March 31, 2016

April Fools' Day Jokes

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april foolApril Fools’ Day Jokes

Tomorrow is April Fools’ Day and your Writing Prompt is to come up with the best April Fools’ joke ever. It can be a prank you pulled on someone, or that someone has pulled on you. Or it can be a prank you dreamed up, but might not ever actually do to anyone.

Leave your best April Fools’ Day pranks in the Comments, and have a fun-filled day of mayhem and foolery!

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. forestflipflops5

    I replaced a container of Cool Aid,poured it out, and replaced it with water.

  2. chattydolphin276

    A bully pulled a shoe lace prank and i fell for it and i got mad. I told my friend that i was going to act like i was going to prank him at first i said your shoelaces were untied but they really were he did not believe me then he ran to football and while he was running he triped onhis shoelace. at the end of the day he said i give up what is the joke i then told him the joke was i fooledyou y saying i wasgoing to fool you so when i tried to warn you about stuff you didn’t believe me so you ended up tripping so APRIL FOOLS DAY

  3. Saz

    My teacher told us she did this in the teachers room- she put out a pan with a tin foil cover on the cover it said– Enjoy the BROWNE’S I made– inside to the teachers suprise was cut out colored Brown, E’s! in the end she also had real brownies for the teachers! I doing this on my sibling tomorrow.. shh!

  4. Ivy

    Once for Halloween i went to the dollar store and bout a moving fake zombie hand and stuck it in the toilet, my mom opened the toilet and sat on the moving zombie hand it was hallarious the only downside was i got in a little trouble.

  5. Joshua

    lol I deleted my brothers progress on a game he was playing and he didn’t know what happened!!!!

  6. W

    For a fun April Fool’s Day prank, wow your kids with a popsicle that’s as big as their head. Don’t forget to take pictures of their faces when the gigantic treat is revealed! To actually eat it, you can break it up and pop the pieces in a blender to make delicious shaved ice—in reasonable-size portions.

  7. alana

    one time I got a big bucket full of mud and board it on my kittle sister when she opened the door

  8. Cupcake

    My friend has done this:
    Changed all my contacts to Harry Potter characters; I had to read the Harry Potter series before she changed them back for me

  9. purplepizza338

    When I was in first grade (now in fifth) the first grade teachers took a different first grade class. We were little so we got scared. Because we wanted our teacher but they were just playing a joke. It was april fools after all!

  10. IcePhoenix37

    Ok- here is an awesome one I did on my dad. On your kitchen sink, there might be a hose of some sort where you press a button and it squirts. Tie a small rubber band around it and aim it in the middle so it hits whoever turns it on. As you sit down for dinner, have your mom say to your dad that your neighbors have a cold and to wash his hands in the kitchen. BOOM. Soaked. Hope you enjoy!

  11. Reagan

    On April fools day I put food coloring on the toilet then called mom and dad in to the bathroom then let them look at it then yelled ” April Fools!”
    last year I put yellow food coloring in the milk, then told everyone the milk was spoiled!!!!!!

  12. creativegoat8

    On April Fools Day I took my moms phone and looked on the ringtones. I found the ringtone that she uses for my Aunt when she texts and I played the ringtone and told mom my Aunt was texting her. She ran and picked up the phone and I yelled April Fools Day.

  13. mermaidhorse18

    dump out their shampoo and put honey or another sticky substance in its place DO NOT DO THIS YOUR PARENTS WILL BE FURIOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. emeralddragon688

    I once set back all the clocks in the house. We have a lot of clocks, so I was walking around the house at midnight. It was really dark, so when I thought I was setting a clock, I was actually setting a timer to go off. I had moved the clock to 6:00 when it was only 12:00, so when the timer went off, everybody got up. It was so funny. My family only caught on when the sun never actually rose. We went back to bed, after figuring out what time it actually was. (About 1:00 AM)

  15. katelyn

    I told one of my friends it was my last day but I could’nt help smiling and I burst into laughing! She said she believed me at first. Then my other friend did it to her friend in another grade and when she said it the girl she said it to just turned her back on her and got mad then we said APRIL FOOLS!


