September 30, 2011

Goosebumps Questions? Ask R.L. Stine

Rlstine Have you read all the Goosebumps books, watched all the TV shows, and wondered infinitely what goes on in the mind of Goosebumps creator, R.L. Stine? Well, here’s your chance to find out!

R.L. Stine, author of the Goosebumps HorrorLand and the new Hall of Horrors book series, is ready to answer your burning questions. Submit your questions in the Comments below and we’ll choose 10 of the most creative and terrifyingly ghoulish questions to pass on to R.L. Stine.

Check back here on October 26 to read the answers and see if your question was chosen.

— Amabel, Scholastic Media

  1. Krisha

    Is horrorland a real place or amusement park ? If so I want to go. I’ve read the survival guide!

  2. Elsa

    why is murder the clown called MURDER? and why is his real name murder the DENTIST? Is Murder a good person or a bad one?

  3. From: Deep Blue Reader 1994

    Is there going to be a sequel for each of your movies that have unexplained endings?
    To: R.L. Stine

  4. Mommy of Jaylynn age 7

    Hello. I also love your shows & watching them with my daughter Jaylynn! Looking forward to seeing new scary episodes on Netflix. We find them Fun & Scary & Enjoy them very much! You should put the Legend of Big Foot as one of your episodes!

  5. Jaylynn age 7

    How do you do all these scary things?… & I have some questions: What company do you use for special effects? Is it true what you say in the special episodes? I love your shows!!! I am your biggest fan!!!!

  6. wicket

    r.l stine if the goosebumps movie is sucesfull will there be a second movie and will the second movie be based on the books? i would like to se a movie baed on night of the living dummy 1

  7. wicket

    r.l. stine i think the goosebumps movie on the big screen should be based on one of the books and the idea of jack black playing you and the characters of the stories he writes coming to life to haunt him should be scrapped the movie should be scary and dark and not a kids comedy i know goosebumps is for kids but it was never a comedy and the movie should follow more the books than the tv series did i think the movie should be based on the first night of the living dummy because it was never made into a episode i think not adapting the books is a bad idea don´t stop writing goosebumps books and continue to bring a lot of joy to all the fans and i have a question is mr wood more scary and terrifing than slappy? can you and scholastic make a season 5 of goosebumps and more seasons after the fifth? and if the goosebumps movie for the big screen is not going to be based on the books can you make goosebumps tv movies based on the books? and why slappy in the goosebumps tv series doesn´t look like how he is in the books? why slappy hair color is ginger? and not brown like in the books? was because the dummy of slappy used for the tv series was suppose to be mr wood but when they decide not make the first one the dummy became slappy with is clothes but with mr wood resemblance?

  8. wicket

    Dear R.L.Stine can you and scholastic make a fith season of goosebumps and more seasons in the future? i always like the tv series and it is a shame it ended i heard night of the living dummy was made into a episode and it was to be released for the fifth season but never aired because the series got cancelled is that true? i also heard the episode never aired because it was too scary for children is that rumor true? can you make goosebumps movies based on the books for tv? i think they should make a channel that only air goosebumps why don´t you and scholastic make night of the living dummy 1 as a tv movie? is the dummy wally from slappy nightmare mr wood? when Slappy wakes up in the end and tells Jimmy he had a nightmare and Jimmy tells slappy sometimes dreams come true and Jimmy carries a package is that wally in the package? and if wally is mr wood why slappy does not reconize him in the dream when Jimmy shows him wally? don´t stop writing goosebumps books and continue to bring a lot of joy to many fans of goosebumps

  9. Austin1fan

    I wish I could meet you R.L. Stine I read all your books is my goal. If I was able to meet you id be crying tears of joy. and What is your newest book.

  10. Pascal

    BEST YOUR LIFE Change Your Life NOW! Who is God? What is Matter? Co-Creation I was recommended this wtebise by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my difficulty. You are incredible! Thanks! your article about BEST YOUR LIFE Change Your Life NOW! Who is God? What is Matter? Co-CreationBest Regards SchaadAndy

  11. brilliantboy10

    What would you do if you found out that the guy living next door is Slappy in disguise?

