February 14, 2011

Ask a Wild Animal Expert

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Earth Have you ever wondered what it’s like to put a diaper on a baby orangutan? Or feed a baby elephant from a bottle, or have its trunk in your face? How much do elephants weigh when they are babies? Are orangutans as intelligent as humans?

Well, we invited some world famous animal experts to answer YOUR questions about these two amazing endangered species. Leave your questions in the Comments and we will post the answers here on April 8.

Who are these experts who will be answering your questions?

  1. Dr. Birute Galdikas is a world-renowned primatologist who works with orphaned baby orangutans in the Pacific island of Borneo to reintroduce them into the wild.
  2. Dame Daphne Sheldrick is a celebrated elephant authority who rescues and rehabilitates orphaned baby elephants in Kenya, Africa.

They are both featured in the IMAX movie, Born to be Wild 3D coming to theaters on April 8. It is “an inspired story of love, dedication and the remarkable bond between humans and animals”. . . in other words, absolutely full of cuteness!!! Just look at the video trailer.


So leave your questions in the Comments and come back on April 8 to read what the animal experts have to say.

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

Video Courtesy Warner Bros.

  1. jacob

    Do herbivores go into shock when attacked so that their senses are dulled or sense of pain suspended?

  2. A Question

    What will happen if you put smart with speed. Like put a cheetah with a chimpanzee when they are babies. Will they live together? What will happen a long their lives.

  3. yennifer78

    oh my godness!those monkeys,gorillas,or orangutans are so adorable.iwonder whats it like to work with such cute animals?i hope to be a animal worker when i grow up tu work with adorable animals.also to help those anomals in need or being in danger of exstincion.i want to be a helper of earths animal life.would you do the same?

  4. Ms. H

    Can people ride on elephants? (a)
    How do the orangutans sleep? (n)
    How tall are elephants? (d)
    I want to know if orangutans eat spaghetti? (r)

  5. Narnian123

    What is going through your mind when you come face-to-face with the wild animals? why is it so important to kids to learn about orphans of the wild?

  6. Emerald

    I loved it. Especial the elephants. I envy you.
    1.Why do you like taking care of baby elephants?
    2.How many elephants do you work with?
    3.If you got to name a baby elephant what would you name it?
    I hope to hear from you and thank you.

  7. Pink_Ninja

    1.I heard that zebras are rude animals and that they can’t be tamed. Is that true?
    2.What do you have to do to take care of a baby gorilla? They seem really cute.
    3.Is it true that in the wild gorillas eat money meat? I saw that on a documentary & I hope that what I heard isn’t true. :(

  8. Zack Attack101

    Dr.Galdikas ,
    what is it like to work with wild and untamed animals ? i hope you can anwser my question so i will know how it feels, and so i can tell my class . We are learning about certain types of animals . Please anwser back.
    Thank You ,
    Zack Attack101

  9. StarMagic

    Hi! What inspired you to be what you are now? And how hard was it to tame the animals when you were new to the animals? Lastly, What would you say to other people that wanted to be just like you? Thank you! : )

  10. funny01

    haha me and my dog were sitting here and watching the vidio and she started ruging up on the screen and she started licking the elephants it was so cute!!!!!

  11. monabellarocker

    1-Why did you choose to help orangutans/elephants?
    2-Were you scared to work with untamed animals at first?
    Well, that’s it for now! It seems like a great movie!

  12. HermioneHJG

    Wow, I had NO idea that orangutans and elephants were endangered! I mean, elephants have been around for so long! That’s really sad! My questions are:
    How are elephants and orangutans endangered. Does it have to do with the environment, their food or water, or where they live?
    How can we help these poor animals?
    I hope my questions get answered!

  13. AwesomeMonster4ever

    Boring!!!!!I am sure that the movie should’nt be made at all.So thats all I gotta say for now.

  14. Suze59

    First of all,I want to say that I am SO honored to have you here, and that I want to do what you do,but with Tigers and Gyrfalcons!!!!Here are my questions!
    1.What is it like to work with wild and untame animals?
    2.When did you know you wanted to do what you do?
    3.What would you have to say was the hardest moment in your whole carear?
    4.What would you have to say was the BEST moment in your whole carear?
    5.Do you have any tips for kids who want to do what you do?
    5.Were there ever any moments that you wanted to quit?
    6.Where there ever any close calls?

  15. 51dotfeg

    1.How long does a fox live when in captivity?
    2.How long does a fox live when in the wild?
    3.What do foxes in the wild eat?
    4.What do foxes captivity eat?
    5.How much room does a fox need in the wild?
    6.How much room does a fox need in captivity?
    7. How much Experience have you had with Wild Animals?
    8. Which Wild Animal is your favorite?
    9. Have you ever held a baby orangutan?
    Here is my last question which I think is pretty funny.
    10. Have you ever been splashed with mud by an Elephant?

  16. greenkoala39

    I would love to work with koalas like that! I think the movie will be amazing, and that those baby elephants are absolutely adorable. ;)

  17. fireflamer5

    monkey’s or gorilla or orangutan have opposable thumbs. i forget which.so my question is what do the do with opposable thumbs?

  18. willatreewillatree

    What is it like to work around animals? Can some animals that live in the wild be tame enough that they act as if pets?

  19. late night reader

    . . . I am not really into “nature movies.” Do you think that you are going to watch it? . . .

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