August 6, 2008

Holly Black

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Working at, one of the best parts of my job is getting to travel and interview authors from all over the world. Recently I was on assignment at the American Library Association Conference in Anaheim, California. And I was lucky enough to book an interview with none other than The New York Times #1 bestselling author . . . Holly Black! You know — of the Spiderwick Chronicles? Need I say more? This is how it went down.

So we’re all set up and ready to roll. Holly Black is signing books next to Kazu Kibuishi. He’s drawing characters from his new book Amulet, and she’s signing the first book in her new graphic novel series The Good Neighbors (for ages 12 and up). As soon as she has signed the last one, we are off to a hotel room down the street for our video interview. Holly is sooo cool and calm with a great big smile. And yes that is her real name.

After reading her book, I couldn’t wait to hear more about faeries, but our conversation soon meandered to her “secret library” . . . in her HOUSE. I suppose that anyone who started out her career as a librarian might want her very own library. Although it has a doorway from the outside of her house, there is an actual secret entrance on the inside that most people are hard pressed to find. Next interview I am hoping to head to Massachusetts to get a peek of my own.

— Brandi, STACKS Staffer