  12. asdmovie

    try to make a book out of these ideas 1 pumpkin glasses 2 title stay cool and die 3 the glasses would turn you into a pumpkin 4 the boy name is ben 5 send me a free copie

  13. asdmovie

    would you like to make these ideas into a book 1 pumpkin glasses 2 title keep cool and die 3 its about glasses who turns every one into pumpkins that the glasses sees 4 the boys name is ben.

  14. brainclaws132

    why don’t you try putting scary clown in your stories pleeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeee thank you R.L stine i am a huge fan!!!

  15. Ryan

    Dear R.l.Stine,
    I LOVE your books. I am looking and looking for books and dvds but they are soooo hard to find. I am trying to get every book and dvd. Anytime i have a chance i read your books, sometimes i have read them before, but i like then sooooooooo much that i read again and again. what is your full name r.l.stine or something else. what about in your next book in hall of horrors that a boy is playing and he just saw a tree move so he went to tell his parents but his parents din’t bileve him… what about that? and the title is Trees of doom and it would say Trees don’t move…or do they.
    plese write back
    your #1 fan
    p.s go r.l.stine

  16. Goosebumps fan 12

    If you could write funny books and scary ones what’s the first book name could be ? And what will the story be about ?

  17. YouBugMe

    I really love writing scary stories, too. You are my inspiration for scary stories. I think one of the best ways to get ideas is to take things in your life and change them a little, listen a lot, and ask other people for ideas. Oh, and read a lot. My best friend and I love to write together and we are recently working on a book. Is it really hard to get books published? What would you recommend doing first before publishing a big chapter book?

  18. kimmy2

    how did you come up with goosebumps?? i really want to know!!! its sooo awesome i mean you’re awesome!!!!!!!

  19. vampriss

    How does the ‘mind reader’ from goosbumps escape horror land read your mind??? he guesses right every time!

  20. zara

    i am your biggest fan in this whole galaxy i love gooosebumps i have red all of your books and i am still waiting for a nother book keep the good work my class mates and friends also love your books and who is minie

  21. angeldolphin40

    Why don’t you make a goosebumps book with a hybrid creature,for example a werewolf mixed with a vampire

  22. angeldolphin40

    Of all the goosebumps books I have read (and I have read a lot) only Night Of The Living Dummy scared me so you should up the scariness

  23. spoooki

    hi rl Stine i am your biggest fan i have read goosebumps since i was 8 and i am 10 i have 51 f your goosebumps books and i have all the rotten school books my question is since u were a kid what scare did u allways fall for i fall for the scary maze game

  24. the lover of the haunting

    have you ever heard of monster high and wich character do you love cause i love slappy

  25. Zachary

    I Have An Idea For A New “Goosebumps Horrorland” Book So Here Is The Title “Attack Of The Monster Police” Ok So “Howard U. Likapunchindanose” The “Monster Officer Of The Month” Attacks The Children By Bringing “Monster Blood” “Slappy” And “Clem” And The Whole Monster Police Squad” Even “The Haunted Mask” To Steal The “Key Card” That “Matt Daniels” Has And End Their Escape Plan But “Matt Daniels” Stops Their “Relentless Plan” They Were Able To Use The “Key Card” And Gain Infinite Luck And They Escaped!

  26. M Rose

    Sir, why did you decide to be the writer of scary stories? Where did you get so much themes from and who is your inspirational icon?

  27. Aisha

    If you had powers from ‘The Wizard of Ooze’ what would they be? Superstrength,Flight,water powers, or wind powers? I would pick flight because I always wanted to fly.

  28. kingwaffle105

    R.L.Stine what’s the name of your next goosebumps hall of horrors book 6 I had been wondering that ever since i figured out 5 was called don’t scream.
    I LOVE YOU’RE BOOKS. Their simply the best!

