September 18, 2012

Back-to-School Word Scramble Answers

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Back-to-School Word Scramble Answers

Last week, I posted a Back-to-School Word Scramble. How did you score? Are you at the top of the class, or do you need to stay after on the STACKS for extra help? Answers are below!

  1. bkooeotn= NOTEBOOK
  2. apihscly uaeidcont = PHYSICAL EDUCATION
  3. fetaciare = CAFETERIA
  4. troper rdca =REPORT CARD
  5. sub = BUS
  6. euglkcits= GLUE STICK
  7. thma = MATH
  8. tercomup = COMPUTER

Think you can stump us with your own scrambled words? Leave them in the Comments!!

—Ratha, STACKS writer

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