November 10, 2010

Book Club: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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Hp7_130 Hi! Welcome to THE STACKS Book Club where every month we all read the same book together. Here's how it works. I'll write the blog post here announcing this month's book, why I chose it, and a question that I am interested in. You participate by writing what you think in the Comments below. Anyone can join!

This month's book is: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Why I chose this book: The Deathly Hallows movie is coming out on November 19, and I want to re-read Book 7 so the story will be fresh in my mind when I see the movie.

Question to Discuss: Since the movie is going to be split into 2 parts, where do you think Part 1 should end? (The real ending has already been revealed elsewhere on the Internet, so I'm not asking where it will actually end, but where YOU think it SHOULD end.)

Now, read or re-read the book, and then add your thoughts/questions/rants/random musings in the Comments. This is the first month of this new Book Club so let's make it HUGE!

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  1. BubblyBookworm

    Light Butterfly, you can make your own book club on a message board here on the Stacks by clicking on the link to create a post. Unfortunately we can’t actually make a book club on the InkSplot26, only moderators, editors, staff etc. can.

  2. anonymous

    book 5 is the longest book in the series (i checked) and it didn’t get split so why is book 7 getting split?? also i don’t think they should have left the valentines day scene in book 2 out of movie

  3. nathan

    WOW! The first book for the ecstatic Harry Potter series, is now renamed as Harry Potter as the Sorcerer’s Stone instead of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone!

  4. nico

    actually I made a mistake. I think that Harry, Ron, and Hermione should die [ do not think i hate them] They should have kids and send them to hogwarts that way they can start over. plus voldemort should have a kid [I do not know who would marry him.] He would be just like voldemort as a kid. But I bet he would turn out in Gryfindoor. Do not agree? Leave me your comments. Here is the question: If voldemort had a kid [Which would never happen because he is one ugly dude] which house do you think he would end up in and would he grow up to be good or evil? would he be harry’s friend like ron or enemy like draco? please leave your answer :)

  5. nico

    I think it should end when Belatrix throws her knife at Dobby. I already read the series 32 times!!!! Listening to it in my school on DVD.

  6. areself3

    I loved harry potter, but I started reading a new and better book the last apprentis. book 1-8 or 9. I hope the rest of you try this fantabulus book and like it as I yours truly, age 9 areself3.

  7. evelyn

    i luv harry potter. well i love the harry potter books and i read almost all of them and im only eleven and a half.

  8. Bella1001

    J.K Rowling needs 2 write another! It left me hanging! what about Luna! i want 2 know more! J.K, if your reading this PLEASE on behalf of all us HP fans writ another book!




    BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. heffley290

    Really, I think it should end right after they break into the Ministry. Once they escape, they should show the credits. The only problem is that viewers might get angry at Warner Bros for stopping at the wrong moment. But I think it should be that way.

  12. geronimostilton220

    This is a review.
    This book is a captivating story that will keep you interested till the shocking end.

  13. ravenclawrox

    I saw it and it ended at the scene where Voldemort’s getting the wand out of Dumbledore’s grave.

  14. books1413

    I think it should end when voldmort takes the elder wand from Dumbledores grave because it will leave everyone guessing and waiting to what happens next.

  15. Gabby

    i tottaly love harry potterits awesome i cantait to start the 7th book i amreading as fast and often as i can and i also dont think it should end i love hogwarts and i am on book 3 the prizoner of azkaban its great so far

  16. aquahusky

    I have read the 7th at least 4 times.When I was younger my dad read them to me :D . I hope J.K Rowling writes a new book or starts a whole new series! but HP could never be replaced.

  17. Hermione_Granger_rocks

    i saw harry potter 7 p.1
    it was so good until Dobby dies:( can’t wait till
    P.S Why are people who didn’t fin. the book saw harry die even if there are
    like 50 pages left?

  18. hulagirltati

    I think they shouldn’t even split the movie. We have to wait more than a year just to see the 2nd part. Everybody will forget what happened by the time the movie comes out.

  19. GryffindorWolf

    I saw the movie, and I think they sould have ended it when They got to the Hog’s Head, right before they meat Neville, and before the Battle of Hogwarts. LONG LIVE HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. alecjane

    HP books are awesome, i’m just had finish HP5 i didn’t sleep last night just to finish it,can’t wait to read 6&7

  21. Joshua

    T’ve read the book twice and i think it should end when vold takes the wand and before they go to gringotts.

