September 11, 2012

Back-to-School Word Scramble

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Back-to-School Word Scramble

Howdy, Splotters! Now that you’re all settled in to school again, you’re used to catching the school bus, freshly sharpened pencils, and pizza day, and you’ve worn all your new outfits. . . you are ready for our Back-to-School Word Scramble. See if you can unscramble these school-themed words. Hints provided!

  1. bkooeotn (You write in this.)
  2. apihscly uaeidcont (Exercise-related class)
  3. fetaciare (You eat here.)
  4. troper rdca (This has your grades.)
  5. sub (You may ride this to school.)
  6. euglkcits (It makes things stick.)
  7. thma (A subject with numbers)
  8. tercomup (You type on this.)

Post your answers in the Comments, and click here to see if you were right. If only all homework was this much fun. Hmm. . .

— Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. horsepurple243

    The words unscrambled are..
    2.Physical Education
    4.Report Card

  2. aquacat586

    1. Notebook
    2. P.E.
    3. Cafeteria
    4. Report card
    5. Bus
    6. Glue stick
    7. Math
    I didn’t actually unscramble them. The hints are really easy.

  3. Jennifer

    1. notebook
    2. physical education
    3. cafeteria
    4. report card
    5. bus
    6. gluestick
    7. math
    8. computer
    Fun while school isn’t. :)

  4. Fairyemerald31

    bkooeotn (You write in this.) Notebook
    apihscly uaeidcont (Exercise-related class) uhh…. Physical Education?
    fetaciare (You eat here.) Cafeteria
    troper rdca (This has your grades.) Report Card
    sub (You may ride this to school.) Bus
    euglkcits (It makes things stick.) Gluestick
    thma (A subject with numbers) Math
    tercomup (You type on this.) Computer