September 30, 2013

Benefits of Computers for Kids?

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twinktoesBenefits of Computers for Kids?

There are definitely pros and cons to spending a lot of your time on the computer. I’m sure a lot of you have had adults tell you that you spend too much time on the computer. Twinktoes87 left this post on the STACKS Buzz Board responding to that argument, and it made me think.

It is true that you can waste a lot of time doing mindless things on the computer, but I love Twinktoes‘ response about ways that being on STACKS can actually make you a better person.

Something these boards did was introduce me to people around the world, living in different countries, of different religions, different social backgrounds, and that’s great because where I come from the population is 88.3% white as of 2012, so I’ve literally never come across anyone more diverse than a few exchange students or the occasional out of state newcomer. Do you know how big of a thing that is for me? Imagine for a second if you never discovered the internet, never met new people, and never cultured yourself any more thoroughly. I bet I’ve talked to more diverse people than my grandparents have, and I’m guessing as generations go on, everyone will accept every minority and people who are different than them.

My mom is wrong in the fact that the internet makes you dumber. I’ve only gotten more intelligent from being on here. This place is meant not only to just say hey to people and talk, but to learn and have discussions and debates about things, and to WRITE! This place is one of two reasons why I’m so into writing nowadays.

Who can argue with that? Has being on the STACKS made you a smarter, better person? List YOUR pros and cons in the Comments.

— Sonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. Ivy

    The Internet can make you dumber if you spend too much time on it, but all things are good in moderation. I’m from the 39 clues messageboard, and it’s so great there. I met so many different people from all over the world, and learned to respect other branches and people. They are just so so friendly and helpful, when I have a problem, i can always turn to my fellow mbers.

  2. isc17

    I think the internet can be a great place to find information and learn new things. It is a great tool to use to communicate and share ideas with so many people!

  3. Cutie3500

    Whoop whoop! Yay Twinktoes!!!!
    I already posted my comment on her post, but I will post again!

    When I joined the STACKS three years ago, I was just this shy little girl that would rather hide in the back of the room with a book than make a bunch of friends. But since then, I have become more confident. I’ve made new friends through writing, and through my Creative Writing Club at school. .With all of the positive feedback, comments, and advice I have gotten from everyone here, I have become more self confident, and I’ve learned to stand up for myself. I’m currently going to a school that, if I hadn’t joined and built myself up, I may not be at today. The STACKS have helped me through all of my problems, allowing me to let out my feelings through stories and just messages for help.
    I’ve also become a better writer, I’ve become better at typing, grammar, and spelling
    So, when people like your parents or anyone else tell you that the Internet rots your brain and is a waste of time, explain all of the ways it has helped you. Because I know that the STACKS has helped everyone here, in one way or another. THAT’S what matters.

  4. elfheroine1

    cool beans!
    Although you can spend to much time online, I disagree that it makes you dumber!
    When people refuse to use the internet I think that is very foolish! There is such a wealth of information on the internet. When I want to look up how to take care of a critter I found outside (ex. frog, tree frog, caterpillar, salamander, snake) I can’t find that kind of stuff at my library, they have a very small animal section. So if I can quickly search that up on the web, that is very helpful! Or say one of pets is acting weird, or they keep fighting and I want to know how to make them stop.
    I want to find a book similar to the one I just read.
    I want to know who sang a song.
    I want to know a historical fact.
    Their is so much to learn on the internet!
    I don’t anyone else who owns birds, so I can’t go ask someone who a good Avian vet is, if they know why this is happening, etc. It’s very helpful to be able ask someone online!

    again, COOL BEANS!

  5. Adventurepegaus10

    I completely agree. However, sometimes when you get a little carried away with communicating with others on the Internet and you can discover inappropriate things beyond measure. Furthermore, when you use social media or another communication programs sometimes you accidentally or deliberately come across something deceitful and spread it to everyone like the plague. Just saying :)

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