  22. bounce123

    i never read a harry potter book ,but i would love to read one. You probally hate me if you are a harry potter fan :) or :( .

  23. britney311

    I think the book is very interesting because it is funny.It is a really good book.I want the book so bad!! but it is sold out.The store that I went to tw0 get it.I want to see more interseting more stuff in the movie and book!! The movie is not that cool. You should add more stuff to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. cameron rocks

    this book is great is has detail and a lot of cool pictures i like this book because it really does go with the movie

  25. zebrazebra2000

    u see i think they should of broke all the lockets in part 1 also they should of made part 1 end at a different time instead of when voldomort found dumbledoors wand in front of his grave.

  26. Makenzie D

    I think that part 1 of the movie will end when Ron leaves Harry and Hermione. I think that Daniel Radcliffe’s voice will then narrate how he feels about Ron leaving.

  27. crasycar

    Harry Potter is awesome!!!! I have read all the books. I’m going to see the 7th tonight. Hope it’s good!!!! You’re right it shoud NOT end I cried after I read the 7th because the series is over.

  28. Romulus12

    I am a huge Harry Potter fan and I loved the seventh book. It was a great book and I dont think it should have been split into two books. It should have stayed the same, but if I have to choose where it should end, I would say after they escape from Gringotts.

  29. Daniel Radcliffe Fan

    I know you guys will love it. But I will sure miss it. I really don’t think the Battle is gonna help it.
    See ya on the STACKS!
    ~$Daniel Radcliffe Fan$~

  30. SeptemberDecember

    I think chapter 24 (where the movie will be split) is a perfect spot and now, after watching the movie, I don’t think they could’ve done the book anymore justice. :)

  31. Moon Reader

    HP ROCKS!!!!!!! OMG! i read ALL the bks in 4 mnths. (i had 2 tak a break every now and the thts y it tk me so lng) My favorite book and movie is HP and the Goblet of Fire!! Cedric (Rober Pattinson) looks FINE in d movie! cnt wait to c the new 1!

  32. Moon Reader

    well, i was thinkin it was going to end right after bill and fleur’s wedding. You know, when they apparated on the muggle street or when they bust out od the ministry and find themselves in the forest. But i finished readin the series in the summer of fourth grade and im in 6th now and iv been rereading them over and over and over again. my fav is Goblet of Fire!

  33. blondchick3

    i saw the movie part1 it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Ginnypotter

    Well i don’t know what you guys are talking but i might be seeing the movie this Sunday. I cant wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. liz22101

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SOOOOO EXCITED! I AM HARYY POTTERS NUMBER 1, yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (LOL)!

  36. summerbunny2222

    I don’t know. The book is so fast-paced, there isn’t a good stopping point! Can you believe J. K. Rowling wrote the first one on a napkin?

  37. AnnabethKatnissHermione

    I love the Deathly Hallows. I think they should end the movie at shell cottage. But the only thing is they didn’t include Bill and Fleur in love in the Half Blood Prince..

  38. tiffany

    I think it should end where harry fights with voldemorts snake in godrics hollow, and then voldemort sees him apparating away.

  39. snape17

    well, i guess it should end around half-way, but at a good point so it’s not like they have to cut it off mid-sentence, yah know? I am a HUGE hp fan, er, snape fan! ;)

  40. Hayley

    I’ve read Harry Potter and the Deathly hollow 5 times. my momma used to read the whole sieries to me and my little sister and brother. i read the whole thing in about a day a few weeks ago. my friend is sitting next to me, reading over my shoulder, and she doesn’t believe me. well, she should.

  41. Alyssa

    i think this book will be intresting because it looks funny and it could a very fun book that will probily get sold out by the time it comes out i would love to read this book because it has a very desingned cover and it will probily be in theters and the theter will be packed

  42. Emma Watson fan

    All you guys have to do is watch the movie. You will love it. But I will miss the Harry Potter series after the movie is gone.
    See ya on the STACKS!
    ~Emma Watson fan~

  43. Reece

    I want to read all the books of Harry Potter!I think they should keep making more Harry Potter books and movies!

  44. jordan

    My aunt and I are going to see your new movie. I think that the movie is going to be the best.Your the best .

