March 28, 2011

April Fools’ Pranks

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Rainbow_penEpic April Fools’ Day Pranks!

April 1 is quickly approaching, a.k.a. April Fools’ Day, the day when you have to watch out for all the tricks people will try to catch you with. Well, here are some ideas for tricks of your own.

The Greg Heffley! Add salt to a water bottle and offer your best friend a drink. (This is a prank that Wimpy Kid actor, Zach Gordon, tried on the set of the movie, but it backfired! Read the true story.)

The Rodrick! Replace the delicious white oreo filling with toothpaste, and offer them to your best friend. (Another true story! Zach Gordon fell for this one when Rodrick actor, Devon Bostick offered it to him on the set while they were filming the movie.)

Moldy Milk! Put green food coloring in the milk to make it look like it’s moldy.

Wacky Wake Up! Take your sibling’s alarm clock, set for 2am. Then hide it somewhere in the room so she will have to search for it when it goes off in the middle of the night.

Cereal Switch! Take the inner plastic bags of cereal out of their boxes and switch them around into the wrong cereal boxes.

Epic Fail! Come home from school and pretend to be really upset because you failed a test. Let your parents freak out for a while before you say, “April Fools!”

Are you planning any hilarious pranks on your family and friends on April 1? We’d love to hear them! Leave your prank ideas in the Comments.

  1. Zamcam94

    I drew a Word on my brothers forehead saying butt and when he woke up everyone was laughing and he was so mad.

  2. Blargie108

    Since this April Fool’s Day is on Spring Break, I won’t be walking home to tell Mom I failed a test.

  3. Rebecca

    In second grade my teacher walked out of the room and the class came up with a prank. We all switched seats and the teacher came in and handed us our art projects. We stayed there for a minute and the class yelled out APRIL FOOLS! She said she never noticed.

  4. Rebecca

    Or we can just make it simple and write on a piece of paper april fools. They will try and figure it out

  5. platinumpaw32

    The fortune cookies that my family get have the paper slip out, and I unwrap them and put them in jars, so I took the 15 fortune cookies in the jar, and I replaced the fortune cookies’ fortunes with ‘HELP I’M BEING HELD CAPTIVE IN A FORTUNE COOKIE FACTORY’

  6. Amelia

    Another prank you could do is,if you have a sink with one of those spray hoses you could put a rubber band on the push butten and when somone tries to turn on the water they will get so wet!!!

  7. s.w

    my mom did this once. take a rubber band and tie it around the sink somehow so when you turn it on the water sprays everywhere!!!:) but you might get in trouble

  8. chattygirl13

    My teacher asked if we wanted brownies and when we said yes she pulled out Es made out of brown construction paper. After that sunk in she gave us real brownies.

  9. darkblue300

    My favorite one was the photographer at our school posted online. It said that our school mascot was being changed! So many people believed it was real and called the school board.

  10. Molly :)

    what i did was i took my moms water bottle added suger AND salt i just have to wait until my mom comes home and takes a drink ;)

  11. Jeremiel

    Thomas the train: to pull this off you will need 1 thomas costume something that will make rattling noise to start off put the thing that makes rattling noise in the front of
    the train costume next put on the costume and third walk outside pranking everybody in town

  12. Jeremiel

    The annoying Orange: Dress up as him and then just walk around in the suit while annoying / pranking the people

  13. werewolfcat5

    Somewhere in 2009,I think,my cousin invited me to an amusement park and I won a fake stuffed snake and last year for April Fools I put the snake on my best friend’s coat hood when she wasn’t looking and then I said,”Brittni! There’s a snake on you!” And when she saw it,she screamed.Then I said,”April Fools!” (That was on the bus)

  14. mysterydainty3

    This is awesome and the pic bright and made me want to read it and this is great!!!!!!

  15. MEG

    before ur mom n dad wake up, hide the tvs remote baterrys n replace it wit a pice of paper dat says APRIL FOOLS!!!!

  16. Kailani

    Well I already did this in 3rd grade:
    Let your best friend or your friend pull a prank on you and pretend you’re mad at him or her for the rest of the recess or the day.Then when your about to leave or line up or something like that,say “April Fool’s!”
    My friend named Gabriella(but we call her Gaby)was chasing me all around the yard after I told her it was an April Fool’s joke.It was hallarious.

  17. beastlysaga1

    Take a quartar and glue it to the sidewalk in front of your house or in your garage. Then when someone (My Dad!) tries to pick it up scream, “APRIL FOOLS!”
    Take a ruber snake and put it on the bottom of the pool, as you go out to the pool scream, “Snake!” and everyone goes berserk. As their planning how to get it out, fall(Geronimo!) into the pool. then say, “April Fools!”

  18. deziree

    i also know a trick that is great but you may get punished so take your parents shampoo dump it out somewhere safe perhaps in a cup and hide it than take orange juice and put that in the empty shampoo bottle(fyi make sure your parents are taking the shower that night)it is more like a prank than april fools but it is good!

