February 2, 2009

Coraline Countdown: Bringing Coraline to Life

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Hey, Splotters! As promised in last week’s entry about the Coraline video game, here’s the first of this week’s posts about Coraline the movie – one each day until the film’s release this Friday (2/6)!

Let’s kick things off with some info about how the Coraline movie came to be:

Did you know the author of Coraline the book, Neil Gaiman, sent the director, Henry Selick, the manuscript before the book was published because he wanted him to make the movie so much?!

You can hear the story firsthand from Neil and Henry in this video featurette, Bringing Coraline to Life. Enjoy!

— Carly H., STACKS Staffer

Video courtesy of Focus Features

  1. Katie

    That was OK. I wasn’t a fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas I like more of the really funny stuff but again it was OK. The people that like the nightmare before christmas will like this, so if your one of these people GO SEE THIS!! But the people that liked to be spooked just a little will enjoy this too. I’m not one who will go see this because I didn’t like the nightmare before christmas but a lot of people did so those who do again, go see this!

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