September 27, 2009

Breje teaches Kid Reporter Matt to “Twist Wit It”

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Brejé, the 13-year-old rapper/singer/dancer/actor from Boston, has been touring the country getting the world to “Twist Wit It,” (that’s his hit song and dance) playing everywhere from California to Maine with artists from Ne-Yo to the Jonas Brothers. But he had time this summer to stop by Scholastic to chat with Matthew from the Scholastic Kids Press Corp.

Brejé got Matt up and dancing to his hit song, “Twist Wit It.” Here are five more must-know things to know about Brejé:

  • If you’re wondering about the name, Brejé, it’s pronounced bre-zay and is French, meaning “protector” and guardian”.

  • Brejé gets his inspiration from his family. And Michael Jackson.
  • Brejé gives great advice. One piece of advice? “Usually, we wait for someone else to make the change. Instead of waiting, why don’t you make the change yourself?”
  • Brejé’s favorite subjects in school are math and social studies.
  • The books Brejé would recommend to other kids are the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson.

—Carly H., STACKS Staffer

  1. cageadinbffs

    my sister gets to be in the next twilight aka eclipes do u want 2 no the best part YEA 4 ME!!! i got $ 2!!!random quetion do u celabrate christmas

  2. person

    y’know you gotta be one of the most fun kids I know….. gl with all this and just keep doing what your doing

  3. whitney

    That’s cool dance moves maybe you could teach me how to do some of that stuff you now and teach me how to rap to your awsome

  4. jahdi

    How do you do the twist wit it I watched the video but I still do not know how to do it how does it feel to work with the top singers like neyo and the jonas brothers is it fun it would be fun to me because im a kid but im not a kid like you because im not famous get back to me on that.

  5. (si-si)

    this video was okay but i thought you could help the little bot a little more. For one he looked like he was struggling a little but in all i think the video would be better if i was in it helping you help the little boy.

  6. tiara

    what i like about this video is that you was teaching a little boy how do the dance and you get your move from MICHEAL JACKSON

  7. Alnika

    what i like about the video and the story
    is that He past on the move from a
    friend witch is very nice but sometimes
    i will like to join and learn how to do that
    “COOL” moves

  8. Herman

    All the dance move was ok.The book was cool because you are going to country to country to teach people your dances.

  9. Terence

    The book i read was not all that good in then i seen the video and i thought it would be a better dance then that since you was with ne-oy.

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