September 7, 2016

Books Whose Titles Are Too Short

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Have you noticed a lot of book titles have the main character’s first and last names in them? Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The Invention of Hugo Cabret. Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key.

So I thought it would be fun to re-title some of my old favorite books whose titles are just too short:

Holes Holes becomes . . .Stanley Yelnats Breaks the Family Curse
Walktwomoons Walk Two Moons becomes . . .Salamanca Tree Hiddle Goes on a Journey to Search for Her Mother
Hoot _10552675 Hoobecomes . . .Roy Eberhardt Saves the Owls
Swindle Swindle becomes . . .Griffin Bing Pulls Off the Heist of the Century
Tangerine Tangerine becomes . . .Paul Fisher Thinks His Parents Are Lying to Him

What new titles would YOU make up for your favorite books?

— Sonja

  1. readingbrainy

    i think titles should be awesome, short, memorable, and slightly mysterious. They should not make sense until you actually read the book(or the back)

  2. Ella

    Hmm.. In my opinion, some books are better off with short titles than long ones. It all really depends on the book. If all titles were long and wordy and basically a summary of the book, that would be bad. The same thing goes for short titles too. But it is all in the eye (or ear) of the beholder.

  3. Briana

    That’s funny! I have never really thought about liking or disliking short or long book titles… it is interesting being able to see other people’s opinion on this subject.

  4. harryobsessed

    That’s fun! Here are four that I’m perfectly fine with their original, one-word title, but decided to have some fun with:
    Uglies- Tally Youngblood Runs Away and Finds Out Her Perfect World Isn’t So Perfect
    Pretties- Tally Youngblood Tests a Cure and Gives Her Boyfriend Brain Damage
    Specials- Tally Youngblood and Her Friend Shay Start a War
    Extras- Aya Fuse Kicks a Story That Isn’t Exactly Right and Gets Help From Tally Youngblood
    Well, those would make crammed covers.
    Defy gravity!

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