October 11, 2008

Book Review: The Night Tourist

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The story line for The Night Tourist is one that has been told over and over — the living visiting the land of the dead and coming back to the land of the living. It may not be an original story line, but I did like Katherine Marsh’s book — especially all the references to Greek Mythology — about a 14-year-old who goes below Grand Central Terminal in New York City and discovers a ghost world.

Except for the part where I would have to be dead, I love the idea of being a ghost. And being a native New Yorker, I especially love the idea of being a ghost in New York City. In Katherine Marsh’s book, ghosts can fly, are invisible, and can move through any object. Ghosts spend every night haunting the City, and the book’s hero (Jack) and heroine (Euri) definitely have their fun exploring both known places like the Guggenheim and less-known places like Roosevelt’s secret tunnel in Grand Central.

Overall, I give The Night Tourist two thumbs up. It is a fun, fast read with good imagery and room for the reader’s imagination to run wild. I liked the two main characters and felt for them and their dilemmas. My only criticism is that I wanted more — I wanted it to be more of a mystery with better clues and a scarier bad guy. I wanted to know more about Jack and especially Euri, and I wanted to know more about New York City, especially the ghost secrets. Nevertheless, I recommend the book. If you like the idea of being a ghost and if you love the romance of New York City and if you like history and a mystery, you’ll like this book.

— Stav, Scholastic.com Writer

  1. Zack

    There is a sequal called the twilight prisoner. it is also really good. I heard its going to be made into a movie. cant wait!

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