July 15, 2013

Book Memories Writing Prompt

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Book Memories Writing Prompt

We all have those “remember when” life moments (like when I fell flat on my face in front of my 7th grade crush at the school dance. Yeah, I’m still working on getting over that one).

But do you have certain BOOK memories that you’ll never forget? Isn’t it fun to remember big, epic things that happen in your favorite books, or just moments that were so hilarious you almost peed your pants laughing? Here are some of my favorites, but beware! There are some serious Harry Potter and Hunger Games spoilers here!RememberWhen

  • (SPOILER ALERT!!!) Harry killed Voldermort? (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows)
  •  Greg lost his swim trunks jumping off the high dive? (Diary of a Wimpy Kid)
  • (SPOILER ALERT!!!) Katniss chose Peeta? Yes, Peeta! (Mockingjay for ages 12 and up)
  • The Snow Queen fed Edward Turkish delight and warmed him in her sleigh, and the whole time you’re thinking, “No, Edmund, don’t do it!” (The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe)

What are your favorite book moments? For today’s Writing Prompt, write your “Remember When” Book Memories in the Comments below!

—Ratha, STACKS Writer

  1. BookAmber28

    In HEROES OF OLYMPUS: Book One: The Last Hero? when [SPOILER] they found out that Thalia was Jason’s sister?

  2. Sarah

    In the mark of Athena when Annabeth FINALLY gets the statue, then ten minutes later her and Percy fall to Tartarus. So sad! I have already pre-ordered the house of Hades!

  3. BookAmber28

    Remember When…
    Bella found out that Jacob had turned into a werewolf? [TWILIGHT book two: New Moon]

  4. BookAmber28

    I am so stupid! I already told [AdorableGirl23] that! what is wrong with me?!?! Plz forgive for my stupidity!

  5. BookAmber28

    Sorry! Forgot i had already said this.
    and PS: AdoribleGirl23 that was CATCHING FIRE not MOCKINGJAY!

    Remember When…
    Edward told Bella that he had lied and that she did matter to him? That was sooo romantic! [TWILIGHT book two]

  6. BookAmber28

    Remember when…
    [SPOILER] Edward broke up with Bella and told her she didn’t mean anything to him? That was so sad! [Twilight book two.]

  7. BookAmber28

    [SPOILER] Edward broke up with Bella and said she didn’t matter to him? That was so sad! [Twilight book one].

  8. IsisPegasus6

    Yes! Yes! I Couldn’t believe that was her! She came back though! Warriors is awesome

  9. lolsomeemerald13

    Remember when…..
    (SPOILER) Annabeth and Percy fell into Tartartus. (Mark of Athena)

  10. sillyoarakeet5

    I remember that! So sad. I wonder what happened to Christina. Haven’t read Insurgent yet…

  11. raevynstar

    I just read The Last Hope. I will ALWAYS remember when the Ancients came to help in the battle against the Dark Forest!

  12. AquaBlack977


  13. gymnasticspurple125

    Remember when…….
    (SPOILER) Annabeth and Percy got together in the end of “the last Olympian” ?

  14. Minkadventure17

    Remember When…
    Danny first looked at the fraud newspaper?

    (Ring of Five, Eoin McNamee)

  15. raevynstar

    1.Will died in Divergent. :(
    2.Miranda had to almost die so her family could live in Life as we Knew It….but then she found the free food!!!!!!

  16. BookAmber28

    Remember When…
    Clary Fray fell in love with Jace Herondale? [The Mortal Instruments:Book One: City of Bones]

  17. Jade Bold 23

    Remember When….

    In Mockingjay, the last book in the Hunger Games when Finnick died? I thiught it was so sad because he had just married his wife Annie, and he also had had a baby. It was unexpected and very sad.

  18. puffincorporal10

    Remember when…
    (SPOILER) Hollyleaf kills ashfur (he is evil)and then runs away?

  19. ghostblue21

    Remember when…
    (SPOILER) In The Mark of Athena Annabeth found the Athena Parthenos. BEST SERIES EVER!!!! I can’t wait for The House of Hades to come out this fall!!!!!!!!!!

  20. puffincorporal10

    Remember when….
    (SPOILER) In warriors when squirrelflight tells jaypaw, lionpaw, and hollypaw she is not their mother? (the next book is so sad!)

  21. Hailey

    Remember when……….
    In Percy Jackson and the Olympians Battle of the Labyrinth when Quintus told Percy he was the half-blood who created the Labyrinth, Percy thought he was joking and he said, “Yeah and I’m Zeus.” I know it probably doesn’t seem funny in this way but if you read the book, at the time they were in(a life or death situation)it was pretty funny in the book.

  22. danielle

    Loved The Hunger Games and I loved Catching Fire but I wasn’t really feeling Mockingjay like I was feeling the others

  23. danielle

    had the same moment when my brother was watching the one where he gets hit by the killing curse the second time he showed me one part:
    Le me: Is this the last movie/ book?
    Le older brother: no
    Le me: then why did he die?
    Le older brother: He is between “heaven” and “earth” so technically hes not “dead” yet so he has to decide if he wants to die or go back and fight
    What i heard Le older brother say: Blah blah blah heaven blah blah blah blah technically not dead blah blah blah fight
    What i said: ohhhhhhhhh so he’s dead
    Le older brother: noob
    i just pieced all of this toghether so… good day

  24. danielle

    ive been there too. i was all like “wait whaaaaaaaaaaaa???????”

    then everyones all like what’s wrong with you and then you have to play it off like nothing was wrong “oh… ummmm… some tear gas got in my eye”

  25. Witchpixie2

    REmember when in the Order of the Phoinex, Harry wrote lines with his own blood? Eww!
    Remember when in Day of DOOM, they solved the compass mystery? I was thinking, “Clever, evil, Isabell!!!!!”

  26. sillyparakeet5

    SPOILER ALERT for Mockingjay:
    Remember when Finnick dies and I think everyone had to read it a least three times to see if he REALLY just got his face eaten off and then you burst into tears?
    Oh man, I think I sent in the same comment twice. Oops.

  27. pinksapphire33

    i loved the diary of a wimpy kid and how i survived middle school but i really liked the American girl series and Nancy drew a-z mysteries

  28. Indigoangel52

    Some of my uber memoriable moments were when…

    - Fred died: i was totally NOT expecting that!
    - When Katniss said yes to making the Capitol’s kids go through the Hunger Games: i seriously thought she was going to say no because she didnt want any others being hurt by the monstrosity.
    - When Katniss shot President Coin instead of Snow: I was like WHAAA?! Then i understood why
    - When Mary (from The Agency series by Y. S. Lee) tells James that she is a private detective and nothing about the secret organization
    And MANY more!

  29. Camelotgirl

    Don’t do it, Edward! She’s an evil witch!!!
    My favorite memory is the end of the Golden Compass, when Lyra and Pan walk out into an alternate world. Best book chapter ever!

  30. raevynstar

    I remember when I read Hunger by Michael Grant and Little Pete first said ‘hungry in the dark’. I was like WAIT A MINUTE CAINE ALSO SAID THAT WHAT IS HAPPENING???
    I also remember when I read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Screts for the first time, I had to keep reminding myself ‘Harry has five books left he can’t die’. That part was so sad!

  31. Brynna

    I remember all of the above!!! so awesome!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EDWARD!!!!!!!!! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAD IDEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! Omigosh my favorite part!!!

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