December 14, 2009

Bonus Writing Prompt Week!

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Writingprompt_bonus We love reading all your comments to Ink Splot 26, but your responses to the Writing Prompts are always especially awesome. Your creativity, intelligence and hilarity never fails to impress us STACKS staffers. So in that spirit, we declare this week Bonus Writing Prompt Week!

To kick off, please take our new STACKS survey. The questions may seem a bit random, but your answers really will help make the STACKS better.

Then starting tomorrow, we will add a bonus writing prompt to the bottom of the daily blog post. So, if you love to write, (or if you just love answering random questions!) be sure to read the blog every day this week to catch the bonus writing prompt!

— Sonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. lillian

    hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!? did you know it is laugh out loud day. laugh out loud day is a day is a day when you just laugh.

  2. Lauren

    I love to laugh!!!!

  3. mell

    i totally love the harry potter series i can relate to them a lot they’re soo interesting i can’t put them down

  4. Vanessa

    i love this website me and my friend talk on here back and forth even though we sit right next to each other!!and i talk to my other friends

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