was bullied in 2 garade buy a guy i liked and in 3rd grade stode up and said dont bully it something that would hanted you for the resat of your life stop bulling

  8. Blueshark305

    I tots agry with you because I was being bulled in 4th grade so I know how it fells when kids are bulling each other ,so who ever is geting bulled I a so sorry but I know how to stop it tell the teacher.

  9. Anonymous

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  10. ISAIAH


  11. Anonymous

    it needs to stop I don’t like it. you don’t have to bully to be popular. I’m not the most prettiest girl. I felt down but friends were right beside me and made understand. please don’t bully!

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