December 8, 2010

Book Club: The Black Book of Buried Secrets

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StacksBookClub Hi! Welcome to THE STACKS Book Club where every month we all read the same book together. Here’s how it works. I’ll write the blog post here announcing this month’s book, why I chose it, and a question that I am interested in. You participate by writing what you think in the Comments below. Anyone can join!

This month’s book is: The 39 Clues: The Black Book of Buried Secrets Black_book

Why I chose this book: The 39 Clues: Vespers Rising is coming out in April, and I want to be caught up on all the  top secret information from the four branches. This book will reveal secrets that you wouldn’t know just from reading the first ten 39 Clues books.

Question to Discuss: Rumors have been swirling for years about an arch enemy. Many believe it is just a myth, but there are those who have seen proof and know that the arch enemy is, in fact, very real and incredibly dangerous. Who do YOU think the arch enemy is?

Now, read the book. Then add your thoughts/questions/rants/random musings in the Comments.

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  1. greenaqa18

    I have read some of the book. My cusion has the book. He’s a big fan and has all the books and card packs.

  2. queenb2b


  3. Queen_of_Ekats

    PATRICK! Next time i go to tea with Natalie Kabra and her brother, i’ll make sure they invite you, i want you to try a special tea of theirs. It’s very satisfying, at least it is to somepeople…

  4. MJfan277

    @Snack_a_Holic1998 I think u shuld, theyr rly grate. (I spelled everything wrong, I know. lol XD)

  5. p

    i think if i read this book i would like it i read the first book of 39 clues but one thing i love about the’s books is that each one has a diffrent author i think that is so cool because each other has a diffrent point of view

  6. books1413

    I have read all of the books and I think they are great. I believe that in the book the enamie are the vespers.

  7. musicalgleek1199

    I just got the book yesterday and I’m almost finished with it. After i finish this, I’m going to read the rest of the series.

  8. Fluffy Basketball Player

    I am reading the book and I am in the middle of the Tomas section. There is so much info there!!!

  9. JenyJen

    my sister is reading the 39 Clues and she said it is a really good series but i don’t know if i should read them or not!!!

  10. mital

    i bought this book when it came out and i really liked the short stories about what happen to everyone after the hunt.

  11. percyj99

    The arch enemies of the Cahills are the Vespers. You know the drill, their founder, Damien Vesper, used to be Gideon’s lab partner,(as SuperSapphireSpy said) until they had a fight and he burned down Gideon’s lab, killing him. Arthur Trent was one, Isabel Kabra is one, there’s lots of them throughout the books. You just don’t notice them until you read the B.B.O.B.S.

  12. Poison_Hunt

    Yeah, the introduction was funny. My favorite part would prbably be the stories about the characters. Like Ian’s story about Isabel’s trial, Amy and Dan’s about the graveyard, and Jonah’s.

  13. SuperSapphireSpy

    Yes, yes, we on the 39 Clues board had this discussion MONTHS ago. This arch enemy is the Vespers, rival family to the Cahills, who have been around since B.C. times. Their founder, Damien Vesper, used to be Gideon’s lab partner, until they had a fight and he burned down Gideon’s lab, killing him. NatalieKRocks has already written the first book in Rise of the Vespers, her follow-up series, which we all love. We even have some Vespers on our board, which we have already made peace with. Wow, we’re waaaay ahead of the books.

  14. Kimchikid

    Yeah, isn’t it great! Even though it wasn’t very practical, we already made peace with the vespers. Cool book!

  15. fantasyreader123

    First off…HermioneHJG …read the 39 clues! They’re great!
    I read the Black Book of Secrets…my favorite part is the introduction with the authors! That was hilarious!

  16. HermioneHJG

    What is 39 Clues even about !!?? I mean I’ve seen the book in stores and everything, but can someone tell me what the series is about and who the characters are and everything?

  17. 315hotpink

    I could not quite figure out the code but I think it’s DOOMS DAY. if you disagree please say that what YOU think it is.

  18. GNOletsgo1

    Us expert Cahills KNOW the arch enemies are the Vespers, descended from Damien Vesper, who burned down the original Cahill house, killing Gideon Cahill.

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