  29. Daisy/ warning: (do not let my name fool you)

    What would you do if one of the monsters you wrote about started terrorizing you or a ghost?

  30. A

    How did you think of goosebumps? I mean were you scared of some other books when you were a kid and you liked the idea and you wanted to do a horror book too? So please tell me where did you find or pick up goosebumps because I like goosebumps.

  31. nora

    Have any of your stoys ever came true? Have you ever wanted on of your stories to ever come true?My most 2 most fav books that you have wrote are “Welcome to dead house” and “Calliing all creeps”. The are awsome books. I’ve read them each 5 times.It would be awsome if you wrote a book about killer elephants.

  32. Mia

    How old were you when you decided that you liked writing books? Also when did you come up with the name goosebumps?

  33. Mary

    Hey your books are great! I want to ask you something though, how did you get the idea to make the Goosebumps series?

  34. Luke

    I am reading your Rotten School books and i am reading the heinie prize. i am really enjoying it. I like it so much when my class went to the library I got this book and read it to the 9th chapter. I am addicted to your books.

  35. Malcolm

    If you chose any book from any of the Goosebumps series to put on the iPad which book would it be? Why?

  36. Noah

    Dear R.L.STINE i love books like diary of a wimpy kid but compared to yours theirs is crumy and if you didn’t write horror storys what kind of storys would you make?

  37. Noah

    Also your’e my favorite author because you always give a chilling end and make the reader think it’s not over yet because like night of the living dummy has 3 following books hey what would you do if the living dummy was real and he was after you what would you do?

  38. Noah

    I have loved your books and tv shows sence I was seven Goosbumps is one of my favorite shows my favorite story is night of the living dummy what made you come up with a story of a living dummy!I also have Goosbumps Hororland the video game.Can’t wait till next book and tv show.I want to be a book writer just like you. Sincerly,Noah

  39. codya

    that is my name in goosebumps hprror land.

  40. KATIE

    I really like your books because i like how you turn the stories into real life and not like fairy tales.

  41. aquadancing40

    I love all ur books especially the ”CAMP CoLD LAKE” in the Goosbumps series!!! How do you come up with the ideas?

  42. angel

    what is your insperation to all of these books like night of the living dummy that book and the other 2 i read at my school every single day

  43. Deja

    Are you going to write anymore fear street books??? Oh BTW i saw you on Halloween Wars on Food Network!!!

  44. kate

    you’ve written so many good horror storys, but they are very different from regular life, so how do you find inspiration in the real world?

  45. silly

    hi r.l. stine im a big fan of yours and i really love you character slappy the dummy can you make more episodes about him

  46. Ruby witchling

    Can you make nonscary goosebumps alter ego? Iwould like it to have alittle suspence,and a good sense of humor. It is about a witchling named Ruby and she never had any adventures in her life, untill it came in the form of a hedgehog which unexpectctidly had six baby hedgehogs.and one of them willgive Ruby the biggest adventure of her life.

  47. sophia

    where do you come up with all of the ghost and alien ideas? have you ever had an experience with either one of them?

  48. awsume

    How do you come up with your ideas? Do you want to be a ghost, vampire, zombie, or other mythical creature?Why or why not?

  49. R

    hi well i just wanted to know if when u write a book where do u get ur inspiration and if u do do YOU have to be scared to write the book

  50. angelwingsnuha

    Hi I like to Share my Story but How can I share my story Called Jain saved her family
    Thank You

  51. StarMagic

    Hi Mr. R.L. Stine!
    If you can be any character in a story who would you be and why?
    Where do you get your inspiration in to writing?
    What are your fears and what are you scared of?
    Which character are you most like from your books?
    Thank You!

  52. Hiphoph

    I was just wondering, what made you want to write horror stories? Do you enjoy reading them? I always wonder what makes authors decide to write certain books.

  53. Cerberusbreaking26

    Dear MR. Stine,
    You are my favorite author and I am writing a book. Do you have any tips? you inspired me to be an author.
    please respond, Cerberusbreaking26

  54. Kiley

    I was wondering… Would you like to be a werewolf if you could? People at my school call me a werewolf. Could you do a Horrorland book about werewolves? I thought of a title for it, it’s Wollves Gone Wild. I hope you like it!

