December 10, 2008

Jon Scieszka

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Jon_ScieszkaiI’d like to introduce you to someone. His name is Jon Scieszka, and it’s entirely possible that he’s completely insane.

Does he look like he’s all there? Know what I mean? I get the feeling that there are a few sandwiches missing from that particular picnic basket.

Jon is far from your average escapee from the loony bin, however. He’s a well-known and well-respected children’s author, probably most famous for his re-imagining of the classic story of the three little pigs — you’ve probably seen its distinctive illustrations somewhere.


Jon was recently appointed the National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature by the Library of Congress. Fancy title you got there, Jon!

I’ve been traveling all over the country, spreading the Trucktown word, and getting into my Ambassador job. One of the best parts of the job so far has been collecting great suggestions about what kind of Ambassador STUFF I should be getting.

Here is the list, so far:

  • cape


  • sash
  • laurel wreath/crown
  • bejewelled goblet
  • those little flags for my car
  • guards for my embassy
  • an Apache attack helicopter (my idea)
  • jetpack
  • Popemobile
  • jetpack-Popemobile


“Jetpack-Popemobile?” Really? I mean, AWESOME, but really? So where does that leave us? With a slightly crazy-looking guy who writes books about people made of cheese and fancies himself an 18th-century baron or something. But, unsurprisingly, his books are hilarious! Check him out!
‘Till next time, Splotters!

— Jack, STACKS Staffer
Photo credit for photo of Jon Scieszka: Marty Umans