August 19, 2009

America’s Next Top Model: Book Series

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Antm_130 For all you fans of America’s Next Top Model, we’re happy to introduce you to a fabulous new book series inspired by the show, for readers ages 12 and up.

The characters in these books do not have a typical summer vacation. They attend the elite Top Model Prep in New York City where the girls compete to become the next big thing in the world of fashion and beauty. 40 girls have been accepted to the summer program but only one will win the coveted prize: becoming America’s Next Top Model!

Books #1 and #2 are available now and they are packed with stories of high fashion. . . and high drama.

Antm_1     Antm_2

Read this excerpt (PDF) from Book #1: Face Value and get a sneak peek of what happens when the girls move into their chic SoHo apartment.

Get ready for life at the top!

— Whitney, Scholastic Staffer

  1. ANTM-luver

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I read these and they are amazing!!!!
    I have read all of them except the 4th but, I cannot find it anywhere.:-(
    I <3 ANTM & these awseome books!!!!!

  2. marlisa

    i read both of the books already and cant wait for the next one to come out. HURRY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Olabimpe

    The show rox but tyra needs to learnto pick the right winner.The b…. picked krista instead of reina

  4. m

    i got the book a while ago. its pretty good and i love the show. i think they should do a kid version. that would be GREAT! i have both of the books i cant wait for the next 2 to come out.

  5. phat

    i read the first book face value its amzing i recomended and to all ages even if your really old or really young i loved it but i cant find the second book at all stores humm??

  6. alysah*babyy

    wow, i cant wait 2 read this book!! never really got into ANTM, but this book makes me wonder what i’m missing!

  7. fanfan #1

    yea i have the books me nd my best friend are gettin teh whoole collection….ily this show like seriously….one day im goin on it…im watchin it rite now

  8. Dolphinaea

    I like ANTM,and I never knew that they made a book series about it,at least until now.That’s awesome!

  9. whinygrl

    america’s next top model is like my favorite show! i just don’t know whether the books are going to be all that good. the books are always supposed to be better than the media version, but who knows

  10. judyblume98

    I have only seen americas top model 1 time. IT will be more better than the show hopefully. I can’t wait to see it in my libary!!! I will so be getting it first. Keep rocking people at scholastic!!!!!!!! !!!

  11. Amy

    I really like that show a lot. My stepmom and I watch it all th time! Some of their fasion challenges are just crazy! I have never heard of these books before but I will check up on it!!!

  12. cheesemonster101

    I love ANTM it is like the beat show ever, and the books are cool 2! I can’t wait until the next season.

  13. alex

    I’m reading this book called palace of mirrors (young adult) from scholacstic and i love it its all about this little girl that knows shes a princess and shes in hiding but she makes a choice to go and fill her job as a princess and make some better choices for her communite and if you want to here the rest you will have to read the rest of the book!

  14. mizz purplie

    OMG!!!!!!!! I wanna b the first person to read the book….. im soooooo excited. i hope its a really GOOD book… can’t wait. America’s next top model is …… your just gonna have to

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