April 25, 2009

Book Titles for Opposite Day (Or Not)

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Oppositeday_130 Today is Opposite Day! Or should I say, "Today ISN'T Opposite Day" in order to make that true?

If you're as big of a Zac Efron fan as I am, then I bet you watched his recent appearance on Saturday Night Live. Obviously, I was glued to the TV for that. But while I loved the parody of HSM, I actually laughed the hardest at one part of "Weekend Update" featuring a band that takes classic rock songs and changes the lyrics to their "opposites" — sometimes using the word "opposites" pretty loosely. For example, the song "That's What Friends Are For" became "That's What Enemies Are Five." (Get it?)

I was inspired to do the same thing, but Splot-style. So I came up with some "opposite" book titles:

  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid –> Skywriting of a Brave Adult
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire –> Harry Potter and the Collander of Ice
  • Inkdeath –> Wite-Out® Birth
  • Esperanza Rising –> Desperación Falling
  • Because of Winn-Dixie –> In Spite of Safeway (or In Spite of Food Emporium, In Spite of Gristedes, In Spite of Stop & Shop — take your pick)

Now it's your turn. Leave a comment with your opposite book titles! Or, you know, don't . . .

— Karen, STACKS Staffer

  1. Gabbie

    Oops! Left out two great series:
    Inkheart-Leadliver (hee hee)
    Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key-Billy Cowza Threw Up the Lock
    Joey Pigza Loses Control-Billy Cowza Gains Control
    What Would Joey Do?-What Wouldn’t Billy Do?
    I Am Not Joey Pigza-I Am So Billy Cowza

  2. Gabbie

    Cool! Here’s mine:
    Old Yeller-Young Whisperer
    City of Ember-Town of Snowflake
    The Last Dog On Earth-The First Cat On Mars
    The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants-The Brotherhood of the Staying T-Shirt

  3. K

    The Silver Chair– The gold sofa
    The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe- The tomcat, the wizard, and the closet
    Magician’s Nephew- The Sorcerer’s Niece
    The Last Battle- The First Make-up
    Prince Caspian- Princess Caspio
    The Horse and his boy- The Zebra and her Girl
    The Voyage of the Dawn Treader– The home-coming of the Night Walker

  4. Rachel

    Cool!I’ll do mine:
    Dangerously Alice=Safely Elizabeth
    Gathering Blue=Giving Red
    Alice on the Outside=Elizabeth on the Inside
    The Titan’s Curse=The Mortal’s Blessing
    The Mother-Daughter Book Club=The Father-Son Video Game Group
    Freaky Friday=Normal Monday
    Fool’s Gold=Wise Person’s Silver
    Skeleton Creek=Muscle River
    The Summer of Cotton Candy=The Winter of Fruitcake
    My Life as a Bludering Ballerina=My Death as a Coordinated Gymnast
    Moon White=Sun Black
    The Last Olympian=The First Child
    Double Identity=Single Memory
    Running out of Time=Jogging Into Space

  5. Eruanna

    The LOTR-Lover speaks…
    The Lord of the Rings= The Servant of the Anklets
    The Fellowship of the Ring= The Enimies of the Earring
    The Two Towers=The Three Holes
    The Return of the King=The Fleeing of the Peasant

  6. suel36

    New Moon > Bright Sun—
    the lion ,the witch, and the wardrobe > the kitten, the girl, and the dresser–

  7. GNOletsgo1

    LOL! Here’s mine.
    Candy Apple books into
    Fruity Chocolate books,
    Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince into Voldemort and the Pure-Blood Peasent,How I Survived Middle School into How I Failed Elementary School,and Fairest into Unfairest.

  8. Ara

    Harry potter and the half blood prince: Voldemort and the full blood princess
    Harry potter and the camber of secrets: Voldemort and the hallway of truth

  9. Ara

    Tuck everlasting: Foster never
    Ella enchanted:Char free
    The two princesses of bamaree: The prince of the Eskerns
    Fairest: Foulest

  10. kate

    power of 5/gatekeepers
    raven’s gate=hawk’s fence
    evil star=good sun

  11. Noel

    YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW FUN THIS IS AT ALL,NO SIREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. bookworm936

    This is so awesome!!!!!!!!!
    Here’s mine:
    Diary of a Wimpy Kid:The Last Straw-Journal of a Strong Adult:The First Tube

  13. Jp98

    Skeleton Creek- Body River
    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets- Harry Potter and the Room of Truth
    New Moon- Old Earth
    Eclipse- Solar Eclipse
    Breaking Dawn- Fixing Twilight
    Midnight Sun (Book 5)- Noon Moon
    39 Clues: beyond the Grave- Near the Hospital

  14. Jp98

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid-Journal of a Brave Adult
    Cirque Du Freak: A living Nightmare- Fair Du Normal: A Dead Dream
    The Last Olympian: The First Titan
    The Titan’s Curse-The God’s Spell

  15. annehathawayscreaming

    The Titans Curse=The Devils Blessing
    The Battle of the Labrinth=
    The Treaty of the Sidewalk
    Beka Cooper Terrier=Burk Coulter Great Dane

  16. Ali Ali

    I’m doing Harry Potter 2.
    Sorcerer’s Stone- Commoner’s Beanbag!
    Chamber of Secrets-Closet of Facts!
    Prisoner of Azkaban- Freeman of Alcatraz!
    Goblet of Fire-Plate of Ice! Order of the Pheonix-Mix-up of the Sparrow! Half-Blood Prince-Mudblood Pauper! Deathly Hallows- Baby Garbage