  19. deziree

    what all the girls in my family do we tell people “you dropped your pocket” sometimes i say it fast,slow and sometimes i even point down works every time please try it never a f- always an A+

  20. catcat164

    heres one put a rubberband on the sprayer at your sink then when your mom/dad/brother or sister are up to wash there hands “spray” there all wet!! LOL!!!

  21. kim 27

    if you have a hose attached to your sink at home, rubber band the handle closed. it will spray the person. be sure to do it at night when it’s dark and the person can’t see. if you’re lucky, they won’t know what happened, and turn the faucet on again.

  22. Little Miss Smiles

    I got a fake detention and citation slip from a teacher and took it home to show my mom!

  23. stephany

    i apirl fooled my teacher saying i was going to move becuse nobody had apirl fooled her yet. i said it with a sad face. >:)

  24. pinkie1230

    for april fools day,put grose fake bugs under someones sheets & when tey go to bed they will get all freaked out.

  25. tori

    i played a trick on my mom before she played a trick on me
    i said my dog missy ran away she was like flipping out!!!!

  26. Whopper24

    Actually, two happened to me: When I got on the bus that morning, I started talking to my friends. And I’m like the last stop on my bus, and I live like in the the middle of a triangle, if you look at it from GoogleEarth, or from a plane. So the busdriver went on the loudspeaker of the bus, and said,” There is no electricity at the school, so I’m gonna take you guys back home.” And suddenly, everyone started screaming, and yipping that we’re going back home. I was actually worried, because my mom wasn’t home,so anyway, we went back to my house, and then the busdriver went back on the loudspeaker, and then yelled,”April Fool’s!” I was so disappointed! And the second one was that my whole class put a pinecone on the teacher’s chair! When she sits down, she doesn’t really look down to her chair, and this time she didn’t either! So when she sat down, everyone had their eyes on her, and then she almost yelled! It must’ve hurt! But atleast it wasn’t a pin, or a pushpin! Those were very funny! (But not the first one! That was disappointing!)

  27. cathleen

    i won the best pranking girl contest since i was 5 years old. try tricking your brother or sister older or younger. but deep down inside you can prank a lot of your friends

  28. Miley6532

    this might REALLY come in handy with my little sister!! She’ll fall for almost anything… unfortunately, SHE tricked me into thinking she got sick, and when I followed her to the bathroom, what she “threw up” was air!

  29. MCM

    I haven’t done much for last few years……. But my Dad told me that when he was in 4th grade, it was April Fools and the teacher pranked them! She started talking about how she had recived a letter that said that kids could only have 2 weeks of summer vaction and spring break! Everybody was totally beliving her!

  30. Mandy

    its not April Fools day anymore but I did do a prank on my mom with the help of a few smart friends.I tricked my Mom into giving me her phone to show our family-friends my sister’s “party invitations” since she had a picture on them. Then an adult fam.-friend Mr.G. put one of my Mom’s best friends with his number so he put ridiculous things!! Then we said “April Fools! It was him!” She was soo shocked!!LOL

  31. gottafeeling987

    heres one: glue a dollar too the ground ( i think a 20$ bill) and when somebody walks by they will try to take it off the ground

  32. gottafeeling987

    Wow… you people need to come up with something good but them one with the salt in the cup was the far best i have seen so far…well bye!!

  33. Amberwolf

    Today was April Fools and I got pranked by the 7th graders. At my school, 6th graders put up the flag and 7th graders take the flag down. So my and and my friend went to put the flag up, but it wasn’t there. Neither was the key. Alex (my friend) and I thought the two other girls were already putting up the flag. So Alex and I walked outside and saw them no where in sight. We walked back in. The two girls were walking out of the sixth grade wing! They hadn’t even left their lead rooms!
    “Hey, you guys know where the flag is?” asked Alex.
    “Nope. It isn’t in the office?” asked Ally (one of the girls).
    “No, where could it be?” I wondered.
    All four of us walked to the seventh grade wing to ask the seventh graders where they put it. They told us it was in the Teacher’s Team Room. The Team Room is basically the where the teachers hang out at. So we all walked half way a crossed the school to the Teacher’s Team Room. We asked the teachers if they knew where it was but they all said they didn’t know. But one teacher said Mr.H (my lead room teacher) knew where the flag was. So we walked AGAIN a crossed the school.
    Mr.H said, “No, I don’t have it, I wonder where it could be… try Mrs. K’s room.”
    We want to the other side of the 6th grader’s wing and asked Mrs. K if she had ANY idea where it could be. She didn’t know.
    “Hey, are you guys looking for the flag?” asked a girl named McKenzie. We nodded, “YOU GUYS HAVE BEEN PRANKED! The 7th graders told me that they already put up the flag for you guys.”
    We all slapped our foreheads.Then we ran to the front entrance and saw some 7th graders coming form outside.
    “Hey give us the flag!” yelled Emily (the forth girl).
    “We don’t have it!” yelled a boy. He tossed us the key that opens a lock so we could put the flag up and down.
    “Hey look outside!” gasped Alex. The flags we already up! McKenzie was right! We all turned to face the 7th graders to see them running down the hall. “Well THAT was fun.” said Alex. We had been pranked and it was NOT fun!
    It turned out that almost every student in sixth and seventh grade and Mr. H knew about the prank…

  34. Alana

    April Fool’s Day is THE BEST prank day of the year! I think they should put a day like that every month!

