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June 8, 2011

Hauntings and Heists (The Mysterious Four)

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Book_Cover A detective, as defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is "one who is employed or engaged in detecting (determining the facts) lawbreakers or in getting information that is not readily or publicly accessible."

So, when you think of detectives, do the names Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, and the Hardy Boys come to mind? While these notable figures are certainly some of the most well known crime-solvers in literature, the characters in Hauntings and Heists, Book #1 of The Mysterious Four series by Dan Poblocki, can be called detectives in their own right.

In this book, you'll meet Viola, Sylvester, Rosie, and Woodrow, the members of the Mysterious Four group, as they try to solve various unknowns and mysteries in six questions or less. And if you're thinking, how are these four middle schoolers solving crimes in six questions or less? Not to worry because these "mysteries" are really stepping stones to becoming superb detectives. The characters focus on finding all of the facts, observing their surroundings, looking for minute details, and thinking outside of the box in order to come up with the final answer to the question.

I highly recommend this short yet entertaining read to anyone who's interested in coming up with the right question(s) to solve a mystery.

— Carly M., Stacks Blogger

June 6, 2011

Create a Caption: Say Cheese!

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Createacaption Ugh. . . the dreaded family portrait. The matching outfits, corny poses, fake smiles, and the ongoing phrase, "Are we done yet?" springs to mind.

Could it really be worse than school picture day? Quite possibly. . .

Though it is rare for me to enjoy taking a family photo, my dad and his sisters very much enjoy striking a pose in front of the camera to create an entertaining greeting card for their friends.

This past year was their best card yet. Being that my dad is dentist, he decided to pose as himself along with his youngest sister as the hygienist and his oldest sister as the patient.


Now it's your turn to get creative and fill in the blanks! Write your Captions in the Comments.

NOTE: For safety purposes, all appliances are off.

- Carly M., Stacks Blogger

April 25, 2011

Create a Caption: Doggy Dog World

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Createacaption Don’t you wish you could read animals’ thoughts? Like the movie Dr. Doolittle? I certainly do! One of my favorite activities is going to the dog park and watching all the dogs running and playing around, and observing how they get along. The dogs’ behavior towards each other surprises me and leaves me wanting to know, “What are they thinking?” and “Are they actually communicating with each other?”

The same goes for my uncle’s adorable dog. . . “What is she thinking while chewing on that toy?”


Since we can never know what is going through her doggy brain, I leave it up to you to fill in her thoughts!

— Carly M., Ink Splot 26 Blogger

April 1, 2011

New Disney Movie: Lemonade Mouth

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Lemonade3 What do you think of when you think of school? Popularity? Cliques? Bullies? Looking forward to the end of the school day? Well, duh! But what if for just a moment you could hope for school to be more than a popularity contest, a clique-fest, and a place where bullying occurred? What if it were a place where the non-popular groups gained control, where diversity reigned, and where your voice could be heard by not only the other students, but also by the school faculty?

Get ready to find a school like this because in the book and the new Disney movie, Lemonade Mouth, school is about banding together, fighting for what you believe in, and more!

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February 21, 2011

Create a Caption: Spring Training

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Createacaption Batter up!

Now that the football season has come to an end and Superbowl XLV has finished with a tremendous victory by the Wisconsin Bay Packers, you know what comes next. . .

The NBA Finals? Well yes, but that's not what I am thinking of. I'm talking about MLB (Major League Baseball) spring training. And what comes after that? Baseball season!

So to celebrate the upcoming season of Major League Baseball. . . I give you . . . my aunt posing in a glove!? Yes, you heard right. Just check out the photo below and add your own caption.

Carly's caption: "Steeerike three! You're out!"


— Carly M., Ink Splot 26 Blogger

January 24, 2011

Create a Caption: A Rose Is a Rose

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CreateacaptionAs you may or may not know, the Scholastic headquarters are in New York City. A couple months ago, I went to one of my most favorite places in New York – an art museum. Here she is a sculpture of a giant rose. What do you guess this person is thinking?

Carly’s Create-a-Caption comment: “Hmm. . . I can’t tell if this statue smells like a rose or hand sweat?”

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February 8, 2010

Create a Caption: Dude! Who are you?

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Create a caption: Dude! Who are you?Halloween Costume Create a Caption

Where do I even BEGIN with this picture? As you can see by the date on the lower right hand side, it’s Halloween and not any other day; otherwise this would just be weird! So in taking this awesome picture, I pose the following challenges below.

First challenge: Guess the costumes!
I’m thinking maybe a really laid back version of Jesus with some sort of Samurai soldier holding a Star Wars light saber?

Second challenge: Fill in the bubbles!
Guy in bathrobe: “Right on, little soldier dude.”
Boy in warrior costume: “This is Luke Skywalker’s sword and I’m not afraid to use it.”


Time for you to accept the challenges!

— Carly M., STACKS Staffer

February 1, 2010

Create a Caption: Serenity Now!

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CreateacaptionThis is a sight I certainly never thought I would see. My brother. . . meditating!

So you’re probably wondering why this strikes me as odd; everyone takes time to be one with her or himself every once in a while, right? Well, if you knew my brother, you’d know that he is. . . umm, how I do I put it nicely? . . . a total spaz. He’s constantly on the go. Whether he’s traveling around another country or going to some crazy festival, my brother is not the type who meditates. That’s why this image makes the perfect “Create-a-Caption.”


What do you imagine my brother is thinking?

— Carly M., STACKS Staffer

January 28, 2010

Book Review: Flipped

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Flipped I know this is going to sound completely dorky, but I had a flippin’ good time reading Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen. Bryce and Julianna (aka Juli), the main characters in the book, brought me back to the days of junior high and elementary school, when boys were scared of girls, popularity was everything, and everyone started becoming totally embarrassed by their families.

What I loved most about Van Draanen’s book was the accuracy of her depictions and voices of girls and boys from age 6 up to age 14. While reading, I could picture both Juli and Bryce interacting with each other, as well as how they felt and what they were thinking about each other. In addition, since I have a brother, I could almost picture him reacting the same way as Bryce — which also made my experience reading this book very enjoyable.

Shortly after finishing the book, I found out that Flipped is coming out in theaters September 2010. Needless to say, I am super excited to see how famed writer/producer/director Rob Reiner will bring Van Draanen’s work to the big screen. Here’s a first look at the actors playing Juli and Bryce:FD-06388r

I give this book 4.8 out of 5 stars:


— Carly M., STACKS Staffer

Move photo: MADELINE CARROLL as Juli and CALLAN McAULIFFE as Bryce. Warner Bros. Pictures release. Photo by Ben Glass