  17. Ali Ali

    These are 39 clue ones (40 statements)
    The Maze of Bones- The Line of Mucles! One False Note- 2 true letters! The Sword Theif- The Pillow Giver! Beyond the Grave- In Front of the Birth

  18. fallwindow

    THIS IS FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    beyond the grave-in front of the crib
    battle of the labyrinth-peace of the room
    the black circle-the white square
    things not seen-things obviously visible
    harry potter and the half blood prince-harry potter and the full water princess

  19. MerryG

    Oh that’s a easy one… don’t choose:
    Alice in Blunerland< Alice in Wonderland
    My Sixteenth Winter< My Seventeenth Summer
    The Melting of Maggie Bean< The Liberation of Gabriel King

  20. MerryG

    That’s a tough one… How about:
    Is That a Dead Dog in Your Locker>Is that a Sick Cat in Your Backpack
    Alice and the Looking Glass>The Looking Glass Wars
    Hope You like my picks!!!

  21. Grace

    here are some more.
    Harry Potter and the half blood prince = Harry Potter and the no blood princess
    The dog in the freezer = The cat in the sun
    green eggs and ham = red beens and steak

  22. Madeline

    1. The Polar Express- The Tropical Local
    2. The Lightning Thief- The Thunder Maker
    3. The Sea of Monsters- THe Land of Fairies
    4. The BFG (Big Friendly Giant)- The SML (Small Mean Leprechaun)

  23. missm26

    Half moon investigations If a tree falls at lunch period…….< When a bush grows on the weekend!!!!!!!!!!
    firegirl Charlie Bone and the castle of mirrors< charlie muscle and the underground fortress of darkness

  24. harrypotterluv22

    heres mine LOL
    thats harry, hes sooo dreamy, i mean isnt he girls!?

  25. harrypotterluv22


  26. Anna

    twenty and ten is a really good book it is about ten regular kids with Siter gabriel and they all picked to help twenty jewish kids. the nazis are trying to kill all the jewish. all th e jewish kids that they are prtekting the parents already got killed. opps I shoulded tell you guys to much of the great book.

  27. Anna

    harry potter and the deathly hallows should be called =the new hrry potter and the last voldamort

  28. whitelily

    I’m doing some more!
    The ruby key< The stone lock
    Ella enchanted< Plane tom
    The lion the witch and the wardrobe< The lamb the scientist and the closet
    Alice in wonderland< Zack in reality
    Dorothy and the wonderful wizard of oz< Toby and the mad scientist of earth

  29. Lili

    This is GREAT! lol
    1- The Mysterious Benedict Society = The All Known Catherine Anarchy
    2- Septimus Heap Magik = One Pile of Muggles (lol)
    3- Sea of Monsters = River of Faeries

  30. thumbelina08

    These are all Sisters Grimm book titles:
    The Fairy Tale Detectives-The Myth Suspects
    The Unusual Suspects-The Usual Detectives
    The Problem Child-The Answer Adult
    Once Upon A Crime-Happily Ever A Heist
    Magic And Other Misdemeaners-??? And No Other Problems
    Tales From The Hood-(check out whitelily’s!)
    The Everafter War-The Mortal Peace

  31. LostinBooks

    This is fun!!!
    Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry= Crack of Lightning Ignore their Laughter
    The Little White Horse= The Giant Black Donkey

  32. whitelily

    Tales from the hood > Stories into the boot
    Harry potter and the sorcerer stone > Anne and the scientist’s vial
    Meet Samantha > Good bye Eddie!
    The Thief Lord > The Giving Peasant

  33. Wolfsong11

    The Lightning Thief- The Thunder Giver
    Paint The Wind- Color The Ground
    Among The Hidden- Without The Reavealed

  34. Crystal

    Ooh… let’s see:
    Things not Seen = Things Obviously Saw
    No More Dead Dogs = More Live Cats
    The Lightning Thief = The Thunder Giver
    That was fun!

  35. Saquester

    All right, I know this isn’t a title, but I just wanted to point something out for Opposite Day.
    If it’s Opposite Day, and everything is opposite, then wouldn’t it mean that it’s a normal day, since it’s opposite? *chuckles* I’ve been staring at this post for days and that just came to me. :D

  36. Songheart

    That’s funny!
    One False Note>One True Letter
    The Maze of Bones>The Place of Living Beings
    The Sword Thief>The Knife Bearer
    The Hunger Games/The Full Games
    The Secret Garden/The Known Garden
    Everything you Need to Know about Science/ Everything you don’t Need to know about Science

  37. Aly

    Oathblood> liewater
    Oathbreaker> liekeeper
    By the sword> hi the pillow
    The hunger games> the feast work
    Jimmy Coates Blackout> Jimmy Coates sun in

  38. Aliyah (_feelin'_sorry_4_sev_)

    Those are so funny!!!
    Here’s mine:
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows = Voldemort and the New-Born Garbage

  39. Alicia

    This is so fun! Preschool set:
    Cat in the Hat > Dog in the Shoe
    Where the Red Fern Grows > How the Blue Tulip Dies
    My Mama is a Llama > Your Bro is a Crow

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