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October 16, 2013

Goosebumps Monster Mash

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GB_Logo2013Mummies, vampires, werewolves, living dummies, oh my! No Goosebumps story is complete without a monstrous villain to terrorize the hero (and us readers!). No matter how evil these monsters are, they are what make R. L. Stine’s books so addictive. Imagine if all the Goosebumps villains from all the different Goosebumps books met up for the ultimate fright fest? Now that’s a party sure to be horror-ble!GB_BkCovers

Which Goosebumps ghoul is your favorite?

October 15, 2013

Halloween Activities

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halloweenHalloween on the STACKS!

The spookiest day of the year is coming on October 31. Here are a few links and activities to get you ready for Halloween. If you need costume ideas, we got ‘em; scary books, we got ‘em. We even have a Personality Quiz to find out what monster you are most like!

This just in . . . these Halloween Would You Rather questions from PurpleWizard50:

Would you rather . . . .

  1. Dress up as a pink princess OR a yellow bumblebee?
  2. Get one small yummy candy bar OR a giant bar of yucky candy?
  3. Turn into a werewolf OR a vampire?
  4. Eat 2000 candy bars in a minute OR eat 30 old pieces of licorice in one minute?
  5. Meet a mummy OR Frankenstein?

If you have ideas for blog posts, go to the STACK Back Message Board and submit them! Have a safe and fun Halloween!

October 9, 2013

Goosebumps Most Wanted Doctor

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GB_Logo2013Goosebumps: Doctor Maniac Will See You Now

If you’re scared of going to the doctor, then this doc will really scare you! Dr. Maniac is one doc you’ll surely never want to visit! He’s one of the Goosebumps Most Wanted—and not for his bedside manner. Dr. Maniac is an evil genius that will leave you even sicker than when you arrived. He’s positively insane and he’s on the loose. It’s time to catch him, undead or alive!gb_drmaniac

JUST FOR INK SPLOT 26 READERS! Read an exclusive preview of the new Goosebumps Most Wanted: Dr. Maniac Will See You Now. We dare you!

October 1, 2013

Goosebumps Scary Create a Caption

GB_Logo2013Goosebumps Scary Create-a-Caption

He’s baaaack! The ventriloquist dummy sure to give anyone Goosebumps! Slappy, the walking, trash-talking terror, is up to his mischievous ways. What do you think he has to say in this creepy picture?GB_Caption2013

I think Slappy is saying, “Pssst. This inn has rooms . . . screaming rooms! ”

Use your imagination to create your own frightfully fantastic caption in the Comments! And visit the Goosebumps website for more spooky fun.

—Amabel, Scholastic Media

September 22, 2013

Starring Jules As Herself Sequel

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Jules 2 Cover_STACKS_130x130Starring Jules in Drama-Rama

Dear Everyone,
I love brand new things, like neon shoelaces fresh out of the package or a mint condition bottle of toothpaste. (Mint condition–that’s funny!) But there is nothing quite as brand new as a brand new, fresh out of the school supply store, school year. A new school year is crisp like an apple. A new school year gives me the same exact feeling I get when Ms. Leon stands up in front of the class and says, “I have an announcement.” Right then and there anything is possible–my little brother Big Henry might get rid of his lisp, my dog Ugly Otis might open up his droolly mouth and speak English–who knows! Maybe I’ll even get the part in that new sitcom I’m auditioning for (more about that bit of drama in my brand new book).

All I do know is at the beginning of things, there’s nothing to worry about yet–like how I might find a way to sing on a counter-top in front of a camera, or how I can get my new best friend Elinor to LOVE New York City as much as I do, or how I can get my ex-best-friend Charlotte to stop being a know-it-all. There’s plenty of time for all of that worry later. For now, no drama-rama–it’s that moment before an announcement…
Happy New School Year!

Want to read more about Jules and her friends (and frenemies)? Meet them here!
Read the book review of Starring Jules (As Herself).

September 15, 2013

Phineas and Ferb Giveaway

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phineasandferb_130Phineas and Ferb Giveaway

All fans of Phineas and Ferb, please pay attention! We are offering you a special chance to win a free Phineas and Ferb Quest for Cool Stuff Wii game (rated E)! But, here’s the thing. You can ONLY enter if you subscribe to the STACKS Blast Newsletter.

So right now you may be thinking. . .

YOU: Oh no! I’m not a STACKS Blast subscriber and I don’t even know what the STACKS Blast is!

ME: The STACKS Blast is our free monthly e-mail newsletter. You give us your e-mail address and an e-mail address for one of your parents, and once a month (usually around the 15th), we give you a newsletter full of games, videos, celeb news, books, and a sweepstakes you can enter.

YOU: Cool! I want to get that newsletter! But wait, I want to enter to win that Phineas and Ferb Wii game now. How do I enter?

ME: Patience, grasshopper! First, you sign up for the newsletter. Then you must wait until October 15 when Hooray! the STACKS Blast will arrive in your e-mail inbox. Hurry up and open it! Inside, you’ll see a special section for the STACKS Giveaway. That’s where you enter. OK?

In the meantime, watch the trailer for the Phineas and Ferb Quest for Cool Stuff gameFPQ4CS

Don’t forget to sign up for the STACKS Blast Newsletter and enter the sweepstakes. Good luck!

image from — Sonja, STACKS Staffer

Images and video courtesy of Disney

September 12, 2013

Songwriter Kayla Stockert

Kayla130Songwriter Kayla Stockert

You may not have heard of her yet, but this girl is a teen to watch. Kayla has been performing music since the age of 9 at places like the Highline Ballroom, the Apollo Theater in New York City, and at other large venues. Now at age 16 she is making the transformation from singer to songwriter and musician, recording her own original songs for the first time. Anna Graceman is a fan!

