February 19, 2009

And the Oscar Goes to . . . WALL-E?

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So apparently it was a good year for movies. From what I’ve read, there are a lot of great films, actors, and directors in contention for the big Oscars. But somehow I can’t seem to care! I don’t know, most of the stuff that got nominated seems kinda boring, no? Especially in a year that had two great superhero movies and the best Pixar movie to date, it’s disappointing to see so many of the nominations go to the typical Oscar bait, i.e. “serious” movies. So with that, I’m officially declaring that the only movie I care about this year is . . . Wall-E!

Wall-E _32922678I’m shocked and disappointed that Wall-E didn’t get nominated for Best Picture, so Best Animated Feature will have to do. No animated movie has been nominated for Best Picture since Beauty and the Beast way back in the 90s, but I thought Wall-E had a great shot. I think it’s the best Pixar movie of them all — and that’s saying a lot, since I’ve seen Ratatouille, like, five times.

In my opinion, the first 40 minutes or so of Wall-E are instantly timeless. That part of the film is heartbreakingly sad and sidesplittingly funny at the same time, and it manages that without a single line of dialogue and no human characters.

The movie also has a lot of important things to say about the way we’re treating our planet, and again, it does it all through images and actions, not preachy exposition. For that alone, Wall-E needs to win Best Animated Feature.

And not only that, the movie’s song is great! This is kinda weird, but the end credits sequence was my second favorite part of the movie. It tells its own story without words — the same way those first 40 minutes did — while simultaneously retracing the development of human art and thought through beautiful animation. And Peter Gabriel’s song fits it perfectly. It’s optimistic without being cheesy or sappy, and it’s really catchy to boot. Peter Gabriel’s been one of my favorite artists for a long time, so I’m a little biased, but I really think he deserves this one.

What do you think? Am I right to be kinda apathetic about this year’s Oscars, or should I just have a more open mind? And how do you think Wall-E will do? Let me know in the comments!

— Jack, STACKS Staffer

  1. Sue

    I totally agree with you. Wall-E is one of the best films to come out of the Disney/Pixar lot. I own every disney, pixar, dreamworks and MGM animated movie, and Wall-E is top 5.
    I enjoy sitting through the credits, which is a first for me. Its a true art to entrap the audience without human characters or a single spoken word.
    Its a pitty it didn’t get nominated. The academy needs a big slap in the face for missing this one.
    Best sound editing, Best picture, Best original story and best soundtrack in my book.

  2. Zoyanna

    Wall-e totally deserved best picture. I think I’ve seen it 3 times now, and I still want to watch it again and again. I love everything Pixar( I’ve seen The Incredibles 8 times!), and Wall-e is the best yet. I love how the credits start at like cave paintings and progress all the way to impressionism, and the whole story is just AMAZING!

  3. Aly

    Well, I agree with you, but I can’t say much because my dad helped make Wall-e . I still think that it is a great movie, and when I watch the oscars, I hope that it wins at least one thing.

  4. PugHugs

    WALL-E’s nominated for more than best animated film (though I’m pretty sure it’s got that award in the bag). Best sound editing, best original score, best original story…
    But I agree with you, WALL-E is amazing. I love the score, too, as well as the credits. But the credits have to be my favorite credits I’ve seen. :)

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