July 20, 2009

Book Review: The Wednesday Wars

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Wednesdaywars Middle School is tough enough with all the cliques, classes and homework assignments, but when you think your teacher hates your guts, things become a little bit more complicated. Welcome to Holling Hoodhood's world! Try making it through grade school with that name . . . eek!

While most of his classmates cherish Wednesday afternoons attending their Catholic or Jewish teachings, Holling, being the only Presbyterian in the seventh grade class in the late 1960's, is forced to stay with his teacher Mrs. Baker on Wednesday afternoons.

During these excruciatingly long afternoons, Mrs. Baker forces Holling to complete various chores, finish up assignments and possibly worst of all, read Shakespeare.

However throughout the year, after struggling with homework assignments, experiencing utterly embarrassing moments, dealing with problems at home, and enduring amazing triumphs, Holling realizes something special about Mrs. Baker and about himself as well.

I highly recommend The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt to anyone going into or already in middle school/junior high. Schmidt does an amazing job of conveying all the obstacles, struggles and complexities you face during seventh grade. From school bullies to crushes to terrible homework assignments and then craziness at home, The Wednesday Wars is a great coming-of-age novel. While reading this book, you will not only enjoy a great story, but you'll also be encouraged to discover who you really are and what you really want to be.

I give this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars

— Carly M., STACKS Staffer

  1. izzy

    I think the book could have had more details to it. But, what I do like about it is that the story line is kind of interesting. I give this book a C.

  2. gabby28

    This is a great book! I’m in seventh grade and I love this book! I have definitly experienced teachers like Mrs. Baker before! I would totally recommend this book to everyone! Enjoy reading!! :)

  3. Anastasia

    I am an adult who read this book on the recommendation of a friend who works in a book store. We both grew up in the 60′s and 70′s and found Hollings life very believable. I can see why kids today may not totally relate to it as we did but it is a very good example of a coming of age story. You young people may want to look at it as study in how life was for many of your parents or grandparents.


    i had to do this book for a book report in 7th grade and i personally didnt like the book. to boring to me and plus i had to read the whole thing in a half hour. not fun i wish it would have been more interesting… anyone think the same thing?

  5. rosangel

    this book is soooo boring -.- im in middle skool and it doesnt relate 2 me at all, no afence 2 the author :T lolz

  6. Jannesa

    I loved it. I just finished reading it for my summer reading and I finished it in 4 days. I thought that the book was amazing. I think that the message was a really good one and that Holling learned alot about life through Shakespear. Go Wednesday Wars!

  7. Janice

    Just because the protagonist is a teenager does not make the book a Young Adult novel. This is a great book, but most teenagers will not appreciate it.

  8. Darta

    I do! I read it for a school project, it was horrible! The plot was confusing, the details were actually boring, it was unrealistic (to the point it just seemed dumb), and the message it gave (to me) was unclear! All of my friends agree. Total waste of time! Worst of all, we get a pop quiz on the message of the book. The average was a D-, and he had to curve the grade!

  9. hhhdhfdfdf

    i am done reagding the book nd it was easy but it took me all summer to read but that is fine it is because i didnt want to read but i did any ways so ya back to school tomoorow cant wait

  10. crazytacogirl

    Wow! Sounds like a good book! Middle school can be tough…I’m just glad I’m not Holling Hoodhood…wierd name!

  11. Joan

    I just listened to this book on CD in my car. I’m sure some other drivers wondered why I was laughing out loud. Loved it! Since this was the time I was in Junior High it really made connections with me. I will definitely recommend it to my Middle School students at my library and to teachers for a read aloud.

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