  55. Amarie24

    R.L Stine, you are my inspriation. What inspires you to write all these goosebumps books? And how did you come up with horrorland?

  56. Slappythe living dummy

    I really love your books.My favorite character is Slappy.If someone asked you what is your favorite goosebumps character? What would you say.And if you were to choose to be a monster what monster would you be.I would be Slappy for sure.I’ll check back on October 26.I Hope you pick my comment.Happy Halloween
    P.S. I really love your books.

  57. alexa

    my mom love it when
    she was little and i got
    books like say cheese and
    die and more my mom had a lot more than me somehow
    but my sister riped some
    so i can’t read now.

  58. librarybook1

    I love your books. I read all of them but zombie school at least 4 times. Even though I can read them in 45 minutes I LOVE THEM. By the way can you do a tour at my school this month or before December. Everyone at my school loves your books.

  59. macayle

    what inspired you to write goosebumps?and how do you make them so scary? keep writeing!only books i read!literaly.

  60. uche


  61. harjot

    there this boy he’s in my class and he loves your books i’ll tel him that i noted you thanks for your time

  62. s

    I realy like your books,what will be your next sets of books,the reason i am wondering is because me and my whole family is your biggest fans,I also have lots of friends that love your books,they only go onto your websites and thats it,also I love your moves,anyways keep creating.

  63. RoseRocker

    The Horrorland Park gave me one of my favorite dreams. Would you like to be the people who go to Horrorland and get the thrills, or the creatures who give the thrills?

  64. Emily

    hi m.r i loooove your books! like when you were young did a family member tell you stories and you got inspired by them?? i love night of the living dummy its awesome!! i hope you have fun when you write books you have a gifted talent with stories thankyou you entertain me and proubly other kids have a good day sir your the best!>>>>> :)

  65. nia

    r.l stine do you ever think your books will create paranormal vision in the child’s mind at some point they go over the edg.

  66. jacob

    hi i love all your books. my favorite has to be calling all creeps or night of the living dummy. you are my favorite author.
    i love the tv show. i havent read all the books,but i want to.

  67. gliss

    i love ur books!i have many but im having trouble finding the fear street series iread number 1 but my library only has 1 and 10and 8 ooh!the cataluna series was great too!anyway if you could be a monster what would you be and what would you look like?describe yourself and i hope to be a great writer(or game maker)like you! should make a mmorpg(multi multiplyer online role playing game!) p.s.s you might see me when i am making a book!

  68. ninjacobra1

    Why don’t you make a Goosebumps book about a boy who likes scary movies [like Freddy Krueger] finds out that all the monsters are coming to life?

  69. greensports10

    what book of urs do you think i should read thats the longest, most scariest, and when i mean scary, i mean scarier than harry potter. Please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!! i love ur books………

  70. gabby9

    did your book ideas come from dreams?cause i rote short stories and they all came frome my dreams!

  71. gabby9

    I love to read a lot of mystery scarie typ books and gooes bumps started my liking your books are awesome.p.s please write more books.thanks

  72. dancingbasketball20

    omg i just luv the goosebumps book specially hoorrland the little shop of hamsters and they call me monster and also the nightmare room series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. blackitten53

    gosse bumps is good but can he make it a little less pages and more hanted and new cover like hard book covers and i would like to be a closet monster

  74. turquoisekitten10

    when and how were you inspired to write horror mysteries?
    PS i love your books! they’re scary and filled with suspense. plus, you never know how the end is gonna turn out.

  75. Cheerfulheart15

    What inspired you to be a writer?
    What’s your favorite book of Goosebumps that you wrote?
    When did you become a writer?
    Were you good at telling ghost stories when you were young?

