September 15, 2016

Book Review: Dear Dumb Diary

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Jamie Kelly is your average middle-schooler with an average (but evil) best friend, Isabella, and an average (but sickeningly beautiful) nemesis, Angeline. Okay, maybe I’m being dramatic, but Jamie is dramatic . . . and did I mention hilarious?

In the Dear Dumb Diary books, Jamie warns us not to read her diary in disclaimers such as, “Only a super gross person reads another person’s diary.” And, “If you are Angeline, I did NOT give you permission, so stop it.” Each book is like a mini-journal which follows something going on at the time in Jamie’s life.

Like right now, I just finished Book 4: Never Do Anything Ever in which Jamie starts collecting money for an online charity to channel her “inner beautiosity.” Which is basically because Angeline has been collecting money for charities and Jamie wants to outdo her (and attract the attention of her super-cute crush, Hudson). It backfires, thanks to Jamie’s aforementioned friend Isabella — but I can’t reveal exactly how things go wrong! You’ll just have to read it for yourself!

Besides an overall entertaining story, each of the little daily occurrences and descriptions are wickedly funny. For instance, Jamie is paired with a bunch of misfits on her team in gym class, and she refers to one guy as “That Ugly Guy Whose Name I Forget” . . . or as she calls him for short, “TUGWNIF.” You feel like you are reading something slightly naughty or mean . . . but then you remember this is someone’s “diary” and you’re not supposed to be reading it . . . and somehow it’s okay! It’s hard to describe, so I can only recommend you read the series!

And if you’ve already read any Dear Dumb Diary books, give me a shout! What are your favorite books of the series? Let me know which ones I should check out next!

— Ratha

  1. dogpajamas113

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these books. I have infinity more loves but that would take a while 2 type them in. I also love the movie.

  2. wonder03

    Oh man, I remember being obsessed with this in Elementary School! I even had a cringey OC for it xD Ah, 5th grade.

  3. Sama

    i read the first book and i thought i would hate it but it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! like OMG!!!! they are the best series EVER!!!!!!

  4. Bribri

    My favorite is Me! Just like you only better #12
    Jim benton….. YOU ROCK!!! well your books rock.but anyway keep up the good work and i can’t wait until the new top secret dumb diary

  5. violet

    ddd series has to be read!!! I’m so eager for book 11, okay, so maybe I do have super powers!!! I own the first ten already!!!

  6. 25chocolatecheesecake

    I love, Can Adults Become Human? , My Pants are Haunted,I mean, I can’t choose my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. pretty girl s

    i love this book to the best 9f mii heart this is the first Book i read as goundn up as a kid lol they be so funny it and ppl wont to say tha anit cool be they really is anyway love this book more then every book in the world lol zacari was her amd always wil be here

  8. Emma

    I luv these books they’re great if you don’t have anything to read and you just need a bit of light reading. They are SOOOO FUNNY my favorite one is probably “The Problem with Here Is That Its Where Im From.”
    Have you gone to the Dear Dumb Diary website?

  9. Regina

    I know the books are about middle schoolers, but could someone tell me what grade the main character is in?

  10. Ccc

    I LUV Dear Dumb Diary it the best book ever
    i’v read all eight books
    and i can’t wait till read the ninth one the new one!!!!

  11. jessie505

    i love da series and i read 1,2,4 and i loved all of them thanx for recamending this book 4 me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. minniemouse40

    hey k.l.h about diary of a wimpy kid………… there is gonna be a movie on april 2 2010

  13. Ana35

    This series ROKS!! I never get tired of reading these books. I love how Jamie(the main chacter) thinks shes so funny and Isabella(her best friend) is also funny: in one of the books Jamie fell down the stairs and brused herself. Jamie and her friend thought it was a new comer pimple. if u want to no more read the book!!

  14. Jeanie

    Quick question. I’m looking for the Dear Dumb Diary Planner for my 7-year old daughter for Christmas. Is it the spiral that is titled “Our Dumb Diary – A Journal to Share” or is it something else? Let me know. Thanks so much!


    hi it’s me again, and jalo. i bought my dear dumb diary school planner at barnes in nobles. it’s awesome, check it out! :D


    i love love dear dumb diary!!! i own all of them up to number eight and i heard they are making another one! i saw the cover online and it is so awesome!!! WHOOT!

  17. jalo

    omg i love dear dumb diary books their just so funny but i cant seem to find dear dumb diary, totally not boring school planner

  18. amber

    I have been meaning to start reading this book so I started reading 2 weeks ago and I havent stoped reading it is soooooooooo good.

  19. K.L. H

    Yes i love this series and book_worm_ you’re so right, this series is like a female version of the Diary of a Wimpy kid series. that’s exactly what i thought. and guys i’m making a new series, the first book’s called Ventura Village. it’ll probably be out in stores in mid November. please read it! I’m begging you! it’ll really help me. Thanks.=)

  20. warrior-catgirl

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are the best books ever!!!!!! I own all of them even the planner and journal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Waterlily5055

    I love this book!!!!!!!!!!My favorite is “The Problem With Here Is Thats Where I’m From”!I LOVE DEAR DUMB DIARY!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. book_worm_

    These books are so funny. they’re great for a bit of light reading. It’s like a female version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

  23. Jianni

    i think dear dumb diary is very funny. it has parts in it that makes you laugh for almost 3 minutes straight. the author makes the book look good because of the illustrations that she uses

  24. Sweet_Heart13

    I. LOVE. Dear Dumb Diary. Books!!!!!!
    Gawd, they r the best. if u’re wondering which to check out, i have an one word answer. ALL!!!
    i’ve read all of them (or i’m pretty sure i did) and i loved them all! they r SO hilarious and funny. Jamie, Isabella, and Angeline are a hoot of laughs. lolz. u have just got to check them out! You know, Jim Benton made Happy Bunny, too. These books r perfect for anyone up for laughs! ;)

  25. CuttieKat22498

    I love love love love ddd books! I couldn’t live without all 9! Jim Benton NEEDS to make more!

  26. mila

    my favorite book is um?????????????????i forgot oh yeah its the one where the girl is looking in the mirror and her reflection is a frog in a dress could you check that one out for me thanks

  27. stacksrlesfrevr

    OK Let me just say…THEY ARE TOTALLY FUNNY! I think if you are have trouble wth something or just want a good laugh the “Dear Dumb Diary” series is just right for you! read!

  28. elizabeth

    I have read the Dear Dumb Diary books, and I love them! [sorry to be saying dumb,
    but I had to say the title.] I think they are hilarious, and recommend them to everybody over 6. I said over 6 because they have some really big words that I don’t think anyone six or under could read or understand. Otherwise, this is a great book!

  29. Kiki

    Wow, I just finished that book too! I love it. I am in 5th grade and all of my friends are reading it. My friends are giving out nicknames to everyone from that book. Im Colette :D She comes in the 6th book. Well have fun reading :D

  30. ta

    i loooooooooooooooooove dumb diary ihave every book published thank god for the author!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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