July 13, 2012

Austin Mahone Interview

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Austin Mahone album cover Say SomethinAustin Mahone Interview

Austin Mahone is an average 16-year-old 10th grader from San Antonio, Texas. . . except that he has a massive number of fans on his video channel where he puts up his own music videos. He now has 2 original songs, “11:11″ and his newest song which I am addicted to, “Say Somethin.” Marie Morreale, famous for her interview with One Direction, met Austin a few weeks ago and got the scoop on this all-American hottie. Read on for the interview and the adorable picture of Austin in his room with all his fan mail plastered all over the walls.

Q: You started this on your own. How did you do it?
Austin: I started putting videos on YouTube about 2 years ago with my best friend, and then I made a separate channel and just made covers of popular songs. Then I started travelling to do like birthday parties, and meeting lots of different people and travelling to different states and doing live performances.

Q: When did you first decide that you wanted to become a performer?
Austin: My first instrument was drums and I started playing that when I was 6, and then I played guitar at 14 and piano like a couple months ago. And the more I play music and practice all those instruments, the more it just felt like this is what I wanted to do, like that’s what was like supposed to happen for me. Austin Mahone bedroom

Q: Who are your musical influences?
Austin: Probably Drake and Justin [Bieber] and Ne-Yo. I just met Justin Bieber today at the Z100 New York Elvis Duran show.

Q: What would your perfect day be? 
Austin: Today. Today was a perfect day. I got up. I didn’t feel tired even though I got up at 6 o’clock, had a very nice breakfast, got a nice ride to ride in, very comfortable. I met my biggest inspiration. I met this really big radio guy, got to be on like the biggest radio station ever, and just doing interviews like this. It’s so much fun.

Q: Your fans have a fun nickname. How did that come about?
Austin: Mahomies. It was actually, me and my friend were talking about how clever “beliebers” were, and we were trying to come up with like fan names. Like two years ago we were like, “If we had a fan base, what would our fans be called?” I just came up with Mahomies and I thought it sounded cool.

Q: What’s your most unusual hidden talent?
Austin: Um, there’s so many. [Laughter] I can wiggle my ears. I’m double-jointed on my thumbs. I can pull it back. It looks like I broke it.

Q: What’s your favorite sport?
Austin: Basketball. I used to play point guard when I was playing in school. And I used to play football. I was a wide receiver.

Q: What is your favorite team?
Austin: Um, the Spurs. Gotta root for the home team.

Q: What kind of music do you listen to?
Austin: I listen to a lot of R&B, hip hop, pop, some old school like Boyz II Men and Bryan McKnight, but I listen to a lot of new stuff too.

Q: What actor would play you in a movie about your life? 
Austin: Zac Efron.

Q: What’s your favorite food?
Austin: Italian food. Pizza is my favorite, but I like ziti. Lasagna’s good too. I like Chicken Alfredo.

Q: If you could invent an ice cream flavor, what would it be, and what would you call it? 
Austin: I love ice cream. I’d probably throw all the flavors ever invented into one flavor. I don’t know what I would call it . . . Mahomie Madness.

Q: What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?
Austin: Alright, well I was water skiing when I was a little kid. I was learning how to water ski, and somehow my swim trunks like just came off. I don’t know how it happened. They didn’t rip. Like, my skis were on, so I don’t know how it even happened.
Mom: He wiped out and next thing you know, the skis are upside-down and he’s in the water screaming, “My swim trunks! My swim trunks!” So I thought for sure they just got torn off of him or something. He still had the skis on his feet, and the swim trunks were gone. We don’t know how it happened. They were short skis, you know, because he was like 7 or 8 at the time. And then we saw them floating in the water and we went to get them. I thought they’d be torn, but they weren’t. They were totally fine. So we have no idea how it happened. [Laughter]

Q: How adorable were you when you were a little kid?
Austin: I don’t know. That’d be a question for my mom.
Mom: It was so cute and he was so young, but he would say, “Momma, the birds are tweeping.” Yeah, instead of tweeting. “They’re tweeping.” It was really cute.
Austin: Oh gosh. [Laughter]

Q: What’s the hardest thing you’ve had to overcome? 
Austin: Probably like being hated on in high school. I lived in this little country town, and all my group of friends, we’re like the only people that are from the city and dressed differently. I was like this outcast person and they just didn’t like me for some reason. It was hard, but my friends got me through it because I wasn’t the only one. So, I thank them for that.
Mom: But then when you started the music, you got kind of hated on for that too, picked on, bullied, because nobody else was doing something like that.
Austin: It’s all good now though. I’m not in that town anymore.

