March 17, 2009

Author Exclusive: Freak Out Over Skeleton Creek

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Carman_patrick_130When I was a kid I used to love it when one of my friends would jump out from behind a door and try to scare me. I always did the same thing in response. First I freaked out! This usually involved some yelling and some running through the house. But I always stopped, eventually, and started laughing my head off. There’s something really fun about being scared, and I guess that was at least part of why I wanted to film certain scenes from my new book, Skeleton Creek. Don’t get me wrong — I love books! — I just think a video has a bigger bang when it comes to a good, old-fashioned adrenaline rush.

Here are two pieces of advice about experiencing Skeleton Creek that will give you the best experience:

Skeletoncreekcover1) Skeleton Creek is like nothing you’ve ever read before, because it’s a book and a movie at the same time. Read and watch the story in order! I’ve gotten a few emails where people read the entire book, then went online and watched all nine videos at one time. Don’t do that! This is a story from two characters — one with a pen and one with a video camera — don’t leave one of them waiting for you online until the end. If you see a page with a website address and a password on it, go watch the video before reading any further in the book.

2) If the idea of getting out of your chair to watch a video has you wishing you could stay put, use Skeleton Creek Mobile! The videos are available at iTunes (just enter the keywords “skeleton creek” in the store) and on many mobile phones.

Above all, have fun with Skeleton Creek! It’s not THAT scary, it’s FUN scary, the kind of story that makes you jump back, then laugh at yourself, then keep charging ahead.

See you on the inside!

Patrick Carman

  1. Alyssa

    One of the videos I’ve watched. made me jumped, and DID make me laugh after that! The one were Sara, drops the camra and runs to Ryan to see if he’s okay. After she drops the camra, you see a pair of legs. One leg is fine, but the other, is bent at the ankle and the foot is flat on the floor. When it passes the camra, nothing happens for a couple of moments. Then, SUDDENELY a creepy skeletal face appears the disappears!

  2. steve

    This book was great it kept me guessing all through the book and how you actully have to solve it its great.

  3. anna♥

    are the videos really that scary??? I’ve been too freaked out to read the book, i got it out of the library but i just get freaked out of videos :S ♥♥♥♥ xx

  4. R@cH3L


  5. andrew

    it turns out that old joe is dead and the ghost is henry dressed up in ghost outfit, they encounter him in the dredge and bonner pushes him over and he falls and breaks his leg. As ryan sarah and Daryl who is joseph and Old JB’s son uncovers all the gold. Henry escapes somehow and it ends.

  6. muffin

    Skeleton Creek sounds like an awesome book. I can’t wait to read it and I have to before I see the movie. Book are always better than the movie. Good luck!

  7. Ashleybear_24

    i dont think it’s true…i also think that the is all staged for plublicity

  8. fiona

    dudes,my friend has this book and she has a friend that knows this author. and she said that the is true same with the videos.yep thats right true,true,true

  9. mariah

    this book is realy good i love it me and all of my friends got it at or schools book fair and we love it!

  10. a forth grade girl

    I LOVE THIS BOOK! It makes chills run up my spine. I REALLY HOPE THER’S A SECOND BOOK!

  11. MadR57

    The first video is so scary
    and the book is the best one I have ever read and I am not even done yet. I can’t wait for the second one.

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