August 27, 2009

Book Review: Savvy

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Savvy If I could have a savvy, what would I want it to be? Well it'd be cool to be able to read others' minds. However, the difficulty in being able to shut out other people's thoughts might prove to be a problem. Maybe the ability to know everything would be cool. At least then I would never have to study or bother to look things up. Unfortunately, that could also be a potential problem given that some people might take my knowledge for arrogance. I guess having a savvy wouldn't be so great after all. Now I know how Mississippi Beaumont ("Mibs" for short) feels when she gets her savvy on her thirteenth birthday.

Savvy by Ingrid Law is an amazing story filled with many great moral messages. It is about a young girl, Mibs Beaumont, who inherits a deep-rooted family trait called a “savvy.” A savvy is a predetermined power that all Beaumonts receive on their thirteenth birthdays. Some might even call these attributes superpowers.

On Mibs' thirteenth birthday, she discovers that her savvy is the ability to hear the voices of other people's body art (tattoos and doodles). Though it might sound cool, and could be the closest thing to hearing someone's mind, Mibs discovers that real people's voices often get confused in the midst of the other voices she is hearing.

As Mibs struggles to gain control of her new-found savvy, she embarks a wild journey with her brothers, fourteen-year-old, Fish, whose emotions can determine the weather, seven-year-old Samson, whose quietness and tranquility get lost in the crowd, and friends-of-the-family, Bobbi and Will Junior, in order to save her critically hospitalized poppa.

I found this book exceptionally intriguing and entertaining while at other times quite touching and sad. At every moment Law managed to incorporate an underlying message which made this book all the more enjoyable. Messages such as learn to live with what you are given, listen to your own voice instead of others, and take the bad with the good, are just some of the thought-provoking concepts Law brings to the table.

I give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.

—Carly M., STACKS Staffer

  1. A.

    I LOVE THIS BOOK! Im doing it as a book report. It’s honestly one of the best books ive ever read!!! I WOULD LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH if they made it into a movie! I would buy tickets as soon as i knew it was comming out! :]

  2. Carly B.

    Savvy is a great book and it would be an amazing movie if they decided to make one for it. I think many kids would enjoy a movie about magical powers with a little bit of adventure!

  3. 23blackforest

    Savvy was an incredible book!! I liked it’s ending and it was an exciting story.If I could have a savvy, it would be telekinesis.moving things with your mind is super cool!Savvy Forever!

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