Q: Do you have a personal motto?
Austin: Yeah, I have it on my phone. It’s my screen saver. “Make the most of every opportunity because you only get one chance.” So, I want to take advantage of that.

Are you a Mahomie? Tell us what you think in the Comments. I definitely can’t wait to hear more from him!

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

Interview by Marie Morreale

  1. Desteny cuti pie

    Austin I still will be your mahomie
    I love you so much you are so cute I wish I could meet you

  2. Nely

    i love <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Austin Mahone. he is so cute i wish i could meet him sometime. cause i am a BIG BIG FAN of him . i have all his songs and every time i come from school i start singing and i really really wish i could meet him cause i love him tonz and i would like a photo with him!! i really can't explain how much i wish i could meet Austin Mahone
    from: ~nely~
    to Austin Mahone
    I LOVE YOU AUSTIN!! <3 <3 <3 <3

  3. Haylee

    Austin, I’m a huge fan and I was wanting to know how I could get started on music. I’m not a very good composer but I’ve been told I have talent. How do I get heard?

    P. S. Mmmm Yeah. Love it

  4. viviane

    austin mahone , I like his motto , his a good singer & dancer , he makes me laugh when he does something funny , he makes me happy cause I’m glad that I have found him as my inspiration , I look up to him a lot , and I dream about him a lot , so yeah , austin is cute , he can be the next justin bieber because I see that they both look alike ,…………. I love everything about him , he makes me smile when he smiles :) .

  5. Ally

    Wow Austin Carter Mahone you like the San Antonio Spurs go San Antonio Spurs wahoo woo I am your biggest fan Austin Carter Mahone,I love you Austin Mahone forever Mahomie4life~ your number 1 Mahomie Ally

  6. Selina

    BTW ;) Im a really big fan!!!! And i wanna be the first to say happy birthday sooooooo- “HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCED!!!!!!!!” *kisses*

  7. Selina

    I personally think i’m a bad singer Ive always been shy when singing in front of people. Were you ever shy? (If you were how did you overcome it?)

  8. WENDY AND ALICIA :) smile!!!!!!!!!

    we are mahomies we luv Austin so much we always look online for funny videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love u so much! bye:) smile mahomies!

  9. Gymnast3333

    Honestly, I always thought austin mahone was an okay singer. But today I listened to banga banga and a couple other songs by him and I fell in love with him. He has an amazing voice and great looks❤❤he’s a fabulous singer and no wonder ever girl loves him. And I’m like seriously in love with his voice and looks!! I love you austin ❤❤❤❤

  10. mikayla D

    I am a mohmie!! i luv him so much <3 even though my friends always laugh at me cuz i luv him so much i know like everything abput himm hes so cute and graet singer! (: <3

  11. Samantha

    He is my inspiration I love to sing and I would love to get famous how he does I am going threw that exact same thing in school its not cool I even got hated on just cause I love him

  12. c

    I love you and hope you have a wonderful journey I am listing a song about Boys 2 men and just thinking about you

  13. q 2042

    Even know I don’t really listen to a lot of your songs I heard a lot about u when I was in forth grade because a lot of girls liked u but now. I don’t really hear about u any more what’s going on bro?

  14. Mahnoor

    Give him a chance to be an artist of his own. And oh yeah, who heard about the poor guy and what happend to him? He’s in the hospital treated for blood clotting, a high fever and severe dehydration. He was so excited for his tour….. it had to be canceled. :(
    Feel Better Austin!

