May 18, 2011

Community Grant Opportunity!

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Bebig Hi Splotters! There’s only ONE MONTH LEFT in the Be Big in Your Community Contest. That’s right—time to enter now! This is your chance to do something really BIG! Submit your BIG Idea for a chance to see it brought to life with a $25,000 community grant!

Coming up with such a BIG idea can sometimes be daunting, but maybe one of our past winners can help inspire you. Meet Adrienne—who worked to build sunshades to protect kids from the harmful effects of the sun.

Kids helping kids, and helping their communities—now that’s BIG! No idea is too small or too BIG. Visit the BE BIG in Your Community Contest website and let us know about your BIG Idea. But remember, the deadline is June 17th. So grab a parent, teacher or some friends and let us know how YOU can make the world a better place!

— Melissa, Scholastic Media Staffer

  1. sahdowcat

    i think this site is really nice and fun i wish i had found out about it sooner.

  2. sahdowcat

    In my opinion i think it is really good because its helping our world which we live on so if we want to stay on this earth 4 a long time then we shouldn’t trash it if someone else does and u c it just pick it up. Like my room now my room is not clean but i really try hard to keep things up so i can make it a better place 4 me 2 live

  3. pie cooker

    Why won’t people want to help their community?They live there,go to school there, and they do everything there!Why wouldn’t they want to help? =(

  4. applewriting3

    i do not care for the move at all.
    im not trying tobe mean at all its just i do not like the move at all.
    please give me a post.

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