October 11, 2010

Book Character Halloween Costumes

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Book Character Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner and you still don’t have your costume picked out!? What’s a kid to do? Come to your favorite neighborhood book website for advice! (That’s us, of course!) Just for fun, here are some ideas for book character costumes. For example, you could be:

Logan Modern-day Greek god or goddess from Percy Jackson 
For Ares: Pair jeans or black pants with a red shirt and leather jacket. Accessorize with silver chains, sunglasses, and a bad attitude.
For Argus (head of security): Use old clothes to draw on. Draw blue eyeballs all over them. Use face paint to draw additional blue eyeballs on your skin.


Ron_and_lavender Harry, Ron, Hermione, or any wizard from Harry Potter
Borrow dad’s black trench coat as a cape. Make sure he doesn’t need it for work the next day. Add a cheap black witch/wizard’s hat from the Dollar Store. Make a wand by wrapping aluminum foil around a chopstick or pencil.
For Harry, draw a lightning bolt on your forehead with some eyeliner (either your own, or salvaged from mom’s makeup bag). If you have a stuffed owl, duct tape it to your shoulders. Add a pair of round spectacles for full Harry effect. Viola – magic.


Diary-of-a-wimpy-kid-DF-01487_rgb Fregley from Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Start with a yellow gym shirt and blue gym shorts. If you already have messy red hair, you’re in luck. If not, use some temporary spray color of the red/orange variety, and gel it in all different directions. Draw a “secret freckle” onto your stomach with eyeliner, and reserve it to gross out those who deserve it! Put a bunch of band-aids on various parts of your body, and offer to let people smell your scabs. You can even rub raw salmon (or something just as disgusting) under the band aids for bonus gross-out effect.

Taylor_kristen_rob Bella, Edward, and Jacob from Twilight (ages 12 and up) Works well if you’re part of a group.
For Bella: Bella should be a brunette with her bangs pulled back from her face. Wear a flannel shirt, jeans, and hiking boots. Draw two red dots (ie. fang marks) on your neck, and try to look bored.
For Edward: Gel up your hair, and use white face paint to paint your face. Wear a black shirt and black wrist cuff (can just be a black piece of construction paper taped around your wrist!) If you want to go crazy, draw a drop of red blood running from your mouth with your mom’s lipstick.
For Jacob: Wear a fake muscle shirt, or lots of padding under a tight shirt to make you look muscular. Wear a wolf nose (or draw one on with eyeliner) and howl at the moon a lot.

Click here for some new costume ideas like One Direction Zombies, The Hunger Games characters, and more.

What do you guys think? We wanna hear from you. Describe YOUR best idea for a book character Halloween costume in the Comments below. Or let us know if you are already dressing up as a book character!

Happy Haunting!

—Ratha, STACKS Writer

  1. Maria

    PERCY, ALEX RIDER (grade 5 and up), THG (age 12 and up) are maashi (ok in acient Egypt – know it from a book). They are discussed, the costumes are ready. But how about TMR (age 12 and up). You may wear trainers and a sports suit, write “glue”, “minho”or whatever on a T-Shirt, your hand and so on, run around and cry out “Save yourselves! The grievers are coming!”. Quite of fun, don’t you think?

  2. Maria

    I can’t believe that. Finally another fangirl of AR!!! He’s awesome! Your idea is brilliant! You can make a fake spy profile of yourself too! Eat lemons (AR favourite taste) and have a faBOOlous Halloween!

  3. Awesome_236

    Tris and Tobias from Divergent (Teens). Both of them can wear black shirts, black leather jeans, and black lace up boots. Tris has to have either long blond hair pulled up in a neat bun, or a ponytail, or just normal. Or she can have short blond hair. She also has to have a fake tattoo of three birds on her collorbone. Tobias has to have brown hair with a bunch of fake tattoos down his back. :-)

  4. sapphireauthor11 & spiritedlavender10

    I❤ Harry Potter!

  5. artemisforest3

    i don’t know what to be this year? Should I be a demigod or a goddess? If a goddess which one? If a demigod from what camp and what olympian?

  6. artemisforest3

    i think i’m going to be athena or aphrodite. I don’t know how i’m going to get a toga or look like them. Any tips?