  45. black ops

    i dont now know about harry potter but after i finsh percy jackson (it is really good i autherize you to read it)i will read harry poter

  46. i do not have a stacks username

    i just started and i am on book 4 know its really late to start but right be fore the movie comes ou but oh well!!! i really love the harry potter books and the moivies.

  47. kiran

    I think the first part should end at the part where Harry and Hermione see Harry’s parent’s graves at Godric’s Hollow.

  48. Wanjiku

    wait i change my mind… i think part 1 should end wen they find the hurcruxis. I haven’t read the potter series since 5th grade and i am currently on book 5.

  49. Wanjiku

    I agree with Sirius_Black_is awsome, I don’t think it should ever end, but if i was to choose, I think it should stop right before a battle, so it will draw people to read the book immediately, or watch the next movie.

  50. Wanjiku

    I agree with Sirius_Black_is_awsome, I don’t think it should end. But if I was to choose where, I think after one of the battles.

  51. Sarah

    I know where it will end, but I won’t spoil it if you don’t want to know. I think it should end after Harry digs Dobby’s grave and Luna closes his eyes. Then Hermione or someone should make some comment about sticking together and friends and it should end. Or, Harry could say Bellatrix is going to die.

  52. hello

    Well, I’ve known Harry Potter books since I was little and my mom read them to me. I say (please don’t disagree because there is no point in doing that becauase this is merely an OPINOIN!)part 1 should end when the trio (and others) are locked in the dungeon (or whatever is was in Malfo Manor. What say you? ;)

  53. Anna

    I think that it should end before the dragon scene or the locket being broken, I heard that the second part is going to be 3D

  54. Tori

    I don’t think it should end either, I say more HP! It is my fav book in the world AND I get to see the premier of the movie! In think there should be an 8th book. I love Harry Potter. that is all I have to say so…….Peace Out!

  55. percyj99

    I see almost everyone has agreed with Payal, and I do too. That would leave everyone about as excited as I was when I finished “The Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero” (which, by the way was great, and should be a book that we talk about in the Book Club),and found out that I had to wait a whole year until “The Son of Neptune” comes out.

  56. lbreader17

    i’m reading ALL of the books to read them for ocne beacause i never had and it is AWESOME!!!! IM IN THE 4TH BOOK NOW

  57. bibliomania123

    i think it should end right after they leave the lovegoods house and are about to get taken by the snatchers. i know where it will end cause i looked it up and i totally disagre cause it will leave a HUGE CLIFHANGER!!!!! not good for people who havent read the books and don’t know what will happen in part 2.

  58. Sirius_Black_is_awesome

    I would join in, but I’m only on Order of the Pheonix and I have to do a book report.

  59. Whopper24

    My friend just LOVE’S Harry Potter!We’re going 2 the midnight showing of part 1!
    P.S.I LOVE Harry Potter!

  60. greenkoala39

    Somewhere around what Payal said. I would think I should end a bit before they break into the Lestrange vault, because the climax of the whole book would be at the beginning of the second movie, instead of the middle/end. I should rereread the book so I am ready. The question is would I have time?

  61. Spring Owl

    Wow my best friend read the whole series to many time,she always tells me it’s super good.I need to get started on the first book!

  62. stonefairy

    Hmm… I think it should end at a really suspenseful place so that everyone is super anxious to see the second half… aha I know! Right after they leave Godric’s Hollow, when Voldemort sees them Apparating away, is when I think it should end.

  63. Camryn

    Well, i’m a HUGE fan of Harry Potter. I’m almost done reading Deathly Hallows for the 3rd time, so i guess i’m a little late lol. I think that part 1 should end after Ron stabs the horcrux locket with the sword of Godric Gryffindor. Or what Payal said about the Gringotts vault. Long live Harry Potter! He rocks!

  64. Payal

    I think Part 1 should end after Harry, Ron, and Hermione break into Bellatrix Lestrange’s vault at Gringotts bank. Then Part 2 should begin with Harry, Ron, and Hermione going to Hogwarts to destroy the Diadem of Ravenclaw. After that the Battle of Hogwarts should start. I can’t wait to see the movies! I am dying to know what Harry, Ron, Hermione, and their kids look like in the epilogue!

  65. 44maplesyrup

    i think it should end right after they come to shell cottage. i wonder where it’ll really end?…
    anyway its an AWESOME book pick! the 7th HP is by far the best. the movie better be as good!

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