May 26, 2011

Ask Rango YOUR Questions!

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RANGO130x130 UPDATE: Rango replied! You can read his answers to your questions here.

You may remember a few months ago when the Rango movie came out, we interviewed Abigail Breslin, the 14-year-old star who plays Priscilla. Well, the DVD is coming in July, so next month, Rango, the famous funny lookin’ lizard himself, will answer YOUR questions. Now is your chance to ask Rango anything you want to know. Questions like. . . How does it feel to be a legend in your own time? What is it like being the sheriff of Dirt? How can a lizard shoot a gun?

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures

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  1. BlueBlue1187

    O my gosh!!!!!!!!! My dad like memorized that movie. It’s hilarious. He totally irks my mom with lines like “I want my shoes shined every morning, coffee hot, danish on the side.” or “Listen up, There’s gonna be some new rules now that Rango’s in town.” and “Stay out of my periveral vision.” I just love the movie. :) :) :) Do you ever miss your owners or your fish toy? What about the half a Barbie doll?:)

  2. Elisabeth

    how did you feel when your car hit a bump and your friends went missing and you were stranded in the desert.

  3. Maggie

    *Did you have any sibilings and parents
    *Who where you close to in your family
    *Did you have any disabiltes besides your identiy crisis?
    *What did your parents do for a living

  4. Playfulpig

    How can a lizard be THAT funny???? I laughed at your facial exspressions and all the things you said.
    P.S. how do you like my sign off- Fish says Moooo!!!

  5. Azalea 'Z'

    Have you proposed to Ms. Beans, yet? Or are you two already married by now?
    What’s your favorite movie/drama? Any particular Shakespearean drama a favorite of yours?
    Do you enjoy improvising? You’re very quick to come up with stories, solutions, and such.
    Thanks, Sheriff Rango!

  6. hugo

    How come the spirit of the west is, in your personal vision, the man with no name from the leone dollars triology? Is it because as a pet chamaleon you watched tv from your glass cage and ended up somehow watching the triology? How does it feel to be run over by the legend that is Hunter S. Thompson? lol

  7. haymaze44

    How do you work with the voice of Johnny Depp? I mean, how come you chose Johnny Depp to represent your voice? No offense meant to Johnny Depp, of course.

  8. redwolf31

    how come your only “friends” were fake? why didnt your owners get other lizards to keep u company?

  9. websista101

    hey!RANGO!i have just a few questions…………why do you have bigs eyes and why is one bigger than the other?and hey,are they gonna make a RANGO #2?and is johnny a good person to work with?or is he a jerk?

  10. alexandra

    hey i saw your movie heres your questions
    1. why dont you have hair
    2. did you not have a name before rattlesnake jack really your brother
    4. did you ever get hurt during a broll
    5.why are you so WEIRD

  11. strawberrygopher2

    ok first off why Rango as a name? why not something cool like rainbow lizard with four horns. Please any1 that reads this please remember that i am soooooooo awesome!

  12. bullcat13

    I seen this movie and it’s kind of weird and funny at the same time! Will somebody friend request me

  13. Josephine

    Hey there Rango. I have a question for you. What animal would you want to be animated as, besides a lizard.

  14. spiderman20993000

    Howdy,Rango! How are you
    today? Well,I know that you
    changed color to blend in
    the desert to escape from
    a hawk. Do you know how I
    got that? Well,just telling
    you I did’nt see the movie,
    though. I got it from a
    National Geographic Kids

  15. miniartemis

    Hey Rango,
    Did you get plastic surgery to get those beautiful eyes, or are you just plain handsome?

  16. emeraldgrapes2

    Do you enjoy being able to have one eye turn one way and the other turn the other way? Or no? Also is fun being slimy?

  17. Maya

    Dear Rango,
    Did u ever imagine that u would turn into such an amazing lizard/sheriff? Did u ever imagine that ur voice is the voice of the best actor in the world?

  18. Hii

    my sister and i want to see rango in 3D so we are trying to get. where getting money. wat for!?!?! for a donation:):):):)!!!

  19. Jasmine

    My Mom and I love to say “quotes” to each other from the movie Rango….like “your funny lookin’”, but I want to know why it is that whenver I mention the movie…my Mom and my Aunt smile and say…”Rango is the cutest little lizard ever!”, then start giggling. Then I say, “Snap out of it you two!” Are all ‘women’ in love with this LIZARD?? Geeeez???

  20. spygirl248

    how come your only “friends” were fake? why didnt your owners get other lizards to keep u company?

  21. Aaron

    If everyone knew you were faking by the end of your adventure…why did you keep the fake western drawl?

  22. Lee Ann

    Where do you get your awesome shirts? Are those Tommy Bahamas? Have you rid Dirt of the bat problem yet?

  23. jvictorm

    I’m an Olde Guy -When I saw you take on sure death and Hungry Hawks I knew you’d come back to do things right. My question..Are you gonna Marry her or what!

  24. Natasha

    Do you spend any time together with Wounded Bird, other than just working duties? He is your deputy, after all.
    Where were you born?
    When did you first meet Mr Timms?
    Thank you for the answers, good sheriff~

  25. ASK: Adrienne

    What big EYES you have, Rango. What’s UR secret 4 keeping all that sand out of them while in the desert roaming around?

  26. Taylor

    Do you find yourself funny? What’s your favorite number? Do you think you work well under pressure?

  27. lets tango

    hey my name is lets tango and i want to ask you a couple questions its just like an first question is y do u have to be a lizard y not a dragon or something y not something other than a lizard?oh one more thing y r ur eyes so big i mean one is small and one is big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. fogbird2

    why are you a lizard why not a unicorn or something? Aso why do u say no one tango’s with the rango?