  7. juila

    okay, i thought about being annabeth but i am way to young, what are they like, 15? 16? i forgot, instead i am being bella throne from disney channel

  8. Sav

    Any ideas on Thalia Grace from PJ? All I’ve got right now is tear up some black leggings, leather jacket, camp half blood shirt, combat boots,skull jewelry and charm bracelet (AKA shield). Does that sound good to y’all?

  9. nuha

    HI I LIKE TO BE IN THE charters movies i wrote my story Jain saved her family can be real helping others and its amazing story i hope you all people read it i hope that you like it and i have some case in my left hand leg i feel i am in the story i hope you like it THANK YOU

  10. Bookworm

    O.K. I’m a girl, and I know that the Alex Rider series is mostly meant for guys, but I’m totally obsessed with spies. So, for halloween, I’m going to be wearing a black tuque, black sunglasses, a black tank top, black jeggings and my awesome combat boots. Go AR!!!!!

  11. Emmy

    I am being Hermione Granger! Heres how you can too, whare your hair in flufy, pufy curls.(Not a problome for me haha.)Whare a black bath robe, a white shirt and a gray v-neck. Add a gryffidor bage(iron on pachs work fine.) Use red listick to write mudd blood oh your arm. Make a time turner I made mine out of duct tape and cordbord.(Sorry not realy sure of the diritions just kind of did it haha.)You can find a beaded bag online. You can cut a big circle out of cordbord and wirte SPEW and/or a lion standing by a capitl ‘P’ on it and tape a safty pen on the back. Then carry a stuffed cat and big books! Then like magic you are Hermione Granger from “Harry Potter”!

  12. S

    Oh yeah a few more things. I’m going to add Headphones and listen to rock music while I’m trick or treating haha! On the highest volume but just around my neck so my ears don’t get damaged haha. And I might even add winged sneakers from Adidas. And blue temporary hair dye on a few strands in my hair. I might even add the spear that she holds. Its going to be awesome!

  13. S

    I’m going as Thalia Grace. I’m going to wear an oversized winter army jacket like in the third book, unzipped, dark blue super skinny jeans, combat boots and a camp half blood shirt. I might get my shirt from hot topic (I might not go because where I live it takes hours to get to nearest mall with hot topic in it) or I might just get a plain orange shirt and get fabric marker from michael’s and write camp half blood on it. I’m going to add beads, too. I don’t think Thalia has any but I’m just gonna make up events that might’ve happened if she was there for a long time just like Annabeth.

  14. Acacia

    For my school Book Character Day, I’m going to dress up as Thalia Grace, with a Death to Barbie t-shirt (that I made), black jeans, boots, a silver jacket and a bracelet that looks like hers in TLO. My friend’s going to dress in complete silver and we’re having a competition to see which is best! It’s be great!

  15. littlemam2nd

    If you seen the movie Diary of a Wimpy kid in the movie ther is a boy that is crazy and pulls up his shirt it was not pretty

  16. Lollipop

    Its nowhere near hollaween anymore it passed 2 months ago with is a while so its not really around the corner!!

  17. cutiesurfergirl

    i went as cookie monster this year. i even made my own costume!!! i was fuzzy, and blue, and a fuzzy-blue!!! you know, you are never too old to be your favorite carahcter!!!

  18. Nannerlmozart

    Percy Jackson is AWESOME AND IMAGINATIVE. I love the plot of the story and Rick Riordan’s preciseness and conciseness of words and history is flawless. The books are consistent and accurate in terms of the mythology. Bravo, Mr. Riordan! I cannot wait until the library has some availability with the book. Every library I see on the website, the books are checked-out! GREAT COSTUME ideas and very inexpensive!

  19. Mari

    I’m goin as Annabeth and pepole knew who I was PJATO is sooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Thalia Grace

    i`m going as annabeth case a.k.a percy grilfrind after the 2,00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 changings my mom has to get the stuff cuz i have a party 2day

  21. Melissa

    I blogged my ideas last year — This year my 8 year old will be Hermione and my 5 year old is boycotting.

  22. 8wildnreckless

    I made up a character named Lia. (you may know me from Fan Fiction)
    How you do it: Well from my post she wears a dash of pink a day. So wear a pink shirt. Also wear ripped jeans and a black belt. She’s kind of goth except for the shirt. If you get any compliments on this if you wear it please mention 8wildnreckless
    Thank you so much 4 reading this!!!

