March 4, 2014

Animal Personality Quiz

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Owl photoPersonality Quiz: Which Animal Are You?

Do you ever associate your personality type with the characteristics or features of a certain animal? Have you ever imagined what animal you would be? Are you free as a bird or loyal as a dog? What does your personality say about you? Take this quiz and see which animal you are!

Your after-school hours are usually spent . . .  A) leading your soccer team to victory. B) rehearsing for the drama club’s next school production. C) practicing speech strategies with your debate team. D) being an active member of student government.

Your favorite food to eat is . . . A) meat. You love a nice juicy hamburger or steak. B) pasta. You love spaghetti that you can twirl around your fork. C) nuts and seeds. Trail mix and salted nuts are your favorite snack. D) candy and cookies. You definitely have a sweet tooth.

On the weekends, you are most likely . . . A) gathering your friends for a great adventure. B) going to see the newest Broadway play. C) studying for your next big test. D) doing chores for your parents to earn some extra cash.

When making up your mind about something you . . .  A) use logic to quickly make a decision. B) keep in mind how it will affect others. C) carefully think through every possibility and second-guess yourself. D) refer to others and ask how they would handle the situation.

Your ideal vacation would be . . . A) going on an African safari. B) backpacking through the woods. C) absorbing everything at the museum. D) taking a big group tour to see some famous sights.

Ready for your results? Read the descriptions below to discover your animal type!

If you answered mostly A’s: You are a LION! Roar! You are fierce and independent. You are quite the logical thinker and you are highly persuasive. People consider you a natural-born leader and you have the potential to be very successful and powerful!

If you answered mostly B’s: You are a FOX! (What does the fox say?) You are dramatic and brilliant. You seek only the best in life and want to share your experiences with friends. You can easily influence and manipulate those around you. You’re always active and you are spontaneous, fun and….foxy!

If you answered mostly C’s: You are an OWL! Hoot, hoot! You are analytical and thoughtful. When given the choice, you prefer to work alone. You are not particularly social, but people appreciate your sharp wit and intelligence.

If you answered mostly D’s: You are a HONEY BEE! Buzz, buzz, buzz! You are always hard at work. You’re practical, outgoing, and great at communicating with others. You like to be a part of organizations and clubs and working towards improving society!

—Amanda, STACKS Intern

Photo credit: Biosphoto/SuperStock 

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  1. aquacat1978

    That’s a cool quiz it was easy to answer I didn’t have to think twice before answering. (I got honey bee.) buzz buzz!

  2. AnubisAthena111

    Frank goes woof, Frank goes meow.
    Frank goes tweet, and Frank goes squeak.
    Frank goes moo. Frank goes croak, and Frank goes toot.
    Frank says quack and Frank goes blub, and Frank goes OW OW OW.
    But there’s one sound that no one knows…
    (Ask Frank. He would know.)

  3. dolphinfairy896

    I’m a awesome and powerful lion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. D

    I’m a perfect tie between Owl, and Honeybee LOL Makes me think of….” Honey and the Bee” from “Owl City” LOL!!!!!!

  5. Nada is cool

    D (I actually have ping pong practice but D was the one I would want to do most out of all the options)
    A ( I never did that but I would like to)
    Honey bee!!!! That mostly describes me

  6. Midsummerbook13

    I got honey bee. If only the song was what does the honey bee say? Oh well. We all know it’s buzz, buzz.