December 7, 2011

Animorphs Writing Contest

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9780545291514Do you want a chance to win a Nintendo 3DS™ and a set of signed Animorphs books? Enter the Animorphs Writing Contest and you could win both!

For those of you not familiar with the Animorphs series, they're action-packed books about five friends who morph into animals in order to defeat the alien Controllers that have invaded Earth.

To enter the contest, all you have to do is write an essay (250 words or less) explaining which animal morph you would choose for yourself and why. The best part is the winner will be picked by K.A. Applegate, the author of Animorphs!

Find out more about the contest on the Animorphs website. While you're there, you can morph the characters into animals yourself and add them to your friends in your STACKS profile.

And just 'cuz I'm curious, leave a Comment here to tell us which morph you would be. Good luck!

—Vanessa, Scholastic Staffer

  1. l and k

    OMG i love that book its so creepy its a great bedtime story to tell your 9 year old sister and 5 year old brother . lol THAT’S SCARY

  2. Ley56

    ELFANGOR! Sorry I’m having a moment. Plus THE FORGOTTEN IS IN MY H0USE. And it’s probably a dream hmm I’m near the NO! Don’t think about it! Let the dream last!
    “Well, that does it,” Marco said flatly. “We have moved permanently to bizare-o world. We’ve traveled in time, we’re in a jungle fighting brain-stealing aleins and ten thousand annoying species of bugs, and our resident space cadet is a monkey. Somebody–” “–wake me up when we get back to reality.” “–wake me up when we get back to reality.” LOL!

  3. Ley56

    Cinnamon bunzuh. When can I add Ax as a friend? I want Ax as a friend. I have the others. I would even add Taylor and David. Hee I have some weird pairs. WHERE’S AX’S PROFILE!? Come on Tobias is a HAWK and he has one. Where is Ax’s?

  4. crimsonbasilisk7

    I read the first few pages of Animorphs The Invasion and i really want to finish the book it’s a really good book!

  5. crazy flying4

    i think animorphers are cool because i just read won of there books i am almost finished it so far it’s good the only thing that is bad is that you can only morph for 2 hours still cool

  6. catart259

    any of the animals that they are fit me fine.i wouldn’t mind being any of them.not every animal would be okay to morph into though.i mean like unicorns just aren’t my type.

  7. catart259

    i think my favorite to be morphed into would be a would be pretty cool to do that.or maybe any of the big cats would be awesome.


    i love the animorphs books! my favorite animorph would have to be jake. jake is bold,strong,and brave. and how awesome it would be to morph into a lizard and a fly!

  9. Ley56

    Oh and also can you create anouther one of these? Like more contests (I would probably beg my mom to enter everyone!)More writing things too! Like maybe if you could date any charactor (just a thought)who would it be and why? Or maybe if you were to be a yeerk would you be volentary or the other one? Just some suggestions. I’m going to go before you get really annoyed with my awesomness.

  10. Ley56

    Oh and if you haven’t been on my page. I’m a girl! I just like putting a mustache after my thingy mabobs. :{D see you on the thermals! (Even though I can’t fly…yet. I’ll try to create that tecnology even though I don’t like sceince cheerios and remember animorph fans you all are awesome! I wonder if any of you are in my home town…(sigh)MORTAL ANIMORPH FAN IS OUT PEACE! (because Hera and Apollo and Hades are so awesome they just have to read this.):{D

  11. Ley56

    I wish I could morph. I wish I could meet Elfangor. (I kind of have a crush on him.) And also the reason Tobias doesn’t become human is the same reason he was depressed before the Ellimist who never interferes interfered. He had a horrible life as a human and want’s to feel important. (And live up to his dad!) I’m probably the biggest animorph fan ever! Because no one can beat my awesomness. And if your asking. I’m not vain I just have a really high self esteem. Oh and also what do people have against the show? I liked it…sure the tecnology isn’t the best but… Hey if your an andalite and for some odd reason is on this…please tell me is Elfangor alive? Is he married? Yeah somtimes I wonder what I think of Loren.

  12. Nothlit Animorphd546

    No idea what I am doing. I just saw a perfect morphing cube! I don’t know if it was makeshift or not… But I saw it on a dive over 220+mph!

  13. Nothlit Animorphd546

    I have just entered the contest as a perigrine falcon! Hope I win and P.S. (I’m a nothlit, it’s very hard to write with talons.)
    Nothlit Animorphd546

  14. Connor

    All the Inkheart news that’s fit to printThursday, December 22, 2011Too much to lose? calmblue21When I was young I had a girlfriend.Then we got torn apart and I didn’t get told! Well 2 years later and now I regret?!I hold this opinion because: a)I know what’s it like to lose someone/something you loved most and b)I’m starting to think nobody cares!Some people may disagree with me. They think that it’s stupid, I mean I should’ve done that after we got torn apart however I didn’t back then and now I do that?! However my opinion is better because it sometimes hard to let go!So it can be sad at times. And that’s ok however I did cry at my christmas party. If you care please help me by telling me what to do!

  15. jaayaxx

    a human writing contest going on about their favorite morphs?!… Thats OUR technology! how did they find out about it?
    (I would like to have a human morph.)

  16. Ley56


  17. Abby

    i think to morph into any of them would be cool… i dont think i could particularly choose my favorite one… they all have advantages in their own way but thats just my opinion:)

  18. Nothlit Animorphd546

    Anyone want to vote weather for me to morph into Siberian Tiger or a perigrine falcon? I appreciate your help!
    Nothlit Animorphd546

  19. catchicken46

    I would want to be the cat because i would have claws sharp shiny teeth and i would be good at climbing.


    This is one of my favorite series of books ever! But I think I like the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series more.

  21. Mike

    Please… Error to my first comment.
    It was SUPOSSED to say “Best Regards, NOTHLIT Animorphd546.” (I trapped myself in perigrine falcon morph

  22. Mike

    Anyway… Why do we have to be constrained by reality. I just know by about 50 or 60 years from now, someone will invent morphing! :D

  23. Animorphd546

    I’m still thinking about it… I am only down to 2 choices: Peregrine Falcon or a Siberian Tiger! I hope to get my entry in soon and I hope to win! Good Luck to you all!
    Best Regards

  24. keutiepie

    I love animorphs because they aren’t too long, and they just draw you into the tale. My favorite morph would be into a hawk, like Tobias. (YES<3 I’M ADDICTED!!!) =D I would feel so free, soaring through the air like that!

  25. aquabird670

    animorphs is an epic series. Id probably morph into a penegrine falcon because it would be cool to fly and dive at 200 mph.

  26. bulldog454

    what i think about the animalorphs is that is really cool and a little scary but it kinda an good book to write about in this contest but it’s scary like for real and i like the book becauseit give infomation about how this boy turns his self into an tree frog but fyi i really joy this it make you want to read more of the stution.

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