January 28, 2014

Baby-sitters Club Book Cover Fashion

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6a00e55007a3148834017ee5bec587970dThe Baby-sitters Club Fashion Inspiration

Everyone has a favorite character in a favorite book or series. I really, really love Stacey McGill from The Baby-sitters Club. She’s from New York City, like me, and she’s sophisticated, cool, and really smart! But Stacey, while my character of choice, is not my favorite Baby-sitters Club dresser. Not that what someone wears is what defines her coolness—like I said, I love Stacey for her fun attitude and cleverness! But over the course of 131 book covers, these girls showed some serious style and it’s totally worth another look at what our other favorite girls from Stoneybrook were wearing. Here are my five favorite Baby-sitters Club book cover outfit moments:


Claudia in Claudia and the Little Liar. Claudia is always a snappy dresser, but this outfit is the best! I really love that vest. And are those two-tone printed jeans? SO cool!


Claudia in Claudia and the Genius of Elm Street. How great is the color of that shirt? So. Great.


Tess in Stacey’s Secret Friend. Those pink overalls are seriously amazing. I want a pair! Tess was way too cool for Stoneybrook.


Mallory in Mallory’s Christmas Wish. I love bright colors, and Mallory pulls off this look so well! Yellow and pink make an excellent combo.


Claudia in Dawn’s Big Move. How fantastic is Claudia’s entire outfit? From the cowboy boots to the printed shirt to that perfectly-purple hat, Claudia has got style down to a science.

Do you have a favorite cover outfit from BSC or another book/series? I wanna know! Share in the Comments!

PS. To see more up-to-date-looking covers and find out more about The Baby-sitters Club, click here, and dress the BSC girls in your own unique style with our dress up game!

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