  76. fireflamer5

    Okay this is me being a reality T.V. addict. When you were on Halloween wars. Did you volunteer or did they ask you to judge. I’ve always wondered how that works

  77. jjunkyard

    ive read all of the gosse bumps books that my school has and my favorite was the night of the living dummy 1,2,3. R,L Stine is one of the most amasing authors ther is and wonder just what makes you think of these things?

  78. corey

    R.L. Stine and J.K. Rowling inspired me to write a book. How did you get your stories discovered and why do you put twisted endings into your stories? That is what makes them awesome.

  79. Andrea

    Where do you get your inspiration for all your books? Did they come from childhood stories? Do you watch a lot of horror movies or read a lot of horror books? Do you like Stephen King? Is he your idol? Do you ever get scared when reading one of your Goosebump books? What’s it like writing horror books?

  80. ngonwater

    my favorite book by u is goosebumps:vampire breath I like that book because I love vampires and It is a really good book.You inspired me to write scary books.

  81. ngonwater

    Who inspired you to make scary book such as goosebumps did you also make the movies?if so on a scale 1-10 my opinion about goosebumps and others is a 10!

  82. ngonwater

    About your book Its The First Day Of School Forever what would you do if you were in school forever would you mind or not why or why not?

  83. Delia

    Have you always wanted to write? If so, when did you start? If not, what did you want to be before you started writing?

  84. Raggweed

    Since goosebumps creep me out, how can you not be scared, and keep making them. They freak even my older relatives out, so are you afraid of your own creations too?

  85. Peter

    where did you get the idea for slappy? did you see some horror film like chucky (shudder) and want to make a version for kids?

  86. ashlie

    dear r.l stine you are 1 awesome writer i really think u are cool have u ever thought of writeing a super scary book that would be legandery to kids well ur books are very scary my favourite bok would be the 5 masks of doctor screem and the streets of panic park

  87. Bryonna

    I <3 ur books there AWESOME one day I want to be a writter just like you I plan to read ALL of your books someday. Keep making new books you rock!! :)

  88. kangaroobear3

    ALSO ^^ do u have a bride just like slappy? few more questions if u were i dummy that was made from a cursed coffin what would ur name be and would u have a bride?When and how did u start writing Goosebumps books and also do u like scary scary movies like chucky i’m starting to get to think that slappy the dummy is chucky the doll kind of similar they both have brides (=^_^=) but if u know ms.D she got two books signed by u but if u know her plzz TYPE back thnx bye

  89. kangaroobear3

    I love ur books my teacher said she knows u very well she got two books SIGHNED By You do u do that to every book or cause my teacher knows u so well i’m reading escape horrorland now but i’m bad because the libraries don’t have wierdo halloween and heads u loose also the ghost dog howls but my question is can u put horrorland series on t.v next year plzz plzz plzzzzz also if u know my tacher Ms. D well can u get me a sighned book thnx bye

  90. Lexi

    Have you ever based one of your stories on a real life situation?
    What is your most scariest moment?
    Have you ever faced a time as scary as something in one of your books or shows?
    Who is your inspiration?
    Are you a prankster with scaring people?
    When did you get the idea to start writing horror stories?
    Thank you! Hope you like my questions!


    Can you make a Horrorland show?If ther all ready is one can you put it on Cartoon Network for Comcast?

  92. astronomyable3

    can u start a website where we can read the fear streets books and goosebumps books,online for free?????? i mean not everyone has a book store in their local area which has ur books and i would really appreciate it if u would accept my request as i really luv ur books……
    thanks anyway…..please answer this questions:
    5.i love ur books so please apprecate me and my suggestions!!!!!!

  93. joshua

    have you evr been scared of your own books? and have you ever met a monster ? oh and if you were any monster wat would you be?

  94. JAMES1234567890


  95. Mandy

    Which Fear Street book/storyline stands out most in your memory? Those were always my favorites!

  96. stonefairy

    Do you ever wonder if some kid will read one of your books and be scared, or do you think that if he does it’s on his head?

  97. Christopher

    If you were in a school full of monsters, and found out youre tacher was Frankinstien, what would you do and why?

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