  23. lauren_b

    im going to be a siamese twin, my friend and i sewed two dresses together. its going to be great. Im sort of worried about walking….LOL wish me/us luck?

  24. SuperSapphireSpy

    2 things:
    1. I liked the part on Bella’s costume where you said to try to look bored. Lol!
    2. I’m going as a demigod for halloween. Either Thalia Grace in her Last Olympian outfit, or a Poseidon kid.

  25. Cherrybelle Rocks

    Good! Being inspired by mythology! Well, I’m not a Rick Riodan fan but I LOVE SCHOLASTIC!! HOW CAN YOU DISAGREE?

  26. kristen

    i am going to be Hermione from Harry Potter. People are alwsays telling me I look like her so I am going to rock it witchy this year. LOL.

  27. ilovepercyandmax

    To Unabean: Get a bed sheet and wrap it around you. Flip flops and a branch crown are a must!

  28. ilovepercyandmax

    For all you Percy friends out there (like me!) here’s some ideas. Get a bright orange shirt and paint Camp Half Blood on it. Add in jeans and there you go. To be Annabeth, wear a New York Yankees cap. To be Percy, have a ballpoint pen stick out of your pocket, just visible. If you have a lot of time on your hands, you can make Camp Half Blood necklaces too!

  29. Adeline

    I’m going to be a character I invented named Mooncatcher! I paint ying yang symbols on my cheeks and eyes on my eyelids, wear a extra long vampire cape (that flows behind me. It’s super dramatic that way.) And a black and white dress. Remember Mooncatcher is a peaceful character if you want to be her for Halloween! This is a trademark of Adeline. So if you use this costume and get complements, mention Adeline.

  30. Anna

    I am thinking about being Annabeth chase for halloweeen. My mom says no one will know who I am supposed to be, but i don’t care!! i love PJATO!

  31. autumnapplebelly

    Before reading this, I had already decided to be Harry Potter. After Halloween, I’m going to wear the costume to the midnight showing of The Deathly Hallows part one. I can’t wait!!!

  32. johnathan m

    this is so cool and this awesome and I’m going to tell my mom and my dad about this too and this is how do I get on this too

  33. Taysia

    Me one of my best friends are going as elemental spirits! I’m going to be water and shes going to be earth! =)

  34. girlergirl

    fregly is so wierd i9n the move i would dress up like a vampire with fangs and sparkle make-up

  35. stuffedninja10111

    I was going to be alice for halloween but then changed the idea by alot. If you want to be alice then you could put curls on the bottom of your hair. And alice wears really mature clothes. Once I saw her wearing a short dress that was lite grey with a small jacket and black tights.

  36. gylfie97

    I would totally be a half-blood from Percy Jackson. I even have a camp half-blood t-shirt that I made. However, I’m going as Bastet, egyptian cat goddess.

  37. WaterKat

    Awww! I feel boring now! I’m going as a vampire, I designed my dress. My friend’s are going to be a Ballerina Vampire, and a Doll.

  38. pacohaley

    A friend of mine is dressing up as Artemis. I know another one is dressing up as Nancy Drew. One doppleganger said they are going as Gregg Sulkin/ Mason Greyback (yes, I know it’s not a book character, although I guess with a letter jacket they could be Will Wagner from Avalon High). I’m more into the whole Halloween spirit thing. I’m usually bright and cheery so at Halloween, I like to be all dark purple/blck colors and stuff. My plan was originally to go as a camper from Camp Half-Blood. But that phase was over before Halloween.

  39. s.snape2000

    Well, for Halloween this year, I plan to be Luna Lovegood:)We are going to make the butterbeer cork necklace!!And we are even going to make the radish earrings out of real radishes!!!

  40. Thalia Grace

    Annabeth get a orange shirt and draw on with black fabric paint ad jeans and sencers and vola

  41. Marytonga

    I’m going as a demigod from the PJO RP I’m in! We’re going to decorate a plain orange T-Shirt (including the pegasus), turn these beads into a necklace (with twelve beads- the average of our ages, and she’s been there her entire life), jeans, sneakers (no wings though), a foam sword with customized handle (thank you, Mist), and really, REALLY hopefully a blond wig and gray contacts.
    Even though I hate wigs, I’d go through it to look like an Athena kid.

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