March 28, 2014

Ask Jack Griffo from The Thundermans!

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Jack GriffoKids’ Choice Awards nominee Jack Griffo answers YOUR questions

I’m a huge fan of all things superhero-related, which is why I’m totally hooked on The Thundermans! The show about a family that’s anything but normal trying to blend in is absolutely hilarious. Have you seen it? It’s awesome! Jack Griffo, who plays Max Thunderman on the show, is nominated for Favorite TV Actor in the Kids’ Choice Awards (and, let’s be totally honest–it’s the best awards show to be nominated for. It’s not a party unless someone gets slimed, amiright?). Even if you haven’t seen The Thundermans yet, you might recognize Jack from his roles in Jessie, Jinxed, or Kickin’ It. This guy has a pretty cool resumé!

Anyway, we are so, so, so lucky, because Jack is going to answer YOUR questions! Want to know what it’s like to be an actor, be nominated for a KCA, or play a superhero? Leave your questions in the Comments! Who knows? Maybe your question will get answered!

image from— En-Szu, STACKS Staffer


  1. Lori girl

    Their super powers! I wish I could of be one of them.Secondly,their act. They behave like a special family.By the way,are they realy a family?

  2. Anonymous

    It’s been my dream ever scene I was a kid to meet jack griffo and take pictures together and his family.

  3. Alex

    Hey on the thunder mans what brand are your shoes I’ve seen all black with white bottoms with a strap please let me know

  4. Nathan

    Is hard to get your name out there as a write and dirctor would you have any tips for me? how is like to be followed by so many people i imagine it would be overwhelming

  5. Xxy

    If you could be any super Villon in the world who would it be ?
    If you could be any superhero in the world who would it be?

  6. Xxy and elias

    Why do you like to be evil on the Thunder man show when you live with superheros?

  7. Xxy and elias

    Why do you like to be evil on the Thunder man show when you live with superheros?

  8. Ashly

    I love u jake griffo and I am your number one fan but I wish someday I could meet you but I can’t cause my mom is in the hospital having quadruplets and she is almost 31 weeks

  9. Pattie

    Write your comment here…actually it’s a question. How does it feel to be an actor and a singer at the same time?

  10. JackGriffoRyanNewmanlover

    I love you so much u are amazing at acting is it fun being on Nickelodeon

  11. seyara

    Hi Jack, answer this seriously and honestly DO YOU REALLY LOVE RYAN NEWMAN ???? (RYRY !!)

  12. C

    What are the names of your sibilings and I really want to become and actress on disney channel and movies and i was wondering how you became an actor and what should i do?

  13. Gabriella

    So jack am gabriella,18 yrs old,love basketball,tennis,volleyball and am good at board games.i want to become a musician bytheway am studing at an arts high school and am really enjoying my talent here.So wanna talk about it?

  14. Nabiha

    Hey can you tell Kira kosarin that I’m her big fan thanks and my bffs older sister is a big fan of you and my friend veden

  15. Sierd

    i have sing slingshot with a my friend mark we can good sing and you to and i wish I could meet you at real and i have a fanclub for you.


  16. Jabril

    Can you make a new episode of thundermans called: Thunder perry with as special guest named: Katy Perry?

  17. Paige

    What’s your favourite thing about being an actor and I relly look up to you and hope to follow your foot steps

  18. Eenale

    I watch the thundermans every weekends and i enjoyed even my two sisters and
    i luv nickelodeon

  19. chickencorporal31

    i am your #1 fan i love you,you are so what is your favorite board game mines is LIFE.

  20. C

    Have you gotten a wedgie before.
    In the next new episode of the thundermans can you ask the director to let max get to be the school bully were max wedgies the nerds

  21. LeAnna

    can this get any better? like pizza pie is not slightly better than this website! what do you say?

  22. fashionblue612

    Tell her what ever you want or play the on paper one thing that is not true and two things that are true.

  23. pratham

    what do you like doing for fun hanging out with the cast playing sports playing pranks on the crew anything:)

  24. cityswimming13

    I am so happy you got this career!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean it must be so sick!!!!!!!!!!! Such big fans,bieng an actor must be awsome?????LOL!!!!!!!!

  25. cool girl

    hi jack. my question for you is what is your favorite thing to do on the thundermans? thanks for reading.:D

  26. gg

    what or why did you want to start acting if their is any book or thing like that tell me pleas ! ! thanks ! ! ps do you guys realy prank eachother as much on the show

  27. cobradog379

    OMG plz could you tell me what would your next career choice be??????????
    Love from a breally big fan, MEH

  28. Nicki

    Most people who work for Nickelodeon eventually get slimed. Do you think you will or do you hope to avoid it?

  29. Brianna

    Jack, what is one show that you really want be on a guest star on that haven’t already been on?

  30. ArtemisMidnight42

    What is it like to be an actor? I really want to be an actress when I grow up, my friends say that I’m Broadway-worthy, and i’m ready to get started… but my mom doesn’t feel it. She says that actors all end up as snobby brats, but i DON’T THINK THAT IT’S TRUE!! So….. what’s it like to be an actor?

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