October 19, 2010

Be Big in Your Community Winners!

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Bebig Here at Scholastic we know kids all over the country are being BIG every day — helping your little sister with her math homework, staying late to pick up the crayons no one else wants to or throwing their trash in the garbage instead of littering. And we’re proud of you for that! That’s what the “BE BIG in Your Community Contest” is all about —people seeing a need in their community and doing what they can do to help. We’ve just announced the 30 winners of this year’s contest and the coolest part is that a lot of the winners are kids JUST LIKE YOU! I guess you could say they were being extra BIG.

Biggirls Jennifer, age 16, the Grand Prize winner, and her teammates Sharon and Lauren saw how hard it was for kids to stay caught up on homework while in the hospital, so they wanted to develop a study room for children at their local hospital. Jennifer will work with the Volunteer Center of Southern Arizona to develop a “Hearts for Diamonds Classroom Hospital.” Teenagers helping kids. . . now that’s BIG!

Bigbball And 7-year-old Will — I am so excited about his BIG idea! He is using baseball to give back with his BIG idea, “Hits for Hunger.” Will and his teammates will work with the Volunteer Center of North Texas to raise awareness for hunger in their community. I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of anything I would enjoy more than a day of baseball while helping others at the same time.

Bigkid 15-year-old Rohan saw the need for earthquake kits for seniors in his community and decided to do something about it. Rohan will partner with generationOn to develop an “Earthquake Kits/ Emergency Preparedness” program. Teenagers helping adults. . . BIG! Very BIG!

I could go on and on about all the great ideas I’ve read in the past few months (nearly 1,000!), but there’s just not time. You can check them out for yourself at http://www.scholastic.com/cliffordbebig/.

—Natalie, Scholastic Media Staffer

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    What they are doing is so awesome! It’s the perfect thing for kids who want to make a difference.

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