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Ink Splot 26 bloggers are an extremely diverse bunch. We are Scholastic staff who devour kids’ books and who, by the power of the pen, make blogging our business! 

Guest Bloggers

If you see a blog entry posted by SPONSOR, that means it’s an advertisement for that company’s product, or movie, or website, or whatever.

But we also invite special guests like authors, book experts, kid reporters and publishing insiders to contribute their wisdom to Ink Splot 26. Here are just a few of the people who have joined us so far:

Kathryn Lasky, Author
Ann M. Martin, Author
Billy, Scholastic VP
The Game On! Team
Gerri, Ink Splot 26 Celeb Beat Reporter
Jacqueline M., Kid Reporter
Jeremy Gilley, Peace One Day Founder
Jude Watson, Author
Meg Cabot, Author
Nancy Krulik, Author
Patrick Carman, Author
R. L. Stine, Author
Tui T. Sutherland, Author
Whitney, The 39 Clues Team

You never know who else will pop in, so keep reading!

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