November 11, 2013

Autumn Puppy Create a Caption

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Create a Caption: Miley

Talk about camouflage! Where did little Miley go?! Wait! There she is, playing in a pile of crunchy, autumn leaves.


Caption: “1, 2, 3 . . .” “This is going to be the best game of hide and seek ever!!” “4, 5, 6 . . . ” “They’ll never find me here! My fur matches the color of these leaves!” “7, 8, 9, 10 . . . ” “This pile is super comfy . . . I could just take a nap right here while I wait for them to find me.”

What do YOU think this cutie would be saying if she could talk? Write a caption in the Comments!

–Amanda, STACKS Intern

  1. catgreen909

    “See that line of leaves over there? yeah, these leaves are mine and YOU SHALL NOT PASS! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! (the line of leaves)

  2. MIMI

    Don’t move…don’t breathe…don’t jump around in a clown costume and be totally noticable………….

  3. C C

    Well I could chase that squirrel over there or I could chase that bunny or instead of them calling me so I go to them they could come and get me because I don’t wanna take a bath!

  4. Zach

    It’s so cute. ” My mommy told me I could go out side so I went out side forever and i’m having so much fun!”

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