  15. ♥helma♥

    i am iranian & i can t speak english very well & just i can say:i ♥love♥ austin very very much

  16. athena

    honestly i think im his biggest mahomie im like obsessed i know seriously everything about him i spend m whole day watching videos of him and finding out new stuff about him i just went to his concert and im saving up some money so i can g watch him again ;3!!!:)

  17. Elizabeth

    Austin Carter Mahone is my idol! I love how nice he is and I would really love to meet him one day! I listen to his songs everyday and they make me feel a lot better! Austin inspires me and because of him I want to get involved in music. I love you Austin thanks for what you do!

  18. jojo

    Iam a big belieber idont love Austin ofcurce iam not mahoni cuse i believe that he want to be the secnd justin bieber relly he said allof his favorite stufs like boysIIme and pizza alot of his stufseven on his songs my advice for him to start his own stile

  19. mahomie4life

    he is so cute……Austin is a smart kind loving guy of all his fans I love his song 11:11 I sing it all the time and when ever I hear his name I scream because I <3 him….. I think he deserves nice comments not criticism cause he does everything in his way to sound good and perform good so we can have a good singer and have something fun to listen 2

  20. puppyyellow40

    Austin Mahone is soooooo cute. I ♥ his songs! I also hope he doesn’t become the next Justin bieber. we already have one why another anyways I AM SOOOOO A MAHOMIE ! I ♥ SAY SOMETHING♪

  21. pinkart840

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    I’m a HUGE Mahomie!!!!!!!! Mahomie 4 life!!!!!!!! I <3 You Austin!!!!!!!!! I'm moving to Texas next year!!!!!!!!

  23. María

    I love this interview it was pretty cool I am I really really big mahomie I love you austin you’re the best of the best

  24. pinkcake842

    Austin mahone is a great pearson and singer also he is not a bad pearson at all like some people say.

  25. Ali. O

    omg I am like his BIGGEST fan EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love him sooooooooo much he is my inspiration and I would die if I ever met him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love him and his music to the moon and back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU AUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SUCH A MAHOMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. kathleen

    I love the song say something and Austin .
    I can’t wait for the big time rush movie Big time dreams I love you Austin.

  27. indigobutterfly122

    O my gosh i luv him so so so so so much like i have all of his songs on my kindle fire :) <3 i wish i could meet him <3 :)

  28. indigobutterfly122

    O my gosh i luv him so so so much.He is so cute like on my kindle i have one of his songs

  29. heather AKA Austin's Girl

    austin and i have alot in common, i think. i love it when austin writes his own songs. i have always wanted to be famous. i want to be able to sing and put it on online but im soo shy. any advice for me?

  30. Heather

    hey austin mahone, just have to say that your awesome and your voice rocks. i am your biggest fan:) i love hearing you sing. i have always wanted to play the guiltar too. gotta go!!!

  31. Heather

    hey whats up? anyway, i love austin mahone. i am his biggest fan :) he has an awesome voice too. A few days ago i heard his new song on the radio. if i could meet him, i would tell him that im his biggest fan and that me and him have soo much in common!!!! but of course im not going to go to crazy because he would freak out and i dont want that to happen!
    austin mahone rocks my world:) your the best!!!

  32. Anonymous

    I love his smile and eyes! His voice is really good and I love how he writes his own songs! When I listen to his songs and they always make me smile :) I <3 u austin and I wish I could meet you somehow! I think we would have a lot in common!

  33. sillyparakeet5

    I’m a Mahomie. Austin is so cute and talented. I know what it feels like to move somewhere and you kind of stick out for a while. Love his life motto. I wrote it down.


    he is a awesome singer and he will be the next Justin Bieber and he is soooooooooooooo cute

  35. FashionCupcake48

    I AM A BIG TIME MAHOMIE!! I MEAN HAVE YOU HEARD SAY SOMETHIN’? EPIC!!! I think he is a remake of Justin (Bieber) only a MAXAMILLIAN TIMES BETTER AND CUTER THAN HIM!! (oh gosh I am So fangirling!!)

