December 3, 2009

Hunger Games Book 3

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Hungergames_130 The third and final book in The Hunger Games trilogy (for ages 12 and up) will be released on August 24, 2010. That’s just 8 months away people!! We still don’t know the title or what the cover will look like, but you can be sure we will let you know more the minute we find out!



  2. Alice

    The new book is called Mockingjay and you can get it pre ordered on amozon for the 24 of august!! and thats what im doing! I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES.. and im 11!

  3. Jack

    i dont see why i have to wait its so annoying i mean 3 more months! are you kidding me! and katniss sounds pretty o.o

  4. TheHungerGamesFan

    OMG I feel so stupid, this is EXACTLY what happened me when I read The Chaos Walking Series. I speed through the second book of the trilogy, not bothering to check if the the third is out yet. Then, just when I finish, I find out that I have to wait. Wonderful. I’ve to wait til April for House of Night, May for Chaos Walking and for the most suspence-filled one, August. I mean, what’s up? Is Peeta dead? No? I hope not.. But I love Gale too.. OMG I’m so annoyed at myself! I’ll go to FanFiction to calm myself down and possibly find something really like this to read xD

  5. Patricia

    i think the hunger games was the best book EVER!!!! i have got to buy catching fire and the 3rd book when it comes out!!! i LOVE it!!!

  6. Samantha

    I KNOW WHAT THE THIRD BOOK IS GOING TO BE CALLED!!! ‘Mocking Jay’ its blue, and is the final book! EEEEEEP!!! im soooooo exsited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your welcome Scholastic.

  7. zoe

    i love the first and second book its realey is the best book ever im pretty sure there thinking about making a movie about it thats what i heard but i think gale should be taylor lautner and there should be a mexin woman as katniss bacause in hunger games she explained what she looked like olive sking long black shiny hair big brown eyes i bet the outfit for katniss in the arena on the movie she should wear a green shirt long brown jacket type thing and puffyish long sleeves that are gray

  8. nikki

    okay so I finnished reading cathching fire only a few days ago. A friend introduced the hunger games to me and i have been obssessed since. I am in love. no lie. I cannot wait for the next book and I wish suzzanne wouldn’t make us wait. I also am mad at the fact that this upcoming book is going to be the last. I love the characters. of the previous books. I feal as if i know them personaly. Bring us our book!!!!! <3

  9. Paige

    OMG love these books but didnt like catching fire to short and not that much info at the end with peeta. Kinda made me mad cant wait for the third book also heard it was going to be called the victors but dont know if that is true or not. I CANT WAIT FOR THIS LONG!!!!!!!!!

  10. Mistery man

    the thord book will be so cool!!!!!!! i cant wait for it. did peeta die????? and there is no more district 12!!!!!!!! THESE BOOKS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. The Hunger Games

    I recently finished the second one, not knowing there was a third one. The author left quite a cliffhanger and waiting 8 months for the third one is going to be difficult.

  12. jumpstar3

    i don’t know what the books r but i hear it is good so i can’t wait til the next book come out!!

  13. Team Cinna

    I am so obsessed with this series… when i found about the 3rd one AND the movie on 2011 i was in heaven!
    Forget Edward.

  14. SAMMYP

    i waz soo obsessed with the book i uhh i dreamt about it with me as katniss .., i woke up freaked still picturing me and peeta together alone in a cave<3

  15. obiwancrazy

    I’ve never read the hunger games books but they sound REALLY GOOD I will check them out… once I am done Deathly Hallows anyway… I can’t stop now, I am a bit obsessed…

  16. Brilliant Books

    I lovedd the secong book and I literally cant wait- i read the first 2 in 2 dayss and im tryinn to find out about the 3rd onee. I thoguht they were amazinn. =) I hopee peeta and Katniss get together I feel so sorry for himm any predictions from yoou people?

  17. I heart the hunger games

    I think the third book is called ‘The Victors’. I don’t want to wait to read the third book! I just finished the second book and omg it is SOOOO good! And by the way what do they mean by ‘there is no District 12′???!!!! I bet Cinna dies, though. :(
    (^.^) I luv this trilogy!!
    (“) (“)

  18. jarred

    this book is addicting. why does everyone know its gonna be called the Victors did she say or is that just something someone made up. also for some reason when i picture The third books cover it comes up green. Thats a good color. also i didnt get how beetee died can someone explain.

  19. Skyla

    OMG i love the hunger games ang caching fire. They are my favorite books i cant wait till the thrid one is ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!to tell what happens to peeta

  20. Tylynn.

    i love these books!! but sometimes katniss makes me so mad i wanna chuck the book at the wall! but i dont i keep reading. and everything balances out i guess. but i cant wait for the 3rd!!!!!

  21. DA

    I loved the first book, but the second book just went wrong if you ask me. I love the action, but not crazy for the romance. If you ask me she uses kid characters and a teen storyline in an adult book. I just hope the 3rd book isnt a disappiontment….

  22. malya

    omg this book was off the hook i read this book over and over agian oh were ever you are uncle y i miss u

  23. Katniss_Fire

    OH. MY. GOSH.
    I have been waiting for this moment since Catching Fire came out!!!! I can’t believe we finally know the date! And it’s really not too far away…only…well, eight months, but STILL ! OMG! YAY! I cannot wait! I’m freaking out right now!

  24. skittles

    I love the hunger games!!! It is like so interesting. I couldn’t stop reading da book! I stayed up late just to finish the book. I read while i ate and did nothing but read till I finished the first two books. I can’t wait for the last book!!! :)

  25. Erin

    Yay! My english teacher and I are so into these books, it’s crazy. We’re so bummed it’s not coming out sooner, though…

  26. Summerbreeze

    personally i think it sounds too much like the running man by Stephen king. except it’s about hunger not running….

  27. Abby

    I heard from someone on another website that they found out online the third book is supposed to the called “The Victors”. Not sure it’s that reliable, but…you know. (Sorry about the wordy message; I’m a writer, too.) :)

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