April 19, 2010

BE BIG for National Volunteer Week

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Hi Splotters! It’s National Volunteer Week, a week that inspires everyone to take action to improve their communities. Now is the perfect time to show your BE BIG actions and contribute to your community.


This week, thousands of volunteers around the country will engage in service projects to strengthen their neighborhoods and build their communities. You can too! Whether it’s mentoring, serving meals or building community gardens—there are all sorts of service projects that would love your participation. No project is too big or too small. Grab a parent (and a friend!) and together find a volunteer project in your community.

Need some examples for ways to BE BIG in your community? Check these kids out!

  • Adrianne is building sun shades in local schools and parks to protect children from the harmful effects from the sun.
  • Madelon is building a handicapped-accessible playground in her neighborhood.
  • Skyler is creating "Kids Care Packs" for children in homeless shelters. “Kids Care Packs” are hand-painted knapsacks filled with school
    supplies, toiletries, a healthy snack, a toy and a note of friendship. His BIG idea is being honored this week by HandsOn Network, the organizers of National Volunteer Week!

Skyler Pinto

“Kind acts of giving are the most important thing in making a community a
better place.” Skyler said. “When kids who are feeling sad, lonely,
sick and hungry receive a ‘Kids Care Pack,’ they will feel like someone

Bebig-in-your-community You and your friends probably have a BIG idea that could help your community. Don’t be shy. . .tell us about it and we can help make your idea happen with the BE BIG in Your Community Contest! The contest will award $75,000 in community grants to several BIG ideas. Plus, you’ll have the help of HandsOn Network, who will work with the winners to bring their BIG idea to life—just like Adrianne, Madelon and Skyler, BE BIG winners from 2009!

To celebrate National Volunteer Week, we want to hear your stories about volunteering in your community. Post a comment and let us know how you're helping to make the world a better place!

— Amabel, Scholastic Staffer

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    Dear scholastic,I am going to build a new playground for all the neighborhood kids!trees&plants will be added with the materials made out of recycled bottles and construction paper.I think this will be a BIG difference for my community!sincerely,Kewlskewlgirl

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