  36. Emma

    Love Him not to be crazy for him but he kind of sounds like niall horan love both of you guys so much. Mahomie NUmber one fan forever.

  37. 16

    Are you kidding me? I love Austin Mahone!!!! If you don’t know who he is, CHECK HIM OUT NOW!!!

  38. Amna

    i love you austin!
    i wore red to school and ate pizza for lunch, just for you!and i also ate hershey’s chocolate. I think you should have done that instead of me. I wish I could meet you someday!!!!
    if no one believes me, ask extremebrownie2 about it on the message boards!

  39. limegreen91

    I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. limegreen91

    <3 <3 <3

  41. h 97

    he is so cute its not even funny meet him once and he gave me a hug and was on stage cant ask for nothing more then that day

  42. Mexi

    I’m personally not much of a fan. Im not a hater nor a Mahomie. But my bestfriend Taylor really loves him. So I deal with him every day:p And hes really not that bad. Keep it going kid.:)

  43. MindlessBehaviorBoy123

    OMG i love your songs and your hair style it makes me want to listen to your songs even more

  44. kiki2299

    Austin is such an inspiration and someone to look up to. Many teens (ages 10-17) adore his looks and his talent. <3
    LET’S GO MAHOMIES!!!!!!!

  45. alissa.l

    i luv him so much i cried and cried all day and night in my room when people were hating on him…..i even cried my-self to sleep it was horriable ……..OMG i feel like crieng now ……..i luv you austin mahone and you are my idiol keep up what your doing and be yourself i love you…..

  46. alissa.l

    I don’t think he sounds like justin bieber or loooks talks acts or anything of justin bieber. I think he is way way way way way way way way cuter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


    AUSTIN he is a great singer. I love how he interacts with his fans. He is just like you and me. He is a teenager. He never gave up on his dreams. With the help of friends and family you can always accomplish great things. You just have to have faith in what you do and never give up. The next thing you know your accomplishing things you never though you could. You can do great things on this earth you just have to work hard and not give up when your in hard times. Never Give Up. Your Family And Friends have faith in hope in you. Now show them what you can do. Make A Change!!

  48. whitechocolate25

    I like Austin mahone. i hve listened to his songs.
    and by the way, he likes justin bieber sooo yah. next justin bieber, HERE HE COMES! AUSTIN MAHONE IS HERE!!!! YIPPEEE!!!!!!

  49. sophia

    I love austin mahone! he is my idol! he is so cute and he has an amazing voice! He is trying to live his dream. he is not the second justin bieber, but he is the first austin mahone. haters gonna hate, mahomies gonna love! love you mahone! mahomie for LIFE!!!!! Team mahone!

  50. pinkagent25

    I’ve never heard of him I think this will make him a big hit i’m going to check him out

  51. morgan m.

    omg yes i can’t live without him i love him so much. he is really nice funny and cute i so hope i can meet him someday.

  52. Makayla

    Austin is AMAZING I listen to his music all the time. I love his new song SYJAF my dream is to meet this guy one day! He is my idol! Haters gonna hate mahomies gonna love<3

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    I love him so much and I hope he don’t become the next JB an hes so cute I dyin here and I think he looks nothing like JB I<3 u Austin

  54. Future Mrs. Mahone<3

    i <3 him so much!
    He is so cute
    and has an Awesome voice
    he is so cute
    i love him so so so so so so much!

  55. deja

    Its really cool that he set out to do something that he really wanted and is half way to achieveing his dream this kid just gave me confidence to pursue my acting /dancing career

  56. C

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  57. Orangemaroon13

    Austin is awesome and i’m so happy he is getting his dream in life.

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    lol i love him and i don’t know y it’s kind of funny
    and ur voise is awsome
    and don’t forget say thanks!

  61. 2010musican

    What happen to him at school was terrible!I guess there are some people that just don`t understand.

  62. ?

    Who is he???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    I have never heard of him in my life.

  63. cheesecake81

    oh my god he is soo handsome.im sure i would like the way he sings I’m gonna check him out right away=)

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