February 26, 2013

Athlete Personality Quiz Results

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Football130x130Personality Quiz Results: Which Pro Athlete Are You?

Last week, we posted an Athlete Personality Quiz to find out which pro sports star you are most like. Are you ready for the results? Count up all your answers to find your place in the lineup.

You are one of the hottest basketball players to ever take the court. You were drafted into the NBA straight from high school, and set numerous "youngest player" ever awards like Rookie of the Year, and MVP. Every team you play for gets better with you on the court. You have a super serious work ethic, and school and academics are important to you. Math is your favorite subject, and if you weren’t playing basketball, you’d be an engineer. You like to dress sharp off the court, and usually are wearing a suit. Your advice to make it big is “Always work harder than you normally do.”

You are a groundbreaking daredevil ski champion! You started skiing at the age of 2 and grew into the most successful American skier in history. You’ve won 4 overall World Cup Championships and 53 World Cup races in your career. Downhill, Super G, slalom – you name it, you’ve won it. All your hard work and discipline has paid off. You ended up on top, becoming not only a champion, but a media sensation, and a model. When you find something you are passionate about, you go for it.

Mostly C's: DEREK JETER 
You are the face of the most famous team in baseball – the New York Yankees! People either love you or hate you, (but mostly love you). You never miss a game, and are a hard worker. You have won 5 World Series and have broken countless baseball records, including most hits in Yankee history. You have a quiet confidence and are a supreme athlete. You have classic good looks and like to hang out with celebrities. No doubt, you’ll go down as a legend in your sport.

You are an unconventional sports star, and get noticed both on and off the courts for your style and attitude. You are fiercely competitive, and work hard to get ahead. As sisters, you have won 10 doubles championships and various Grand Slams and U.S. Opens. You have a strong family bond not only with each other, but with your parents, who continue to coach you in tennis. But you don’t stop at sports. You have your own fashion line, do TV appearances, art, interior design, and charity work. The sky is the limit for you!

Are you happy with your pro-athlete alter-ego? Leave a Comment to tell us which sports star you are most like.

—Ratha, STACKS Writer

  1. soccermvp

    Mostly A’s Im like Lebron James. Thats pretty funny, i love basketball! its my fave sport

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