1. Anubis

    I have read all the books that have came out so far and i find them pretty interesting. the next one is probaly gonna be very epic.

  2. cheerfulblue170

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  3. BrilliantArrow7

    I’ve read No#1&2 (borrowed from local library) and they were alright but nothing amazing. Just a question is it a manga or a comic?

  4. Shannon

    I watched the viedeo and all i have to say is one word- weird.
    looks really weird, but i might preview a book to see what it reads like.
    wish me luck *

  5. Twinktoes87

    I’ve heard of them. Never read them though.
    Also, WHY CAN’T I LOG INTO THE STACKS??? When I try to sign in there’s no actually sign in button. AGH. IT’S REALLY ANNOYING!

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