October 27, 2016

Book Review: Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix

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Found_130 Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix

I just FOUND the best fantasy series! It’s called Missing, and it’s by Margaret Peterson Haddix, the author of the Shadow Children series, Running Out of Time, and one of the authors of The 39 Clues series. I don’t want to give away the entire story, but if you like time travel, history, mystery, and action, then you’ll love this book.

At the start of Found, Angela DuPre, an airline worker, finds 36 abandoned children on a plane. The weird thing is, there are no adults, no pilots, and no one knows how the plane got there in the first place. Weird . . .

Meet Jonah and Chip 13 years later — they’re two of the surviving kids from plane. Both were adopted into wonderful families, and both strangely end up in the same town. Is this a coincidence or pre-determined fate? One may think it’s just some bizarre occurrence, but when Jonah and Chip both start receiving the same strange, unmarked letters, they begin seeing things that are unexplainable to the human eye. And then both end up at an adoption convention, along with the other 34 children from the mysterious flight! At this point, questions will be raised not only by Jonah and Chip, but the readers as well.

Found will leave you asking: what would happen if I were to go back in time and change one little event, or if I were to affect the actions of a prominent figure? How would that change the future? Would how we live today be any different if one person’s life were changed in any way?

— Carly M.

  1. evey

    i LOVED It!!!!!!! i had to read it for my redaing group it was amazing i am going to start reading the others.

  2. Nicole

    I bought this book when i saw it in the book fair, i started reading it and it was impossible to put it down. It is a page turner full of mystery and friendship. I simply loved it and i’m about to read Sent the next book BELIEVE ME READ IT

  3. missymoo

    Margaret Peterson Haddix is my absolute favourite author and found is my fav book if you like her try the missing series, just ella is also AMAZING!!!!!!

  4. Sheila

    She is ultimately planning to have 7 books in this series, which doesn’t seem like enough space to wrap up everything; I would love it if you would write more than 7, it is such a compelling series. All of Ms. Haddix’s books are just amazing!

  5. Patrick

    ive read every book in the missing series about 7 times each . torn took me 1 day and now i cant wait for missing book 5 caught

  6. Grace

    I LOVE this book. It was amazing and I never put it down! I am doing a book report on it and keep reading it over and over!

  7. claire

    i like this book…. but i thought it wasnt to exciting. while iwas reading i was very bored andcouldnt stay focused. honestly i did not like this book and i chose it to do my book report. i am told to make a diarama and can NOT think of any good scenes. plzzzzzz help me choose a scene to do!!!!! its almost due!

  8. miranda

    I love the book!!!! I can’t waite to read 2&3. I’ve read “Double Identity and it is a good book to.

  9. arlynn

    i love this book i just finish the book and one of the word that are stuck to me are that jb said goodbye friends he said softly i hope you enjoy time

  10. A.M.E.A.

    I read this book for school because I HAVE to read many different types of books such as adventure, but my main reason was because my teacher last year read our class this book but only got to chapter 3. Well, anyway I read this book and I LOVE THIS BOOK. I am going to get book two and book three as soon as possible. I will use these books for my repeat books.

  11. JuJu

    The Book is amazing i never wanted to put it down! I hate reading but this book was my favorite book i have ever read. It is great for all ages! I am 11 and i loved it!

  12. stars6196

    OMG, I read both Found and Sent, they are both AMAZING!!!!! Margaret Peterson Haddix is one of my favorite authors, I’ve read all of her “Shadow Children” books, and Double Identity. I heard she’s writing the 10th “39 clues” book, and I can’t wait to read it!!

  13. Sara

    I love this book it the bomb! Also if your school does accelerated reader this book is worth like 9 points!

  14. catrina

    I read this book for school and i loved it. now i am reading the second one “SENT”‘but i never liked reading till i read this book.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. danielle

    i read this book and i thought it waz amazing i read the other two and i have read them 14 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  16. Ema

    I read the book, and it was fanominal! You should read it, even if you hate reading this book makes you never want to put it down!

  17. lauren

    for rachel ya there is a book 2 and its really good and for everyone who wants to know if theres a movie i want to know to cuz i want to be katherine so if anyone finds out plz let us know

  18. lauren

    this book is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i LOVE it ive already read it and now im reading SENT the second book and its just as amazing!!!!!!! if u havnt read uve got too!! ull love it!!

  19. caitlyn

    this was not cool i asked if its turning into a movie didnt get my answer now im ticked not usin this website ever AGAIN!!!! thanks what ev bye!!!!!!!!!

  20. anthony

    the book kept me mzmorized for a long time. in the beginning it was good but as you read it, it got better and better until i finished. is there a movie yet?

  21. Rachel

    I looooove this book!!
    i think its the best ever!!
    is there a book 2???
    ive been trying to find it for like forever.

  22. B.J M

    My son and I have read both, “FOUND, & Sent”. They were absolutely wonderful books, and I couldn’t put them down till I finished them!!! We were wondering if there are going to be any more books in this series????
    We also wondered if there was going to be any more books in the “Shadow Children Series…or is that one complete???
    We love your books!!!! We too live in Ohio..and we feel so privileged to have such a wonderful author in our Community!!! Keep writing!!! You have such talent!!!!

  23. Ellie95

    I really really love this book and would recomend it to anyone. I made my sister read it and she is not a big reader and she loved it. After my sister read it i recomended it to all my friends. They loved it. I am currently working on a book report for it. Everybody should read this book. Haddix is an amazing author.

  24. donna

    i just read that book and omg it was off the chain and yes they have a 2nd book out sent i am going to get soon when i save up my money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) this is a person who read it my teacher read it and she llllooooooooovvvvvvveeeeessssssssss it!!! LET MY GIVE YO THE EQUATION (teacher who hates reading + a kid who thinks reading cant be fun + an off the chain book= 2 very happy people who wants the second book BAD)!!!!!!!!! :) )

  25. Eve

    i really love this book, i would recommend it to any person who loves a great mystery! Can’t wait to read SENT!!!

  26. Rachel

    I finished this book 2 days ago.One word:AMAZING!Now I have 4 books to wait to read:Sent,The Black Circle(coming out in August)The Last Olympian(I know it already came out but my library never has it) and Catching Fire(young adult; coming out in September)

  27. Rachel

    There is going to be a second book. It’s called Sent and it’s coming out in August.Anyway,I’m two-thirds of the way through the book.I’m at the part where Jonah,Chip,and Katherine talk with Angela DuPre.

  28. :)

    Is there going to be a second book to found and if there is what is it going to be called?

  29. Rachel

    If you like Margaret Peterson Haddix’s writing style,try Running Out of Time,the Shadow Children series,or Turnabout (young adult),all by Margaret Peterson Haddix.

  30. Rachel

    I haven’t read it yet.Our library doesn’t have it,so I ordered a copy from another library.I can’t wait!

  31. Xepher

    I read that book not long ago and i enjoyed it, now im trying to see if there’s a book two and i can’t waite to get a hold of it!!
    It got me really thinking; what if you were someone famous in the past? Do you wish to go back or stay in the 21st century?

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