March 24, 2014

Back in the Day Writing Prompt

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Writing Prompt: I miss the days when . . .

Do you long for days gone by when things were simpler?

If you’re getting hit by a winter blizzard where you live, you might long for the days of summer and wearing shorts and tank tops!

Or maybe you miss the days when you were younger and didn’t have homework yet, or there were no cliques. Or maybe you miss the days before you had braces, and chewing wasn’t so complicated (and you didn’t have to use that little toothbrush to clean in between each metal piece)!

Whatever it is, let us know what strikes a nerve with you in today’s Writing Prompt.

I miss the days when . . .

We can’t wait to see what’s on your mind!

—Ratha, STACKS Writer

  1. Mina

    I know this is weird, but I kinda miss the days when I read the Percy Jackson series for the first time. When I didn’t know what was going to happen.
    When I was little and my Mum home schooled only me, not my sister. When she hadn’t started school.

  2. GeniusOne

    I miss the days when I was little. I know being grown up is great, and I can’t wait to be an adult, but sometimes I miss having everything simple. When we were small, we don’t realize we could be doing things and feel bored at home, but now we think of it as everyday vacation. Instead of moping around with nothing to do, we could have been doing things we crave to have time for now. That isn’t to say I hate school, for school is my life, but at times I would like to go back and use that extra time in my hands for something useful. But I know sitting around at home will never give me anything, and education is important. The past is the past, gone now, and I want to focus on the future ahead of me to fulfill my dreams.

  3. Kierra

    I miss the day when I was the only child and people payed a bunch of attention on me but now nobody even knows im there anymore

  4. ghostblue21

    I don’t really miss much. Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) is a lot better for me now then it ever was in the past. I’m happy the way I am!

  5. ghostblue21

    Jamie that won’t work forever. Trust me, I’ve tried. Holding it in sometimes makes it worse. What I would suggest is talking to the people who don’t get along. Be an intervention. I hope it works out for you Emy!

  6. RagingDalek1011

    I miss the days when it was summer so I could swim in my pool and lounge on my patio. I miss the days when my friends did not have a fence so I could cut through their yard to play with them.

  7. Madison

    I miss the time when i lived in florda and was young and had hot sun. and pom trees are every where. and when i had no homework, and when there was no bullys at school,

  8. Brooke

    I miss when i was little and i could ride my miniature pony. we would run through the feild my mom would be right behind me, one tine i got on my moms horse and my mom said i was going faster than the car they were only going 15miles per hour. now i have a big horse named sammie.i barrel race pole bend.

  9. Jamie

    I know how you feel. My favorite part of being a baby that i missed was that i got to sleep most of the day.

  10. Sorry

    I am sorry your famikly does not get along just do not take sides and love your family for who they are.

  11. horsehopeful35

    I miss the days when there were no cliques in my school. I have had three friends turn against me, and when we were younger we would never do that. I miss the days when we had no worries, cares ,or fears. When people could be themselves without worrying. So I say don’t worry about what others think. Be yourself and chase your dreams. You will achive greatness and then anybody who ever made you feel alone will regret it. So yes, I miss the days when we had no cliques and cares, but nobody’s saying I can’t make those days come back. I will, I promise. And please reply to this comment if you will to.

    Sincerely and forever anonymus,
    horsehopeful35 xo

  12. Yanilka

    I miss the days i was in kindergarten because i was only 5 and i was almost playing all day in Mrs.G’s class and she was really fun and nice.Plus,the only work we had to do was know our ABCs or all of our numbers ttill 20. I really miss those days.But,being in Mrs.R’s class in 4th grade is the best year in my school now.

  13. acrobaticsbird133

    I miss the days when it was only my sister and me, we used to get to share our mother equally , we didn’t have to clean so much, and we had more time to send together. Now there are 6 of us so it makes my life harder because we are the oldest and have to clean a lot our mother is very tired so we help with the work.

  14. breezebrain39

    I miss the days when I was a newborn. I could get whatever I wanted, and I miss being fed (sometimes I’m kind of lazy). I also miss being in a stroller all day, and when I didn’t have to brush my teeth (because I had no teeth). I like the life that I have now, but I miss the lazy life i had before (I like the life I have now better, though).

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