    This prank was so hilarious I almost spit my drink at the computer screen laughing.

  17. BookAmber28

    Q:What do Batman and a robber have in common?
    A:They can’t do their jobs without robin!!

  18. Emily

    LOL O.O I ….. I

  19. Pegasusmagic13

    I have two:
    1. Print out a fake parking ticket and alter the details, then add some silly violation like “The color of the car isn’t pink. I only like pink cars” or something rediculous like that. Then, at the bottom or on the back, put APRIL FOOLS!
    2. Planning ahead, make a day-long skit. Include things that would pretty much happen everyday. Basically gather everyone that interferes with the person’s day and have them memorize the skit, then play it on March 31st. It should last all day long and be just like a normal day. Then, on April 1st, repeat the “Skit” and the person would think their entire day is repeating!
    I know it’s a bit past April fools day, but enjoy the pranks! :)

  20. limegreen91

    first you print out a picture of your friend’s favorite singer who you incredibly hate. then make a moustache and everything on him/her. then tell her/him, oooooo i love (whoever it is) now!
    i even printed out it’s picture!
    and your friend would be happy and then you show it and your friend get’s mad at you and you say happy april fools day!
    EX (trick on me):
    F: hey! i loooove justin bieber now!
    M: really!
    F yah. i have his picture with me all the time. here i’ll show you.
    M; cool yah, show me.
    F: (showed) hahahahaha
    M: ugh!!!!!!!
    F happy april fools day!

  21. laptopfashionista10

    usually I just “borrow’ my mom’s phone and change all her ringtones, txt tones, etc. then I turn off her email account and lock her out of her phone. it works every time. other then that, I spray my sister with silly spray when she comes up the stairs

  22. ISISRED3

    Oh my gosh! i played a amazing prank on my dad. OK so, Go to your parent’s room and take of the sheets. put the bottom sheet back on the bed just not tucked in, Then… Fold the sheet in half where its like a pocket, Then pull the comforter back on the bed and wait till they go to sleep! Its priceless!!! ( You might have to make the bed up, And this will work with ur sibling too!) Make sure if someone else sleeps in the bed to tell them first! – Isis

  23. Evan

    best one ever. i am i the 6th grade. and i had this idea. i told my teacher that she should write a FAKE detiont slip. she said ok. almost at the end of class she wrote it and handed it to my friend. i saw his face drop. tim acroos the room and i yel “APRIL FOOLS!” he yells “EVAN!” and every one started laughing. it works try it.

  24. TT

    Here is a GREAT PRANK:
    say that you have printed out an amazing picture and someone will surely be running over. When they look at it, the’ll see you just printed out a blank piece of paper with only the words,APRIL FOOLS!!
    on it. :D (sure to work!)

  25. danielle

    So, casually invite one twin to come over to talk to them and hand them $30-$40 and tell them to keep their brother or sister out of the house for the day because you are going to throw a surprise party for the other. ( to add a nice touch, tell them to keep it between them and you,) *keep a serious face wen you do this.
    You: Hey, (fill in name) could you come here for a minute.
    Them: sure, what is it?
    You: I need to ask you a favor, could you keep your brother/sister out of the house for the day, here’s $30, thanks.
    Them: *disappointed face uh, sure, okay, when should we be back?
    You: I guess around (give a time). Oh yeah, could you just keep this between me and you,
    Them: sure.
    Then maybe 5-10 minutes later, ask the other twin to come over to help you with something and do the same thing, give them $30-$40 and ask them to keep the other twin out of the house because you are preparing a surprise party for their sibling. ( tell them to keep it between you and them)
    You: Hey, (fill in name), could you come over and help me with this?
    Them: Sure,what do you need help with?
    You: I really needed to ask you to help me keep your brother/sister out of the house for the day because we are throwing a surprise party for them, here’s $30, thanks
    Them: okay when should we be back?
    You: oh around (give the same time) oh yeah, could you keep this between us
    Them: *unenthusiastic face okay
    Watch them leave with their priceless faces thinking that they finally realize who the favorite twin is and hope that they won’t catch on. Invite every one over to help set up and throw the party.

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