October 26, 2008

Book Review: Pinky Pye

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 An Old Favorite for Rainy DaysPinkyeye

It was a very dreary day in New York yesterday, buckets of rain coming down and forcing people to dodge each other’s umbrellas while also trying to avoid dripping scaffolding and sidestep huge puddles of muck at street corners. Guess what — I hate when it rains. Could you tell?

Well, that’s not entirely true. I love the rain when I’m warm and inside and don’t have anywhere to go. That’s when I like to sit down by the window with a good book, and my favorite stories for bad weather days always involve sunshine and summer vacation.

My absolute favorite in that genre is Pinky Pye by Eleanor Estes, a beach getaway classic revolving around a family who discover an extremely bright and surprising kitten in their rental cottage on Fire Island. It’s a pretty old book, so you may have never heard of it. Or you may have heard your teacher mention Ginger Pye, which was written about the same family by the same author before Pinky Pye and which won the Newbery Medal in 1952. Well, no offense to the Newbery Medal people, but I like Pinky Pye much better.

Yes, Ginger Pye is about a dog and I’m much more of a dog person (ever since a cat bit me when I was a child — totally unprovoked, I assure you). And sure, Ginger Pye‘s got a crime mystery, which some people might enjoy. BUT Pinky Pye transports you to a nice, old-fashioned beach vacation — the kind I always imagined East Coasters had on Nantucket while I, as a California native, spent my time waiting in lines with crying infants at Disneyland.

So if you’re looking for a sweet, 100% pleasant, quaint seaside escape, then pick up Pinky Pye. You can almost pretend that your toes are wet from the ocean instead of that dirty city rainwater.

— Karen, STACKS Staffer

  1. Karina

    I wish they can show the whole entire book more than just the first page of the book. I’m reading this book right now but u left it at home so I’m trying to look for a book in the Internet. Yeah so I really like this book it’s interesting and very funny!!!!!

  2. sarah

    ummm iam now in the middle of reading it and i was very curious about the book and this helped me a lot

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