Not only is she beautiful and talented, but Kayla is super-nice, and she has offered to give you, dear STACKS readers, some advice about songwriting. Read on for Kayla’s tips, and if you would like to ask her any questions, leave them in the Comments. Kayla will be joining us soon to answer YOUR questions!

Kayla: The process of writing songs takes a while for me. It’s usually late at night when all my thoughts are jumbling through my head. It’s the easiest time for me to write songs. It could be a word, a simple feeling of what I went through that day. Sometimes, I can write an entire song in minutes, sometimes it takes days. I keep my journal next to my bed to write every single idea.kaylaStockert

For me to write a song, I have to actually experience it, usually friends, boyfriend, family or anything like that. I then show my ideas to my brother, because he also writes. I try to be as realistic as possible so my audience can relate to my normal teenage life. The more you write, the easier it will become. There are some songs that I may never sing because they are so much a part of me, but from there, it helps me get an idea for another song.

Next is the melody. This gets a little trickier for me. I sit down at my piano or guitar. (You don’t have to be that good of a player. Just playing one note to get a melody will work.) I also listen to other songs, making notes of the instruments I like, the beat, and so on.  Next time you listen to a song, don’t listen to the words, but listen to the music. It may inspire you to write your own melody.

Don’t ever get stressed that you can’t complete an entire song. Just take a break from that one and maybe move on to something else. I personally have about 20 uncompleted songs, and I’m in no rush.

I currently have about 5 songs that I’m set to record. All of these songs were from my own personal feelings (about a boy). The next person I will go see is a producer, who asks me the type of sound I want and feel, and hopefully we both agree and my new songs will be ready.

I honestly think everybody has the ability to write down feelings and turn it into a song. If you can’t do it alone, find a friend and collaborate.

–Kayla Stockert, Songwriter

Do you have questions for Kayla? Leave them in the Comments, and check back soon for Kayla’s answers!

September 8, 2013

Rescue Princesses: The Stolen Crystals

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Rescue Princesses: The Stolen Crystals book coverRescue Princesses: The Stolen Crystals

Wonder what happens to Princess Jaminta and her panda cub after the story ends? Read on to find out how they found one another again!

Class Trip to Cloud Mountain

I was so happy when our teacher told us we were going on a trip up Cloud Mountain today. We’re going to study the different animals that live there. I knew who I was going to look for—Lucky, the baby panda!

When we got to the mountain, we walked up the mountain in pairs. I was the near the back, chatting with my friends. We all jumped as a bamboo tree right next to us started to shake. The teacher hurried over and we saw a large panda sitting under the tree, chewing on bamboo.

After a few minutes, the big panda lumbered away. We were just about to continue climbing up the mountain. Then something amazing happened—Lucky came galloping through the trees. He skipped right up to me and I knelt down to let him sniff my hand. He’s such a friendly little guy!

As I pet Lucky, I told my class all about him and how I’d been watching him grow up since the springtime. They think it’s awesome that I know him so well. They joked that I should be the one called Lucky! At last it was time to go back to school. I stroked Lucky’s soft ears as I said goodbye. I’ll go back up the mountainside to see him really soon!

Want to meet the other Rescue Princesses and their pets? Meet Lulu from The Moonlight Mystery, Clarabel from The Wishing Pearl, and Emily from The Secret Promise.

September 8, 2013

Resue Princesses: The Moonlight Mystery

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Rescue Princesses: The Moonlight Mystery book coverRescue Princesses: The Moonlight Mystery

Time for Rescue Princesses outtakes! In this scene from The Moonlight Mystery, exclusively here on Inksplot, Princess Lulu plays with her lion cub, Tufty, for the first time.

My First Morning With Tufty

When I woke up this morning something was tickling my nose. I could see golden fur lying next to me on my pillow and for a second I wondered if I was still dreaming. Then I remembered who it was: Tufty! I’d found him all alone in the grasslands yesterday. He’s the cutest little lion cub I’ve ever seen.

I gently moved him sideways so that I could sit up. I couldn’t help grinning. I’d never had a sleepover with a lion cub before! Tufty was wide awake. He jumped on to my lap and nuzzled my hand, so I scratched him between the ears to make him purr. Then I told him all about the other princesses.

Tufty scrambled away to explore the rest of my room. I was so excited about having him here that I did a forward roll along my bed. That made Tufty excited, too! He tried to climb up the curtains and I had to run over to catch him. Then there was a knock at the door and my mom asked me why there was so much noise. Luckily she believed me when I said it was just me doing gymnastics again. I can’t wait until the other girls meet Tufty!

Want to meet the other Rescue Princesses and their pets? Meet Jaminta from The Stolen Crystals, Clarabel from The Wishing Pearl, and Emily from The Secret Promise.

September 5, 2013

Dear Dumb Diary Movie Sneak Peek

Emily Alyn Lind in Dear Dumb DiaryDear Dumb Diary Movie Sneak Peek

Whatever you do, DON’T tell Jamie that Dear Dumb Diary is now a movie musical!

Rumor has it that the one-and-only Jamie Kelly, some of her best pals, worst enemies, and awesomely dumb diary are coming to a TV near you. You heard us right. You can tune into The Hallmark Channel at 8 p.m. on September 6th to watch as your favorite book characters come to life! You don’t even need to worry about your parents complaining that you’re staying up too late—it’s airing on a Friday, after all!

Anyway, since we’re sure you’re going to be crossing off the days until September 6th, we thought we’d share a sneak peek of some totally awesome photos from the movie set. Take a look! Continue reading