  35. owlgirl

    I read about this one in a magazine. Tape the toilet paper roll shut with double stick tape. You could also make tape sticks of gum and offer them to somebody.

  36. letsgo2play

    Well, I was going 2 do a trick on my BFF (now my ex BFF-tell u about it later) but when someone played it on her 2day, she freaked and she hates the person. I her crush would tell her they were going out, then later we’d get her and say April Fools. No use doing it now.

  37. Missouri

    These are some good pranks, but have you thought of doing this move? Get a jar of warm water and fill it with yellow food coloring. Then pour the water into your siblings bed right before they wake up. Show your mother the yellow stains and watch your siblings reaction. Remember to say April fools or it could get out of hand.

  38. envy121

    try soaking someone’s toothbrush in lime or lemon juice overnight so when they wake up in the morning to a puckering suprise!

  39. lordofawesomeness

    This happened when I was like six, but my mom and i played a prank on my sister Ashley and my cousin Amanda. We preteneded that my mom was super sick!!! I got her some mini orange juice cartons and blankets, the whole SHABANG!!! Then we laughed “APRIL FOOLS!!!”, it was funny.
    Then last year right before my mom dropped my sister and i off to school we saw a Cat on our neighbor’s roof!!! We called my dad and said that there was a cat on the roof. he did NOT beleive us one bit!!!
    The the same day my mom got pulled over by a police officer because of one of her headlights were out. My mommom called at he same time so my mom told that she was pulled over. My mommom did not belive her one bit. My mom even got the police officer on the phone. Still did not belivene her!

  40. Hawksabre

    Telling my BFF and friends that school is ending early this year and they always fall for it!!!

  41. 44maplesyrup

    awesome!!! i luv april fool’s day!!! i actually did the test failing one last mom freaked!!!

  42. Robyn

    Comment 2:
    Here are pranks that don’t invove being deceitful (I don’t like April Fool’s Day for that reason)– relace shoes upside down, write on a roll of TP ‘Help! I am a prisoner in a toilet paper factory!’ ( be careful,you might get in trouble for that one), and for your friends, attach a dollar bill to a piece of clear fishing string and lay it on the ground, when a friend reaches for it, pull it away. Good luck!

  43. Malissa

    something to do for your sibling is to take plastic wrap and put it on their door frame. make sure the plasic wrap is smoothed out so you cant tell, just make sure noone suffocates!

  44. Bob

    When people come up to you and say, “Here, have some gum.” Don’t take the shocking part, but grab the prank and run away.

  45. SF GIANTS FAN 283855

    i am DEFINETLY going to try that cereal one on my parents! Thanks for these excellent ideas! Opening Day (MLB) is April 1, and one game that sticks out in my mind is Giants (SF) vs. dodgers (LA). GO SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS!! BEAT LA!!!!!!!! (i seriously cannot stress that enuff!!!!!)

  46. Realucky

    My favorite thing to do on April fools day is nothing. I love watching how anxious people get when they wait for you to prank them all day. they think it’s going to be something big because you haven’t don’t anything yet. If you don’t feel like not pranking you can also mess with your parents. Mainly Switch some stuff around between them and watch them gi crazy looking for something right in front of them. Corny but hilarious

  47. ???

    ok didn’t think anyone said this but now i realize someone did but fred and george weasley’s birthday’s friday! happy birthday :)

  48. beeting

    a prank i played are 1st at school in gym i pretended that i was out and our team one the game!

  49. n

    those are to easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. cutie3500

    Oh, I didn’t know it was Fred (R.I.P.) and George’s birthday. Happy Birthday!
    To avoid falling for silly tricks like “You’re shoe’s untied”, go to a person who the trickster hasn’t spoken to and ask them for the truth.

  51. tricia

    i have two younger siblings who know when aprils fools is and i have no ideas. they know the difference between toothpaste and filling and they know all the other tricks because they already used them on me! what do i do?

  52. Harlequin

    Put a rubbber bug or snake on the chest of your mom or dad or siblings when they are sleeping so when they wake up as soon as they open their eyes they will see it. Just get out of the way if they start to go nuts! ♥ it!

  53. friendlyalien

    I think the idea about putting salt into the drink is really cool…I will surely try it out on my friends!!

  54. Robyn

    My all time favorite prank for a homeschooler. Don’t tell your sibs that it’s April first. Wait until bedtime to say ‘April Fools’! How not to be tricked.

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